My NBA 2K20 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

My NBA 2K20 is now out for Android and iOS, published by 2K, Inc. and lets you battle other NBA fans around the world in a variety of game modes. Check out our My NBA 2K20 Guide, tips, cheats & strategies to build the best deck for each game mode

The latest expansion to NBA 2K game series, My NBA 2K20 is now available worldwide. It also lets you connect to the console accounts for the latest features such as Face Scan, Locker code. In this My NBA 2K20 guide and My NBA 2K20 tips, cheats & strategies, you will learn all the basics of the game as well as all the tactics. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content.

My NBA 2K20 Guide – Draft Pick Patterns, Cards Guide, Battles, Etc.

When it comes to the cards info, you should know about the cards rarity, abilities, how the ability mechanics work, card position, etc. Let’s learn about all! At the bottom menu, go to the second tab; cards -> check all the cards that you own in my cards menu, build the decks for each game mode in deck editor, and check the list of cards in the card catalog.

⇒In the My Cards menu, you can check the profile of each player and know about his stats, position type, and the rarity. See the picture above. The rarity of a card matters a lot – higher the rarity, higher the stats/ability-stats/stronger. The rarities of cards: –

  • Common(Grey)
  • Uncommon(Grey)
  • Rare(Green)
  • Ultra Rare(Dark Green)
  • Epic(Blue)
  • Epic Prime(Dark Blue)
  • Elite(Purple)

Check the tips & cheats part below to learn how to get higher-quality; elite/epic/ultra-rare cards for free.

⇒The stats of the players in My NBA 2K20 are: –

  • OFF – Offense
  • DEF – Defense
  • REB – Rebounding
  • PM – Playmaking

My NBA 2K20Now, during the card battle, you have to choose the right player – depends on the match type. On your screen, the game will show you the round or match type; Defense, Offense, Rebounding, Playmaking, etc. Suppose, the match or round type is defense, then you have to pay attention to the defense stat of each player. And, select the one who has the best Defense stat. If you are playing My NBA 2K20 game for the first time(In the game series), then you might confuse about the stats and battle mechanics – that’s why we have shared this info in today’s My NBA 2K20 guide. In the next part, you will learn about the positions.

My NBA 2K20 Positions: –

My NBA 2K20In my cards menu, on the player’s profile banner, you can check the perfect position of each player – PG, C, SG, SF, PF. If you deploy the players on their perfect position in the deck or during the battle preparations, the game will provide a boost to all the stats. Go to the cards menu -> deck builder -> at the top of the deck builder menu, you can go through a lot of tabs and build a separate deck for each game mode; quick match, 2 On 2, Reigning Threes, The Gauntlet, King Of The Court, Rival Clash, Champions etc.

In all these tabs, there would be card slots where you can place the cards – PG, C, SF, PF, SG. All you have to do is drag and drop the cards to their perfect position. For example – SG type should be placed in the SG slot. You can tap the auto-fill button if you are lazy to do this. But make sure to check again because sometimes the game does not place it according to their perfect positions.

My NBA 2K20 Guide – Cards Abilities

During the battle, you may have noticed that some cards get the boost to certain stats – that’s because of the abilities. The ability gets triggered when you choose the card to play – but there is no guarantee that the ability will get triggered. It depends on the activation chances, which you can improve by converting the card to pro-level or by using the same focus type cards in upgrades.

The higher tier cards – rare, ultra-rare, epic, elite, etc. have the abilities. Go to the My Cards menu -> select the high tier card -> there you will see the activation chances of that ability – the stats which get a boost when the ability gets triggered. For instance – Increase in OFF, DEF stats.

How To Get VC?

VC(Virtual Credits) is the premium in-game currency in My NBA 2K20. You can use it in the shop for card packs. Link the console account to get free VC every day. Open the free pack in the card store for free VC.

That would be all in this My NBA 2K20 Guide to cards. Let’s have a look at other tips, tricks, cheats, hints & strategies to progress fast. In this part, you will learn about the draft cards, how to get cards, draft cards pattern, how to improve cards, etc.

My NBA 2K20 Cheats, Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Get Best Cards From Draft Board

My NBA 2K20In My NBA 2K20 game, you get cards from the card packs and the draft board. When you finish a match; quick match or finish the card battle in other game modes, a draft board will appear where you can choose cards as a battle reward.

Now, there are a couple of things that you need to know: – deck strength determines the reward, creating the draft pattern rewards special reward.

Deck strength and the reward quality – Go to the cards menu -> deck editor -> at the top-left of the deck editor, you can check the deck strength. If the deck strength is… then you get this…

  • Rare = you may earn rare cards from the draft board
  • Ultra Rare = ultra-rare cards
  • Ultra Rare + = increases the chances of getting the ultra-rare card
  • And, Ultra Rare ++ = (+)increases the chances of getting the ultra-rare card
  • Epic = you may earn epic cards from the draft board
  • Epic + = increases the chances of getting epic cards
  • And, Epic ++ = increases the chances of getting epic cards
  • Epic Prime = you may earn epic prime cards
  • Epic Prime + = increases the chances of getting epic prime cards
  • And, Epic Prime ++ = increases the chances of getting epic prime cards
  • Elite = you may earn elite cards from the draft board
  • Elite + = increases the chances of getting elite cards
  • And, Elite ++ = increases the chances of getting elite cards

If you are playing 2 On 2 mode and the deck strength is rare, then you may earn rare cards from the draft board. The draft board appears at the end of the game battles.

What Are Draft Patterns In MY NBA 2K20?

So now let’s talk about the draft patterns. If you complete the pattern, you will get a special draft pick pattern reward. At the end of the battle, you see the draft board – full of cards(you can watch the video ad to get more cards – this offer is at the bottom-right of the screen). As you draw the cards from the draft board, the pattern of the draft board will change, right? Now, if the draft pattern matches the daily pattern, you will get a special reward. Well, this is not a cheat – it’s the game feature that helps you to get My MBA 2K20 Best cards.

Where do you find the draft pattern? Go to Reddit -> find myNBA2KMobile subreddit -> there you will get the patterns pictures. Or join discord – link.

2.) Improve Your Players Wisely

You have to improve the players/cards if you want to defeat the high-level players in PvP game modes. But you should do it wisely. There are several ways to imrove the players/cards in My NBA 2K20: training, pro, ability boost.

Training – In the training, you sacrifice the cards to develop or train a specific card. Make sure to select the useless ones. However, for high-rarity cards’ training, you may sacrifice the (1) low tier cards. The cards selected by you are consumed in training and will disappear – grants EXP to the target card and increases its level. Raise the player level to unlock pro function

Combine Pro – In this process, you use the duplicate cards to make a player pro. If you combine the player cards at maximum level, you will get a perfect pro. Otherwise, the result would be an imperfect pro. The target or selected card/player’s ability also get improved(activation chances).

3.) Position The Players Wisely

As mentioned before, placing the players on their favorite or perfect deck slots boosts the stats – build the deck wisely – keep the position in mind. For more information, read the My NBA 2K20 Position guide above.

4.) Select The Best Cards To Play

Pay attention to the match type and select the players accordingly – for example – if it’s Offense round, select the player with highest OFF Stats. Read the cards guide above for more details.

5.) Complete The Drills

At the top of the screen, tap the star button next to your name -> check the daily drills and get a free reward.

6.) Check The In-Game Guide

If you are having trouble understanding the game mechanics, the in-game guide may help you. Tap the gear button at the top-right to go to settings -> scroll down -> help center -> there you can check everything.

If you have any query or tips, cheats & tricks, feel free to comment below. Image Source – In-Game Screenshots.

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