Kitty Cute Cats Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Unlock Cats Fast

Kitty Cute CatsKitty Cute Cats – Clicker Cat Collector is a brand new Idle game for mobile devices by Leo De Sol Games, the creators of Mazes & More. Check out our Kitty Cute Cats guide, tips, cheats & strategy to unlock cats fast

Kitty Cute Cats is a new casual Idle clicker game for Android. Your objective is to collect all kitties(over 50 cats are featured in this game) and unlock all achievements, illustrations. But it’s not easy to complete the list of all cats. You need lots of treats to open gift boxes and get new cats. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Kitty Cute Cats tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Get Started – The Basic – Kitty Cute Cats Game

Let’s learn the basic of the game before we head to the guide, tips, cheats & strategy part. Since it is an Idle game, all you need to do is tap on the screen to earn purr points. The more you tap, the more purr you get. At the beginning of the game, you have only one cat. Your objective is to unlock all cats in Kitty Cute Cats game; cats are of many types; magical cats, professional cats, special cats, normal cats, and more. Among all these cats, the special cat is the best because you don’t need to promote that cat and this special cat generates more purr points.

To unlock new cats, you need treats/fish, read the Kitty Cute Cats cheats, tips & strategy guide below to learn how to get free treats in this game. Once you unlock a cat, you need to level-up and promote. Leveling up unlocks new illustration and increases the amount of purr per second.

Promoting a cat also increases the purr amount. For instance, Athlete cat is generating 20K Purr per second. Reach the level 20 and promote it, this will increase the amount of purr from 20K to 40K. In short, leveling-up and promoting is the common task you have to take care off.

As you progress, you unlock buildings, new cats, special cats, premium gifts, and much more. Let’s start the Kitty Cute Cats game guide tips, cheats & strategy.

Kitty Cute Cats – Guide[Full Guide]

In this part, we will learn about everything; how to unlock cats, leveling up guide, promoting guide, illustration guide, pet guide, treats guide, building guide, and much more.

  • Cats – How to unlock cats – special and other

As stated above, you can collect over 50 cats in this game. All you need to do is open the gift boxes. Go to the third tab of the game/gift tab, tap on a box and buy it. It costs you treats. You can check the number of treats you have at the top-left of the screen. There are a variety of boxes featured in the game;

  1. Normal Cats
  2. Halloween
  3. Historical Cats
  4. Wealthy Cats
  5. Fantasy Cats
  6. Japanese Cats
  7. Musical Cats
  8. International Cats
  9. Magical Cats
  10. Technological Cats
  11. Supreme Cats

When you open these boxes, you get these cats and gifts. As per my details, once we complete the two tiers of the cat, we get a special cat. For instance, to unlock first special cat, buy all normal cat boxes and Halloween¬†cat boxes from the gift tab. And I’m 100% sure, you will get the special cat. Similarly, to unlock second special cat, buy next two gift boxes(all).

  • Leveling Up Guide – Kitty Cute Cats

Your cats generate purr points even when you are not active. To increase the number of purr points per second, level-up your all cats. When you come back to the game, you can claim offline earnings.

  • Promoting Guide

To promote a cat, you have to reach the level 20 first and collect all the 4 gifts. You can collect the gifts by opening the gift boxes. Promoting will evolve the cat and double the purr earnings.

  • Illustration Guide

Unlock illustration to get free 3 treats. To unlock illustration, level up your cats to level 15. Then tap on illustration icon by visiting cat info panel and claim your free treats.

  • Pet Guide

After a few minutes, you have to pet your cats. Just go to cat’s info section -> swipe left/right on the cat and fill up the heart bar. Complete this activity to get free Purr points.

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  • Building Guide

In Kitty Cute Cats, the last tab is of the building. It gets unlocked when you promote all of your cats(read the promoting guide above). Once you promote all the cats of the specific tier, a new building gets unlocked. Go to building tab and drag & drop a building to the main place. Why to place building? To earn more purr points.

So, this is the basic guide for Kitty Cute Cats game players. Now, let’s start the Kitty Cute Cats, tips, cheats & strategy.

Kitty Cute Cats, tips, cheats & strategy

1.) Unlock Special Cats ASAP

Special cats generate more Purr points as compared to other cats. All you need to do is buy the gift boxes to unlock these cats. Check the guide above to know how to unlock special cats.

2.) Get Free Treats With These Tips

There are many ways to get free treats in Kitty Cute Cats game: –

  • Reach the level 15, 25, 35 and get free treats
  • Unlock illustration(read the guide above)
  • Go to the achievement tab/medal and claim your free treats
  • Tap on the fish icon at the top-right of the screen, watch a video ad and get free treats
  • At the top-right side of the screen, tap on the camera icon and share the picture with your friends and get free 15 treats – after every 24 hours
  • Watch the video ad to double treats rewards
  • Keep an eye on the screen; tap on the bubbles and fish icons when you see there

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3.) Miscellaneous tips for Kitty Cute Cats game: –

  • Complete pet activity
  • Wake up cats; they often sleep after every few minutes
  • Unlock buildings(Read the building guide above)
  • Level-up; go to the 2nd tab and level-up to increase per tap earnings
  • Tap with multiple fingers
  • Use treats to unlock gift boxes
  • Unlock special cats
  • Level-up cats
  • Promote Cats
  • Always open the game with an active internet connection and double your offline earnings

So, these are some Kitty Cute Cats cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Cat games for Android

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