Light of Hell Gift Code: Codes, Guide, Tips & Strategies

Light of Hell is a new mobile game by HONG KONG TOUDA CO., LIMITED. Read on for the Light of Hell gift code, guide, tips, cheats & strategy.

Light of Hell

Light of Hell Gift Code 2021⇓

We provide regular updates and full coverage on Light of Hell gift code A.K.A. Promo Codes. The total number of gift codes that we have discovered so far; x1. Active gift code status: x1. Here’s the list of all new Light of Hell gift codes 2021: –

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How To Redeem Light of Hell Gift Codes?

To redeem the Light of Hell gift code, tap the demon avatar/icon/character frame in the top-left corner of the main screen. When you tap it, the lord info menu will appear on your screen. Once you are there, tap the “settings” button on the bottom-right corner.. This will take you to the setting menu page where you will see a bunch of options; tap on “gift pack exchange”. After that, the game will ask you to enter a gift code; we have shared the gift codes above. Enter them and tap confirm to get the reward. If the gift code is valid, you shall get the rewards immediately. Please note that a gift code can only be redeemed once. 

So this would be all in this part on the Light of Hell gift code: codes list. If you know any more new gift codes, please share them in the comments below. Now, let’s check out the Light of Hell guide and tips for beginners: –

Light of Hell

Light of Hell Guide, Tips & Strategies⇓

In this Light of Hell guide, you will learn how to play the game, about demons, angels, base, world map, and other aspects such as tips on progression, getting stronger, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and check out the Light of Hell guide and tips for beginners: –

Getting Started With Light of Hell Basics⇓

(1) Introduction: -In the Light of Hell, you will be playing as a lord and progress through the Abyssal Trails – the PvE mode with increasing difficulty at each next floor. You also have a base to manage where you produce a variety of resources such as EXP, Lava, Gem, Gold, and more. To upgrade the buildings or facilities, you will need these resources. 

(2) Base: – Fortress is the main building at your base. It helps you increase the level cap of other buildings at the base. In the Hell’s Altar, you can spend the summon scrolls to get demons or their fragments that are used in ascending the demons. Academy of Fate is the facility where you research a variety of techs that unlock boosts or bonuses such as increasing troop capacity, lava gathering, construction speed, marking speed, production of resources, etc. 

Upgrading the hell’s gate will unlock new slots – allowing you to put more demons on the formation. In the furnace facility, you will get to forge or craft gears with the resources. You can equip these gears to the demons. Abyss Trials is the PvE mode where you fight enemies – it has lots of floors/levels. 

Heaven’s Altar is the place where you can recruit angels or get their shards. 

Just below all these facilities, the demons produce the resources; mine gold, gems, and lava. You will need these resources to develop or upgrade the facilities or craft gears or develop angels or demons. 

Light of Hell Guide To Demons⇓

Players can recruit new demons at Hell’s Altar building at the base. These demons help you in fighting enemies. There are five types of demons in the Light of Hell game; commander, Flying, Siege, Ranged ATK, and Warriors. Head to the demon menu of the game and at the bottom, you can filter demons by types; just tap the icon – Flying Wing, Warrior, Commander, Ranged ATK, etc. 

Tap on a demon card and get familiar with its skills. You can unlock new skills by awakening the demons. Reach their max level to awaken them. It costs EXP to level them up(produce EXP in the base). 

Light of Hell Angels⇓

Light of Hell

Angels are not only beautiful but also very powerful; you can deploy them in battles. They possess these stats; ATK, HP, Armor Penetration, and also have unique talents. Head to the angel menu, tap on an angel card -> in the top-right side, you will see its followers; the followers get bonuses from the angel. 

Use the “care” function to raise intimacy with the angel or give her gifts like red roses, angel feathers, etc. When you have enough intimacy points, you will be able to level/upgrade her up; intimacy level increases the stats of angel. 

You can unlock or get new angels from Heaven’s Altar. Make sure to check angel’s followers and their talent. 

Join A Clan ASAP⇓

In Light of Hell, by joining a clan, you will be able to access new functions of the game such as clan war, clan events, clan store, rally battles, etc. Join an active clan – also, contribute to clan building every now and then. 

Light of Hell Tips For Progression⇓

(1) Chapter Quests: Above the world button in the lower-left corner, tap on the chapter quest button -> chapter quests give a lot of goodies for free such as crystals, EXP, awaken stones, resources, etc. Also, these quests guide you to every basic concept of the game. So if you are new, we would strongly suggest following the chapter quests in the Light of Hell game. 

(2) Missions: Daily missions give you free summon scrolls, crystals, awaken stones, VIP points, and gold. So make sure to complete them daily. 

(3) Upgrade the buildings; production mines to increase production rate, the fortress to increase the level cap, hell’s gate to increase slots, etc. 

(4) Upgrade the demons and angels to get stronger. 

(5) Go to the world map (territory) -> tap the “search/find” icon on the lower-left -> mine gems, lava. Defeat imperial knights and human city to get more rewards. 

(6) Collect the tax daily; go to the base and tap the demon guarding the base -> you can collect the tax x3 times a day. 

(7) Progress through Abyss Trial mode. 

So this would be all in this post on Light of Hell gift code, Light of Hell guide, and tips for beginners. Got more tips or gift codes? Comment below. 

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