Mayhem Combat Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Mayhem CombatMayhem Combat is a brand new fighting game for Android and iOS by Vivid Games. Check out our Mayhem Combat cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game

Vivid Games has just released a brand new fighting game Mayhem Combat in which you choose one of your heroes and battle against enemies and real-players on tricky environments. Mayhem Combat game features two game modes; campaign and online. In the campaign mode, you complete chapters and after completing all stages of a specific chapter, the boss battle gets unlocked. The online mode has three sub-modes; 1v1, free-for-all, and tag-battle. One of the coolest things in Mayhem Combat game is it features amazing weapons; loads of weapons for each hero. Before the battle starts, you can change the hero or weapon. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Mayhem Combat guide and Mayhem Combat cheats, tips & strategy to master the game.

Get Started – Mayhem Combat – The Basic – Most Important

Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basic of the game. However, it’s quite simple, but you should know about the skills, weapons, upgrading, level cap, about characters, and much more.

In Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game, your objective is to defeat the enemy as fast as you can. But you can also win the battle if you failed to defeat the opponent. The HP level of players determines the victory. There is a fixed time-limit in the battles, you can check it at the top of the screen. If both the players are alive after this specific time duration, then that player will get the victory who has more HP. You can check the HP bar under character’s icon. So, it is not essential that you will have to defeat the enemy. And this type of battle system helps you to win the match against an enemy who has better stats than yours. Read our Mayhem Combat cheats, tips & strategy to know how to defeat a powerful enemy easily even if your stats are very low.

As you progress, the difficulty level will start increasing. So, this is the basic. Let’s start the Mayhem Combat guide and after it, check out our Mayhem Combat cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Mayhem Combat guide

In this part, we will learn about skill, how to unlock new characters, weapons, upgrading, evolving, raising star level, battles, cards, combos, and much more.

  • Characters Guide

Lots of characters are featured in this game. At the beginning of the game, you have Jack Lumber. All heroes have different stats and weapon sets.

Stats: –

  • Strength – It determines the attack power of a character
  • Health – This attribute determines the HP of a character
  • Agility – This attribute determines the speed, dodge, skill, and block stats

And in Mayhem Combat game, you should pick the hero with better Agility stats; If agility stats are poor, then it means that character’s speed is slow, dodging & skill effect is poor.

On the other hand, if it’s good; then you will be able to dodge enemy attacks, easily grab the HP boosters because of fast speed, and stun the opponent using the skill.

The player can increase these stats by equipping a weapon.

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How to unlock new characters in Mayhem Combat game?

It’s quite easy. To unlock a character, you have to collect the cards. For instance, to unlock Bernard W., you need two Bernard W. cards.

To obtain these cards, open the chests. You can open a chest for free after every certain amount of time; go to the shop -> open a free chest. Or play boss battles in the campaign mode. Or level-up and get a premium chest for free.

Similarly, to upgrade a character, you need cards(duplicate cards).

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Raise Star Level

You can transform a one-star character to two-stars character. Here’s how: – reach the maximum level and raise star level. To increase the level, upgrade it using duplicate cards(open chests for cards).

Why should you raise star level?

  • Because it unlocks a new skill. Read the skill guide below.
  • Weapon Guide

You can equip only one weapon at a time. As stated above, all heroes have different weapon sets; so, you can not equip any weapon to any hero. It’s not flexible. To obtain new weapons or upgrade existed weapons, open the chests and obtain weapon cards.

Raise Star Level – Weapon: –

Once you upgrade a weapon to its maximum level, you can raise its star level. For instance, you have a 1-star weapon. Upgrade it to reach its maximum level and the, you can transfer it into a 2-star weapon. And why should you do this? Because it unlocks a new skill.

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  • Skill Guide

In Mayhem Combat game, all heroes have different skills. You can check the skill of a particular character; go to the heroes tab -> tap on a hero icon -> then tap on the (i) icon and head to the skills tab.

You can unlock new skills by raising the star level. Read the raise star level guide above.

Weapon Skill -> To check the weapon skill, go to the heroes’ tab -> head to weapons tab -> tap on a weapon -> then (i) icon -> skills -> check the skills. To unlock new skills, raise the star level.¬†Read the raise star level guide above.

  • Main Level

Upon leveling up, you get a free premium chest. To increase the level or level-up, EXP is required. Earn it by getting victories in the battles. To increase the amount of XP and coins, complete these tasks: –

  1. First Strike – Attack first
  2. Perfect -> Don’t let the enemy hit you. K.O. the enemy without getting any hit
  3. Super K.O. -> Defeat the enemy using a weapon skill or skill

So, this is the Mayhem Combat guide. Now, let’s start Mayhem Combat cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Mayhem Combat cheats, tips & strategy: –

1.) Don’t waste gold initially in developing all items

Mayhem Combat game features lots of weapons and one can easily obtain weapons by opening the free chest after every certain amount of time. But, as you know, you can only equip one weapon at a time, so, you should not upgrade all the weapons you have. Otherwise, you will be out of gold coins.

Similarly, you should not upgrade all the characters you have. It would be better to focus on only one character at the beginning of the game. For instance, if you spend all the coins in upgrading all the characters. And later, you receive the best premium character, but since you have no coins, you can not upgrade it.

In short, save coins. Don’t waste in the beginning. Focus only on one character(3 for tag battles).

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2.) Best Characters In Mayhem Combat Game: –

  1. Jack Lumber
  2. Al Bebac
  3. Amy Li
  4. Rickenhammon
  5. Bernard W.

Why Jack Lumber?

Mayhem CombatWell, this is the first character you get for free. And its stats; HP, Strength are good. It’s the best character only for beginners. Later, you should switch to any other character.

Why Al Bebac?

Mayhem CombatAs you know, Agility stats should be good in this game. That’s why we have added Al Bebac in this best characters list. Al Bebac’s¬†agility stats are quite better than Jack Lumber and you can increase it by equipping a better weapon.

Why Amy Li?

Mayhem CombatProbably the best character in Mayhem Combat game. Along with decent stats, you can climb on the walls, save yourself from deadly traps, keep yourself in the air for few moments by double tapping the jump button.

Why Rickenhammon?

Mayhem CombatThe reason behind adding this character in the best characters list is its weapon set; it’s the best. Because of long-ranged weapons; you can attack from a distance. This will keep your enemies away from you and you will be able to claim first strike reward.

Why Bernard W.?

Because of best weapon items; rockets, freezer, bow, shuriken, firearms, boom box, and much more.

3.) Use Environments To Strike Down The Enemy

In Mayhem Combat game, you can easily, perfectly defeat a powerful enemy by using environment items. For instance: –Mayhem Combat

Similarly, if your HP is low, look for HP booster around you.

Look for levers and activate the traps. Push enemies into danger areas; tracks, electric shock area. Dodge their attacks. Destroy the cage and freed minions will help you. Dodge enemy attacks by jumping.

Must equip a long-ranged weapon and after the battle starts, instantly use it to get the first strike reward. By striking first, you can stun the opponent and perform combos.

4.) Claim Free Chests and Upgrade Wisley

  • Defeat the boss in boss battles to get free chests
  • Go to the online tab -> at the bottom-right corner, watch the video ad and get a free chest
  • Open free chest after every certain amount of time
  • Level-up to get a premium chest
  • You can open a premium chest by earning EXP; check the progress; go to the online tab -> at the bottom-left side, you can check it
  • Repeat boss battles

You should not upgrade all the characters and weapons. Upgrade the best ones only.

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5.) Quick Tips For Mayhem Combat Game: –

  • Don’t develop all the characters & weapons
  • Upgrade the best ones only
  • Repeat boss battles
  • Unlock new skills by rasing star level
  • In the battle, perform combos & use environment traps
  • Double the reward by watching a video ad
  • Play multiplayer mode for more rewards
  • Try to strike first
  • Get a perfect win; don’t let the enemy hit you and win the match
  • Get a Super K.O. – Defeat the enemy by using a skill

So, these are some simple Mayhem Combat cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best platformer games for Android

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