Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

Mega ShooterMega Shooter Infinity Space War(Galaxy Heroes) is a brand new side-scrolling platformer shooting game for Android devices by iKameStudio. Check out our Mega Shooter guide, tips, cheats & strategy to win battles

iKameStudio, the creators of LuckyBoy and PrettyGirl game has recently released a new shooting game for Android “Mega Shooter Infinity Space War”. In the game, you play as a hero and your objective is to clear all the waves by slaying down the monsters. The game features adventure mode(world levels), daily events, and an endless mode. In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about the game; Mega Shooter tips, cheats & strategy guide to win all battles.

Get Started – Mega Shooter – The Basic

As stated above, you play as a hero and the objective is to slay down the monsters. You start the game from world 1, each world has lots of stages and at the end of each world, you have to defeat the boss to unlock next world. As you progress, it becomes more difficult. Initial levels are very easy to clear, but later you will have to use the best strategy to win battles. Your hero attacks automatically, all you need to do is control him and use Dash, Special Skill, and Special Ability.

Now, let’s learn about heroes, guns, and abilities in the Mega Shooter game.

Heroes in Mega Shooter Infinity Space War Game

Your default hero is Zet-Man and he has no special ability. Rest heroes have the special ability and you can unlock them using coins and diamonds. Here’s the list of heroes: –

  • Troop -> Average health and movement speed. Special ability -> If you choose this hero, you will get more battle points(10% extra)
  • Gen -> Average health, good speed. Special ability -> Gen can attack the enemy on the dash with 1 damage
  • Bracer -> Average health & speed. Special ability -> If you choose this hero, combo time will be increased by few seconds
  • Hammer -> Average health, poor speed. Special ability -> Creates a shield to protect from enemies
  • Argent -> Avg. health, speed. Special Ability -> Attract all coins in a range.
  • Axel -> Avg. health and speed. Special ability -> Quick charge
  • Assassin -> Good speed, good health. Special ability -> Critical hits to slay down the monster instantly
  • Noir -> Avg. speed, health. Special Ability -> Extra life
  • Jin -> Good speed, health. Special Ability -> Reduces the cooldown time of dash skill
  • Bayne -> Good speed, avg. health. Special Ability -> Attract coins.

Assassin, Gen, Jin, and Bayne are the best heroes. Among these best heroes, you can easily unlock Gen(20,000 coins).

Guns In Mega Shooter Game

At the beginning of the game, you have Blizzard Gun. Don’t upgrade it. Spend some coins and purchase a good gun because its damage power is very poor. Here’s the list of Guns in Mega Shooter game: –

  • Saw Gun -> Good damage power, the speed of shooting is also good. Special skill -> Sawing.
  • Fission Gun -> A good gun with a great special skill; burn all enemies and unstoppable
  • Bug Eater -> Eat all enemies using this gun
  • Fusion Cannon -. Poor damage. Good charge time and speed. Special Skill -> Creates many small bullets
  • Rocket Launcher -> Good damage. Avg. charge time & speed. Special Skill -> Launches rockets
  • Explosive Bazooka -> Avg. damage, charge time & speed. Special Skill -> Deal damage to all enemies in a circle
  • Lazer Beam -> Good damage. Avg. speed. Skill -> Burn and Stun.
  • Bomb Launcher -> Good damage. Skill -> Throw bombs
  • Thunder Cannon -> Poor damage, charge time & speed. Skill -> Deals massive damage to multiple enemies

Among all these guns, you can easily unlock Saw Gun, Fission Gun, and Bug Eater using coins. Fission Gun would be a great choice. Go to the shop -> gun -> tap on a gun -> then tap on “trial” and test any gun in Mega Shooter game.

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Let’s start the Mega Shooter tips, cheats & strategy guide: –

Mega Shooter Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Focus on enemies movement, don’t chase them

At each level of the game, you have to clear a set of waves; In the 1st wave, you have to face a small number of monsters, while in the final wave, you have to face lots of enemies.

The best way to save lives and kill monsters in the Mega Shooter game is “Stay at a point” and wait for the enemies. Focus on enemy movements and change your position according to it. By staying at a point, you will be able to handle all the enemies. On the other hand, if you are chasing a specific enemy, then chances are you will lose lives because you are not paying attention to other enemies.

Move your hero right or left quickly, but slightly, to dodge enemies. Use dash skill for this purpose.

2.) Unlock Special Ability

As of now, Mega Shooter game features four abilities; Luck, Shield, Time Frozen, and Combo Keeper. I would recommend you to unlock shield ability.

Shield ability creates a shield for your character. To activate the shield in the battle; don’t let enemies touch your hero until a certain amount of time. For example; Be untouchable for 24 seconds to create a shield. Upgrade the ability to reduce the time.

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3.) Easiest Way to Make Combos In Mega Shooter Game

Mega ShooterBy making combos in the stages, you can increase your score and the reward. The best way to make combos in Mega Shooter is to stand just below the enemy entrance. Just go below the warning(i) and that’s it.

4.) Check the missions before you start the battle because 3-stars are important

Mega ShooterIn Mega Shooter game, you can earn hundreds of gems for free by getting three-stars at every stage. Before you start the battle, take a look at the mission/objective and complete it. For instance; if you collect 24 stars at world 1, you can claim 100 diamonds/gems.

5.) Best Way To Earn Diamonds In Mega Shooter Game

Mega ShooterDiamond is one of the precious items in the Mega Shooter game. You can obtain coins in exchange for diamonds. And use coins to unlock rare guns and characters. There are a number of ways to get free gems in the Mega Shooter game: –

  • Collect stars
  • Complete the daily challenge to get 50 diamonds daily
  • Complete all the missions and claim free 100 diamonds daily
  • Connect the game to Facebook account to get free 30 diamonds[Main screen, at the bottom-right, tap on FB icon]

6.) Quick Tips for Mega Shooter game Players

  • Complete the daily missions and the daily challenge to earn free 150 diamonds
  • Exchange diamonds in the shop and get free coins
  • Use coins to unlock a special character, gun, special ability
  • If you stuck on a level, upgrade your character, gun, and ability
  • Focus on enemy movements
  • Make combos
  • Watch the video ad to double your coins or diamonds
  • Play endless mode to earn more coins
  • Use special skill at the right time. Charge it quickly by killing enemies
  • Pick power-ups; when you kill enemies, they drop these power-ups

So, these are some Mega Shooter tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners.

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