Metal Soldiers TD: Tower Defense Guide, Tips, Cheats And Strategy

Metal Soldiers TDMetal Soldiers TD Tower Defense is a brand new tower defense game for Android by Play365. Can you defend the line by defeating the waves of powerful enemies? Our Metal Soldiers TD guide and Meta Soldiers cheats, tips and strategy will help you in getting victories at every stage

Metal Soldiers TD is one of the challenging tower defense games for Android in which your objective is to destroy all the enemies. The game features challenging stages, amazing weapons, and traps. In this post, we will talk about the Metal Soldiers TD guide and Metal Soldiers TD tips, cheats, and strategy to achieve three stars at every stage. Let’s start the Metal Soldiers TD guide first;

1.) Metal Soldiers TD – Get Started – The Basic

In Metal Soldiers TD game, your only objective is to defend the beach. At each stage of the game, you will fight against powerful enemies; some enemies are fast, while some enemies have the shield. You just have to place the units in a strategic way. Additionally, you have to take care of upgrades, add-on weapons, and mechanic robot. Let’s start the Metal Soldiers TD guide;

2.) Meta Soldiers TD Guide – Complete

In this part, we will talk about everything; fuel, gears, chips, boosts, robots, and much more. Let’s begin

⇒ The Primary Start

Metal Soldiers TDLet’s talk about the battlefield. After you enter the battlefield, at the top-right corner, you can see your lives, gears, and the number of waves you have to face on that stage. You will lose your lives if enemies surpass the line/deadline. Gears used in purchasing weapons; machine gun, rocket launcher, and much more. You have limited gears at the start of the stage; these gears effectively. You will earn gears by killing the enemies.

At the bottom-left corner, there are some add-ons; you can summon soldier, throw missiles, and use bombs. These add-ons, after one-time usage, takes few seconds to charge. So you can not use these add-ons an unlimited number of times. It would be better to use at the right time and at the right place.

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At the bottom-right corner, there is a booster option. Boosters are; dynamic, net, and lightning. These boosters can be used to destroy the enemies in bulk. If you have used all, you can use your coins and get these boosters from the shop menu.

You just have to place the weapons/machine gun/rocket launcher/and more in the slots and once done, tap on the helmet icon to start invading the enemy force.

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⇒ Fuel, Coins, Chips – Metal Soldiers TD Guide

In Metal Soldiers TD game, you use coins to get boosters, in upgrading weapons. Fuel is required to play the game; you can not play it endlessly. You use the chips to use the spin the wheel feature for the reward. So every item is important, don’t spend coins blindly in purchasing boosters.

Metal Soldiers TD is a very challenging game. If you are having problems in clearing the stages or you are not getting three stars; check out these Metal Soldiers TD cheats, tips, and strategy guide;

3.) Metal Soldiers TD Cheats Tips Strategy Guide

Metal Soldiers TDIn this part, we will talk about some cool Metal Soldiers cheats, tips and tricks to easily win all stages.

1.) Start Like A Pro! – Metal Soldiers TD Cheats Tips

To start the battle, you have to tap on the helmet button and before you tap on the button, take a look at the number of waves you have to face on that stage. After it, take a look at your gears; you have to spend effectively. The next step is “wait”. Wait until your all add-ons get charged. Once charged, now check all the routes from where you enemies can invade; one, two or three? Now PREPARE THE STRATEGY;

-> Slow down the enemy using oil bunker; You have limited gears. What will happen if you place all the attacking units? Enemies with fast speed will easily pass these units and you will lose your lives.

Must place the oil bunker to slow down their speed. The oil bunker unit attack affects all targets, slowing them down and dealing small damage. And to take advantage of this slow speed, place an attacking unit just after the oil bunker unit. It is one of the best ways to destroy fast-paced enemies.

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If some enemies have passed the units or not in the range of attacking units, use your add-ons. That’s why you should wait before you tap on the helmet button to start the battle. If your add-ons are charged, you can use them instantly.

2.) Boosting Time! – Metal Soldiers TD Cheats Tips

After clearing three waves of enemies, you will earn enough gear points to upgrade the units. Tap on a unit and upgrade it. Upgrading an attacking unit increases the attack power. And you will be able to destroy a huge wave of enemies.

There are also some slots which need repairing. If there is a slot at the good position(main passing route), repair that slot and place your unit.

3.) Use Robot – Metal Soldiers TD Cheats Tips

If you use your robot like a pro, then you will definitely get the victory.

You can move your robot, just tap on the robot icon, at the top-right corner. After it, tap anywhere on the road to move your robot there. Your robot attacks the enemies automatically and his attack power is really good.

One more thing-> Your robot recovers HP automatically. If destroyed, it will be back after few seconds. So don’t forget to use your robot to destroy the enemies.

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4.) Upgrade your units – Metal Soldiers TD Cheats Tips

Go to the map and tap on the weaponry option. Tap on the unit you want to upgrade. Keep upgrading the units to boost their performance in the battles and to destroy the powerful enemies in the battle. If you are not upgrading the units, you can’t clear hard level stages.

5.) Play Levels Again – Metal Soldiers TD Cheats Tip

Stuck on a stage? Don’t have enough coins to upgrade units? Then play already completed levels again for coins and chips.

6.) Miscellaneous Cheats And Tips For Metal Soldiers TD game

  • Play hard levels for more rewards
  • After clearing a stage, watch the video ad to get more team XP
  • To get more coins, fuel, watch the video ad
  • Don’t spend your coins for boosters
  • Upgrade your units
  • Use Spin The Wheel Feature

So these are some useful Metal Soldiers TD tips and cheats. Download the game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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