Mining Champions Codes: List of Codes

Having trouble finding the Mining Champions codes? Look nowhere but here – for the latest updated list of Mining Champions codes(Roblox, Sept. 2020)Mining Champions Codes

Mining Champions Codes: Code List September 2020 Roblox⇓

All the issued Mining Champions codes as of September 2020(Roblox) are mentioned below: –

LuckyMoon – Use this Mining Champions code for x2 luck boost. This code was issued on September 19, 2020


FreeShiny – Redeem this promo code in Mining Champions for x3 shiny boost. The code was announced on September 18, 2020


FreeBoost – Use this Mining Champions code for free x2 ore boost. This code was issued on September 17, 2020. 


3KCODE – With this new Mining Champions code, you will get x2 luck for x1 hour. The code was released on September 15, 2020.  


GRAVYCAT – With this Mining Champions code, you will get a Gravycat pet for free


razorfish – With this Mining Champions code, you will get a free pet; RazorFish


russo – Redeem this Mining Champions promo code and receive a free pet; russo


schizelpops – Get this code and use in the game for a free pet


gaza playz – Claim this code for another pet; GazaPlayz 

gaza playz

CDTV – Get CDTV as a free pet with this code


DrakeCraft – this code gives a free Drakecraft pet


RELEASE” With this Mining Champions code, you will get +250 red gems for free. Tap/click the code below to copy and then paste directly in the game. 


As of writing this post, there is only one code that has been issued by the devs – since the game is new, you can expect new codes in future updates. We’ll continue to update this post with the latest code info!

Guide To Redeem Mining Champions Codes

After spawning on the map for the first time, look at the left side of the screen – there would be a codes button. Click on it and then you can enter the code – we have shared all the active codes in the above list. Redeem them before they get expired. 

Guide To Get More Codes

As mentioned above, we list all the codes here – if you want to know the main source, then this part is for you. The main source of these codes is the Twitter Handle of the developer; follow the dev and get new code updates every time code gets announced. Alternatively, you can join the Hyperactive Codes Discord server for the codes’ updates. Link to their Twitter handle and Discord Server is available on Roblox’s game description. Those who don’t use Discord or Twitter can bookmark this page and get the latest code info; come back often. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Mining Champions codes! Got more codes to share? Do let us know in the comments. Thanks for visiting us. Have a great day 🙂

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