Kitty Keeper Guide, Tips & Cheats To Progress Fast

Kitty KeeperKitty Keeper is a brand new cat game for mobile devices by Mighty Kingdom, the creators of Shopkins Games series. Check out our Kitty Keeper guide, tips, cheats & strategy to progress fast

Kitty Keeper is a new cat game for mobile devices from the creators of Shopkins games series. In this game, your objective is to complete the collection of cats, unlock new rooms, add furniture, design rooms, and there are plenty of things to do. There are lots of cats featured in Kitty Keeper – Cat Collector game; common, rare, ultra rare, and more. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Kitty Keeper guide and Kitty Keeper tips, cheats & strategy to find rare or ultra rare cat fast.

Kitty Keeper – Get Started – The Basic – Most Important

Before we dive into the tips, cheats & strategy part, let’s learn the basic of the game. In Kitty Keeper game, your main task is to take care of cats. New cats visit your mansion after a certain amount of time or you can find cats by exploring the beautiful places. At the beginning of the game, only one room is available. To unlock new rooms, you have to earn XP. You earn XP by placing cats on the furniture, toys, and bed/sofa/box. All you need to do is add furniture to the room, place cats, feed cats, and send the cats to adventure. When you send cats on an adventure, they will bring coins, XP, and other tools(required to unlock new room). As you level up, new furniture gets unlocked. Let’s start the Kitty Keeper guide and after it, check out Kitty Keeper tips, cheats & strategy.

Kitty Keeper Guide

In this part, we will learn about cats, furniture, how to move furniture, how to move a cat to another room, leveling up, adventure, tools, coins, and much more.

  • Cats

In the Kitty Keeper game, your main objective is to collect all the cats or complete the collection. Usually, you get common cats automatically when an owner visits the mansion. To obtain rare, ultra rare, and “money maker cats”, you have to send the cats on the adventure.

Here’s the list of cats: – 

  • Doc Tandoori – Common
  • Holden – Common
  • Gertrude – C
  • Gino – C
  • Glover – C
  • Tigger – C
  • Grey The Large – C
  • Cornbread -C
  • Sir Herbert Sherbet – Rare
  • Pom Pom – Rare
  • Nefertari – R
  • Bamboo – R
  • Bling – R
  • Cubby – R
  • Dimes – R
  • Cheetah – R
  • Electra – R
  • Melonie – R
  • La Calavera – R
  • Amity – R
  • Lily Pumpernickel – Ultra Rare
  • Gadget – UR
  • Butternut – UR
  • Jude – Money Maker Cat
  • Boots – “”
  • Custard – “”
  • Taco – “”
  • Tipple – “”

Among all these cats, Tipple is the only premium cat(you have to purchase it). You can earn free diamonds if you add this cat to your mansion.

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How to change the name of the cat in Kitty Keeper game?

To change the name of a cat, tap on the cat -> the (i) icon -> after it, you will see the information about that cat -> tap in (i) icon again and give a new name to your cat.

How to unlock new cats?

Well, it’s quite easy. You just have to send the cats to adventure. At the bottom-left corner, tap on the map icon(near fish icon) -> choose a location(i.e. Waverly Park, Strawberry Hills) and then tap on “search button”. Select your cats and then hit “search” button again.


Wait! A new cat will visit your mansion after a certain amount of time. You can check the exact time under the XP/Level bar(at the top-right corner of the main screen).

Don’t forget to add the cat to one of your rooms; for instance, you send a cat to adventure and got a rare cat. To add that cat, go to the cat collection tab(at the bottom corner -> tap on the cat icon) -> cat book -> head to the tabs(C, R, UR, S) and tap on the cat you just found -> spend coins and add it to the room.

How to move a cat to another room?

Just tap on the cat and then tap on the move icon. Note: – You can not move some cats to another room(i.e. Jude).

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  • Furniture

To earn XP, coins, you should add the furniture or toys in the rooms. These items keep the cats happy and in return, you get XP and coins.

Tap on the shop icon at the bottom-right corner -> furniture -> choose an item, purchase it, and add to the room.

Some items are useless and you will not get benefit from these items. So, make sure to choose the high-quality furniture -> check the amount of reward(XP, coins), here’s an example of high-quality furniture ->Kitty Keeper

How to move furniture in Kitty Keeper Cat Collector game?

Kitty KeeperIt is quite easy. Just hold down your finger on an item(you want to move). After it, drag & drop on the desired place.

  • Rooms, Tools, Coins, Leveling-Up

To unlock the new room, you have to level-up. Leveling up unlocks new furniture items, rooms, and adventure locations(map).

Once you unlock the room, you have to build it. It costs you coins, furniture/tools. To obtain these tools, send the cats to adventure. Make sure to send the cats on right place; check the furniture items you could get from there.Kitty Keeper

Send again and again until you find it.

So, this is the basic Kitty Keeper guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Kitty Keeper cheats, tips & strategy to level-up fast.

Kitty Keeper cheats, tips & strategy: –

1.) Buy High-Quality Furniture First

Well, it would be great if you add high-quality furniture. The reason for adding high-quality furniture is you can earn XP and coins for free by placing cats. Check the furniture guide above for more information.

2.) Keep your cats happy

High-quality furniture is waste if the cats are not happy. To drive XP, coins from high-quality furniture, you should keep the cats happy. One of the best ways to keep the cats happy in Kitty Keeper game is “feed them”. Tap on the fish icon and then select a cat. You can buy more cookies, rats, or more treats from the shop in exchange for coins. Make sure to feed all cats.

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3.) Send cats to the adventure

As you know, coins, XP, furniture tools are required to unlock new rooms. And you can easily obtain these in-game items by sending the cats to different-different locations. Just tap on the map -> choose location -> select cats. Send cats again and again to earn more XP and coins.

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4.) Reduce the time by watching a video ad

When you send a cat to a location, it will take some time(few minutes). You can watch the video ad to reduce the time. Just go the map -> location -> watch.

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5.) Complete the quests

You can also earn a huge amount of XP and coins by completing the quests; there are two types of quests; character quest & story quest. AT the right side, tap on the quest icons -> read the task -> complete the task and get the reward.

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6.) Use furniture

Only adding furniture to the rooms is not enough, you have to use it. Place the cats on these items again and again to earn XP and coins constantly.

So, these are some basic Kitty Keeper tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best cat games for Android

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