Legend: Rising Empire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Legend: Rising Empire is a brand new MMORTS game for Android and iOS by NetEase. Check our out Legend: Rising Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Legend: Rising Empire is the NetEase’s latest online game for mobile and it comes under MMORTS genre. Unlike other MMORTS games, this one is quite unique and engaging. The best part is you can set the defense manually in the castle. Additionally, there are so many items you will craft, sell, use. You will have to increase the city’s population to increase the profit per hour. Since there are lots of things, it could be difficult for beginners to understand the game’s rules, mechanics, functions, and much more. Let’s not waste any time and dive into our Legend: Rising Empire guide and Legend: Rising Empire tips, cheats & strategies.

Get Started – The Basics – Legend: Rising Empire

First, let’s start with the basics. In Legend: Rising Empire game, the player’s objective is to grow and defend the city. By growing, we mean, you have to increase the city’s population, build up the essential buildings, upgrade the castle, increase the prosperity. And by defending, we mean, you have to train the units in training grounds and set them in the castle. The reason is as you grow higher, enemies will start attacking your city. Why? Because of resources.

When you start the game, your city or castle’s base is protected with a magical shield. But as you spend days or upgrade the castle in the game, this free shield will get removed. Any other lord(player, enemy) can invade your city and loot the resources(wood, food fruits, and more). And as you know, without resources, you can not grow the city. You must defend the city from hungry players.

Things To Know In Legend: Rising Empire

Attendant (Basics)

Attendants are the main characters in Legend: Rising Empire game. They lead your army in the march and provide a variety of buffs to the whole army or specific type of unit group. The game features over 30 attendants. Read the attendant guide below for more details.

Faction and Fame

Legend: Rising EmpireWhen you reach the castle level 3 in the game, it will ask you to choose one of three Factions; Money Empire, Industrial Giant, and Warmonger. Depending on the Faction, your army will get buff when you level up the Faction. 

Fame – Fame points are required to increase the Faction level. You can earn these Fame points by killing the Bandits or other players on the world map. But you earn only upon the victory. You will lose these points if you get defeat.

Faction Level Up -> After gaining enough Fame points, Faction’s level will increase. And on certain levels, you will receive buffs. Here’s the tree chart(Maximum Faction Level – 100) –

  1. Money Empire – Strength Bonus
  2. Industrial Giant – ATK, HP, Defense Bonus
  3. Warmonger – ATK, HP, March Speed Bonus

How to check the exact bonus? At the bottom of the main screen, just above the mail icon, tap the Faction’s Fame bar -> On the next screen, on the left side, tap the scroll button next to Faction name to check the bonus.


There are two types of resources in the game; raw material and resources for upgrading, building, trading, selling, recovering wounded units. We will go deep into the resources info in the guide part below.


Unlike other MMORTS games, In Legend: Rising Empire, you must set the defense manually. For example; set the archer units on the watchtower, deploy catapult in front of the castle, deploy melee units behind catapult. You will unlock more units as you upgrade the training ground building. Tap the castle -> garrison. Additionally, you can assign attendants by tapping the + button.

Since you play as a lord, it’s up to you to defend the city from intruders. Upgrade the barracks, attendants, train units, and you are good to go.

So that’s the Legend: Rising Empire basics. Let’s head to the Legend: Rising Empire guide and after it, read our top Legend: Rising Empire tips, cheats & strategies.

Legend: Rising Empire Guide

  • Guide To Resources

The three types of buildings come under this guide; Economy, Industry, Weapons. In economy type buildings, you produce food, fruits, non-veg items, cookies, drinks. You can sell these products in the market for silver crown coins and use as raw material to produce another item.

Industrial type buildings produce industrial products such as wood, stone, leather, Ore. Also, includes workshops in which you produce ropes, bricks, lumber, and more.

In weapon workshops, you produce gears for the units. To train the units in Training Grounds, you need these gears. Here’s the list of buildings: –

  1. Farm – Produces Wheat, Peas, Potato, Carrot, Pumpkin
  2. Orchard – Produces apple, oranges, lemon, cherry, blueberry
  3. Stockyard – Produces eggs, pork, duck, mutton, beef
  4. Bakery – Produces bread, sandwich
  5. Brewery – Produces Cider, Wine
  6. Steakhouse – Produces Omelet, Bacon, Meat Roast

You can sell these products in the market and earn a handsome amount of silver crown(name of the currency, used by dwellers in your city).

  1. Sawmill – Produces Pine, Birch, Oak, Cherry Wood, Mahogany
  2. Quarry – Limestone, Slate, Granite, Marble, Sandstone
  3. Hunting Lodge – Rabbit/Deer/Wolf/Boar/Bear Pelt
  4. Wood Workshop – Lumber
  5. Brick Workshop – Bricks
  6. Tannery – Leather Ropes
  7. Hardware Workshop – Hardware
  8. Ore Mine – Produces Ore

To produce some items, you need raw material. For example; to produce, leather ropes in Tannery, you need Rabbit Pelt(produced in Hunting Lodge). To know, just tap the building -> under the producing section, tap the product icon to get details.

  1. Bow Workshop – Produces bows for the archer
  2. Spear Workshop – Spears for spearmen
  3. Sack Workshop – Sacks for thieves
  4. Ballista Workshop – Axles for catapults
  5. Orb Workshop – Robes for sorceresses
  6. Barding Workshop – Bardings for heavy cavalrymen
  7. Armor Workshop – Armor shield for bearers.

These items are required to train the troops in the training grounds. In Legend: Rising Empire game, you can obtain these items from Favilla also. Go to Favilla(World Map) -> tap the first search icon at the top(From left side) -> head to “I want to buy” tab -> select an item type -> choose item -> choose location -> tap the location -> trade -> select the item -> adjust the seek bar to adjust the quantity -> spend the silver crown and depart the Caravan.

You store all these items in the storehouse. Since its capacity is limited, make sure to upgrade the storehouse to store more items.

  • Attendants Guide

On the main screen of the game, on the right side, tap the attendant icon(just above the … icon). This will send you to the attendant screen where you can check all the summoned and not summoned attendants. First of all, let’s know how attendants help your army: –

Attendants have four types of attributes. Depending on the attribute level, they provide buffs to the troops: –

  1. Bravery – Increases the attack of all soldiers
  2. Endurance – Increases the HP of all soldiers
  3. Agility – Increases the marching speed
  4. Engineering – Increases the siege attack+defense, when garrisoning

On the attendant screen menu, select an attendant. Once selected, tap the details button on the right side of the screen. In the first tab, you can check the stats; attribute, level, talent, the skill of the attendant.

In the second tab(Search icon), you can increase the level of attendant by tapping the + button next to the level bar(use potions to level up). There is another option named refine. It can change the attribute stats.

Head to the third tab(brain icon) -> there you can check the talent effect. You can increase the effect of the Attendant’s talent by tapping the augment button. To do this, you need a number of items, mentioned just above the augment button. How to obtain? You can obtain these items from other players(defeat the base), by trading, by completing the quests, from the events.

In the 4th tab, you can learn skills. You need an item named skill book. You can obtain this book by completing the quests, from events, by killing the monsters on the world map, through trading, from alliance shop, from enemies’ base. Or fuse the skill pages(Tap the skill management button).

How To Get Attendants?

You can summon new attendants by completing the requirements of items. Tap on an unlocked attendant -> summon -> just above the summon button, you can check the list of items such as clan emblem, personal stamp, medal, hero’s sword.

Legend: Rising EmpireOr pay attention to the events. For example; there is an event going on; named Nature’s Gift. By completing all the goals of this event, we can summon Cher Manzana(Attendant Contract) as an attendant. You can check all the events at the top-right side of the main screen.

So that’s all about attendant’s leveling up, talents, skills, recruitment. Make sure to set them as the defender. Tap the castle -> my defense -> tap the + button.

  • Guide To Battles, Attack & Favilla

On the main screen of Legend: Rising Empire game, at the bottom-right corner, tap the Favilla button to head to the world map. There you can see monsters, trading sites, other players’ base(lord’s base), alliance-occupied city, towns, and more.

Tap the search icon(bandit in the background) -> with this feature, you can search bandit and bandit camps on the basis of the level. You can invade bandits individually and invade bandit camps with alliance members.

Once searched, tap the target building or camp or monster group -> tap the attack button -> on the next screen, you can add soldiers as well as attendants. Tap the add soldiers button and select the troop. Tap the + button on the left side to choose an attendant. At the bottom, you can check the status; who is powerful? If you are, then go for the attack. If not, then don’t. You can also select yourself(lord) by checking the box.

Notes: – Train soldiers in the training grounds. Upgrade or build the barrack to increase the space for troops. Upgrade the training grounds to level up troops.

When you send the troops, it will cost you mobility points. These points regenerate automatically over time. Similarly, when you depart the Caravan, it will cost you stamina.

  • Dwellers, Prosperity

Dwellers are the residents in your city. Build the dwellers building to increase the city’s population. Upgrade this building to increase more. How dwellers help you in Legend: Rising Empire game? Build the market near dwellers building and add products to sale. Dwellers will buy these items from the market and help you in earning silver coins. These coins are required to build, upgrade the castle, buildings.

Prosperity – To upgrade the castle in Legend: Rising Empire, you need city prosperity points. You can obtain these points by expanding or growing your city; upgrade the buildings, build more buildings, level up to earn prosperity points.

So that would be enough for Legend: Rising Empire as a newbie guide. There are many more things which we have not covered yet; the exact location of items(for talent, skill upgrades), alliance guide(as an owner), teleport. As you play the game, you will discover it yourself. Now, read our top Legend: Rising Empire tips, cheats & strategies.

Legend: Rising Empire Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Build A Money-Making Cycle Source

Silver Crown is your city’s currency. You need this currency in building facilities. Especially, In trading, you need a huge amount of Silver Crown. That’s why you should build a money-making source. How? First of all, set up the market. Surround it with dweller’s buildings. This will boost the sale.

Tap the market -> tap the + button and add the products for sale. Dwellers will buy these items from the market and lets you make some money over time. Upgrade the market to increase selling speed.

Since you sell essential items(food, fruits, drinks), make sure to upgrade the source of products. For example; upgrade the bakery/farm/brewery to increase the production speed.

2.) Chat With People, Embark On Adventure

Legend: Rising EmpireIn Legend: Rising Empire, you can chat with people and earn a handsome amount of silver coins. And you can also earn intelligence scrolls. How? Tap the tavern building at your base -> under the adventure section, there are two options: New conversation, embark on an adventure. Choose a new conversation. Select a character -> make a choice -> claim the coins and intelligence scrolls.

Once you have enough, tap the embark on adventure option -> choose a type; beginner, intermediate, advanced.

Did you know: In Legend: Rising Empire game, you can increase the population growth by upgrading tavern. The more dwellers you have, the more will be your sale.

3.) Discover New Items and Activate Buffs

At castle level 4, you can build a research institute in the city. You can research a variety of technologies in this institute and discover new items(new fruits, new food items, training material for troops, and more). So make sure to always have some research-in-progress.

4.) Go Deep Into The Game’s Core To Master It

Some key points in this game are Resources, attendants, units, defense, looting, trading. If you are running out of resources, then attack other player’s base(make sure to detect it first to get its details and always attack the low powerful enemy) to loot resources. In the trade center, you can sell products(set price, select item manually).

Level up attendants to increase their attributes. Indirectly, it will benefit your army. Upgrade the production buildings to increase production speed.

Your city’s power will increase as you train more and more units in the training grounds. Set up the defense to protect the city.

5.) Don’t Ignore The VIP Buffs

Legend: Rising EmpireVIP system is quite different in Legend: Rising Empire game. It could be changed in the future, but as per the current version, it’s good for you. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner, tap the VIP option. There you can see the VIP buffs and VIP level. As you increase the VIP level, the game will grant you VIP Buffs. How to get VIP Points in Legend: Rising Empire?

Complete the King’s Quests to obtain VIP points. At the top-right corner, there should be an event option -> tap it and choose King’s Quest. By completing these quests, you can earn VIP points and increase the King’s Satisfaction level. At 100 points, you will get a special reward; gold, Brass EXP Potion, Epic Skill Page, VIP Points, and more.

6.) Don’t Be A Fool, Complete The TLE ASAP

Time-limited events do not last long for a long time. But this is the only way to obtain rare in-game items such as mysterious clan map, the book of awakening, attendant, and more. Make sure to complete them asap to grab the precious items.

7.) Be A Helper And The Heart Of Alliance

If you have joined an alliance, then make sure to help allies, upgrade alliance technologies and earn alliance contribution points. You can use these points in buying speed-ups, name change card, shield, teleport or relocate item, books, buffs, and more.

On the right side, tap the … icon -> claim the free reward chest every few minutes.

So these are our top Legend: Rising Empire tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. Also, see – Best MMORTS games for Android

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