LastCraft Survival Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

LastCraft Survival is a brand new survival game for mobile devices by Pixel Gun 3D. Check out our LastCraft Survival guide, tips, cheats & strategy to survive for a long time

Pixel Gun 3D, the creators of hit shooting game recently published MMO survival game for Android on Google Play Store. First, we thought, its mechanics will be similar to other survival games such as Last Day On Earth, Westland, Cube LDOE, and more. But it’s not. LastCraft Survival has more features than these games; epic storyline, you can craft customized items in editor mode, MMO, PvP, and survival is a challenge. And in this post, we have covered almost all the mechanics of the game you need to know: LastCraft Survival guide and LastCraft Survival tips, cheats & strategy for the beginners.

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1.) LastCraft Survival – How To Play Guide – Walkthrough

LastCraft SurvivalFor starters, it could be difficult to figure out from where to start and what to do. You can skip this part and head over to the cheats, tips part below if you are looking for survival tips. In this part, we will learn how to play LastCraft Survival game.

The very first step you have to do is to complete the tutorial. At the top-left side, under the quest label, you can read current quest. For the first time, it would be a serious conversation. All you need to do is follow the navigator and interact with other characters.

To interact with characters or objects, you just tap the (i) icon or gear/settings-type icon. Once you complete the quests, you get rewards. In the first event of LastCraft Survival game, the developer describes how the character went to sleep and next morning, everything gets changed.

Zombies attack? Nuclear Blast! No one is there. The story continues and in the third part(after you complete the quests), you help a character named sergeant dave by finding the tools for his car. After it, you migrate from the current place to a desert. The desert is your shelter or you can say it home base.

There you met another character “Sheriff”. The sheriff will give you quests and your objective is to complete them as soon as possible. As you complete the quests, new locations get unlocked. You visit these locations to obtain resources. In the desert, there is a headquarter too where you can store items. Just tap the gear(settings-type) icon to interact with buildings/headquarter.

Summary: –

In simple words, your goal is to survive as long as you can. You have to take care of health, water, and hunger. And to fulfill or keep the status balance, you can build buildings or facilities like a water tower, kitchen, and more. Visit the locations, gather the resources, and build facilities. Make the character stronger to face powerful zombies in the pixel world and keep yourself alive. That’s it. This is the basic LastCraft survival guide for the beginners. Now, let’s dive into the ultimate LastCraft Survival guide and after it, check out LastCraft Survival tips, cheats & strategy.

2.) LastCraft Survival Guide

In this part, we will learn about the quests, map, resources, facilities, crafting, editor mode, items, headquarter, inventory, leveling up, bucks or coins, and much more.

  • Quests Guide

In LastCraft Survival game, completing the quests is one of the best ways to progress fast and in a right way. First of all, the player has to accept the quest. For instance; in shelter/home base, go close to the sheriff and tap the (i) option. After it, you will get some choices including exit dialogue option. Choose any(except exit dialogue) to get a quest. Similarly, in las vegas location, you can get quests from Clay or more characters. At the top-left side, you can check the progress of quest. Once you complete the quest, go back to the character who gave you the quest. Interact with him and choose the same choice(you opted to get the quest) to get the mission reward.

  • Map Guide

At the top-right corner, tap the globe icon(circle type) and on the next screen, you will see all the locations list. You visit these locations to gather the resources required to build the facilities. Tap on a location where you want to go; you have three options: –

  1. Use Fuel
  2. Walk
  3. Advert

Fuel is limited and re-generates gradually. You can choose fuel to visit that location fast. Choose free, but it will take a long time to reach the destination. Another option is the advert; watch the video ad to move to the location instantly.

  • Resources Guide

In the LastCraft Survival game, gathering resources is a common task. You can visit a location multiple times in order to gather the resources. You use these resources to build or upgrade or unlock facilities. For instance; to craft bandage, you need fiber, plastic, and rubber.

Your character collects or gathers the items automatically or tap the action button. All you need to do is go close to the item and aim over it. Here’s an overview: –

  1. Fiber is obtained from the bushes and tree foliage
  2. Rubber can be obtained from tires
  3. Cut the trees using AXE for wood
  4. Break the barrels to get metal scrap

You can find these items on global map locations.

  • Crafting

It’s very simple. At the bottom menu, tap the craft icon and on the next screen, you will see the list of items. Tap the item you want to craft. Hit the craft button and that’s it. If you have not enough ingredients, then find on the global map.

As you level up, you will be able to craft more items.

  • How to level up?

Gather the resources, build the facilities, kill the zombies, complete the quests – all these activities reward you player XP. Gain enough to reach the next level.

  • How to earn coins or bucks?

There are a number of ways to earn coins or bucks in LastCraft Survival game; complete the quests or watch the video ad. Go to the shop and at the bottom center, there would be an offer; get coins for watching ads.

  • Editor Mode

LastCraft Survival game also features building & crafting mode(editor mode) and you can build custom buildings using the colorful blocks. All you need to do is go to the desert(home base) and go outside the shelter(move straight until you reach the big blocky hill). After it, tap the hammer icon(at the top-right corner – just below of map icon).

Once you enter the editor mode, at the bottom(belt menu/inventory), tap the voxel icon -> choose a colorful block and add it to the belt or inventory menu. You can unlock new or colorful blocks by gathering resources.

  • Headquarter

LastCraft SurvivalThe Headquarter is the main building at the home base and you can store items there. You can even upgrade it once you reach the level 10. Just tap the gear icon to access the facility. You can move the inventory or backpack items to headquarter if you need some empty slots.

So this is the LastCraft Survival guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at the LastCraft Survival tips, cheats & strategy.

LastCraft Survival Tips and Cheats: –

#1.) Build The Essential Facilities ASAP

A water tower and kitchen are two essential facilities that you should build as soon as possible. The reason is as you explore, the character gets thirsty and hungry.

How to obtain water and food?

Build the water tower and kitchen.

Once built, go close to the facility and tap the gear icon. Water Purification Capsules are required to get water bottles. You can obtain these capsules by killing zombies. When you kill a zombie, its dead body will transform into a gift box. Tap that box to collect the reward. You could get precious items.

Resources such as raw meat, charcoal, wheat, apple, flour are required to cook food in the kitchen. Kill zombies, complete the quest, loot the locations(open the chest) to get these items.

2.) Get Stronger, Here’s How

A stronger character can beat powerful enemies. As you progress in the LastCraft Survival game, you will have to defeat the powerful enemies. And if you are not increasing the strength, it would be hard.

How to increase the strength?

  • Craft and equip these items; gloves, hat, shirt, boots, leather pants, leather helmet

3.) Kill The Enemies For Loot

Well, a number of items can be collected by defeating the enemies. First of all, craft a good weapon(knife or pistol) and then visit the location. Kill the enemies and collect the loot; leather, biscuits, water purification capsules and more.

4.) Always Keep These Items With Yourself

When you visit a location, make sure your character’s status(food, water, health) is in a good state. If not, then it would be better to heal, feed, and drink before you move to a new location.

A few items you should keep with yourself: –

  • Bandage to restore health
  • Caffeine to increase the character’s stats
  • Adrenaline injection to heal instantly
  • Medkit

5.) Increase The Chances Of Survival, Here’s how

You will die if you lose all the HP stats and it could be possible if enemy attacks you or because of hunger, thirst.

  • Craft and equip firearms and ammo to kill the enemies from a distance
  • Use a knife to kill enemies
  • Equip armor items; leather helmet, boot, and more
  • Go back to the shelter if low on health

6.) Complete The Quest To Progress Fast

It would be better to focus on the quests in the beginning. Because completing these missions reward you a huge amount of rewards.

Additionally, if you don’t know what to do next, then go for the quests.

7.) Manage Inventory Wisely

You can store a certain number of items at a time. Beyond this limit, your character will not store it. Use the coins and buy inventory slots to store more items. Or upgrade the headquarter to increase the storage capacity. Tap the bag icon and increase the slots.

So these are some LastCraft Survival tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best new Android games 2018

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