My Real RPG Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

My Real RPGMy Real RPG: The Law of Survival is a brand new Idle game for mobile by DAERISOFT. Check out our My Real RPG guide, tips, cheats & strategies

DAERISOFT, the publisher behind top-class mobile games such as Life is a Game, Getcha Ghost, A Girl Adrift, and many more has just released a brand new Idle game called My Real RPG: The Law of Survival. In the game, you will fight the monsters & their bosses with increasing difficulty. As you survive day-by-day, the battles will get more difficult. You will have to power up the hero so that you can defeat them. In this post, we have shared the My Real RPG guide and My Real RPG tips, cheats & strategies for beginners. So let’s not waste any time and head to the main content.

My Real RPG Guide

The Basics

Let’s start with the basics first – the objective is to make the hero stronger so that you can defeat any monster or boss at any stage. The hero at your screen attacks the monsters automatically – you can use the hero’s skills to inflict skill damage on the enemies. After a certain level/stage/day, you can turn on the auto mode to cast the hero’s skills automatically.

Defeating the monsters give gold. Gold is the basic in-game currency in My Real RPG: The Law of Survival. You can use it to level up the hero’s stats/attributes such as: –

  1. Attack – increases damage
  2. Skill ATK – increases skill attack
  3. DEF – increases hero’s defense – the higher the defense, the less damage you receive from the enemies
  4. HP – increase the HP – the higher the HP, the more hits you can take(more survivability)

My Real RPG – Hero Skills

You can equip up to three skills at a time. For the first time, at the beginning of the game, you have one skill. To unlock new skills, you need blue gems. At the bottom-center of the screen, tap the skill tab -> there you equip/unequip/upgrade the skills.

Tap on a locked skill slot -> spend the blue gems to unlock it. Tap the equip/unequip button after selecting the skill to equip/unequip a skill.

To upgrade the skill, navigate to the skill menu -> select the skill to open its detail -> scroll down to the bottom of the skill info to get the option of upgrading skills. You need blue gems to upgrade skills.

My Real RPG – Hero Items & Equipment

A hero can equip a lot of gears – and, all the gears boost his stats(depending on the quality of the gear). For example – five-star grade gears are better than 3-star/2-star/1-star grade gears.

How do you get these gears?

  • Progress through the stages(keep fighting the boss and defeating the waves of enemies)
  • Go to the shop/store -> equipment box -> there you can buy the equipment box in exchnage for blue gems.My Real RPG

Gears: –

  1. Weapon
  2. Helmet
  3. Armor
  4. Gloves
  5. Boots
  6. Wings

Head to the item tab -> there you can see all the gears that you have. Tap on any gear -> equip. At the upper-right corner of the gear icon, tap the magnifying glass icon to check its details(what type of stats this gear grants) – on the same screen, you can upgrade it using the blue gems.

To upgrade the gear, you need duplicate copies. For example – To upgrade the steel helmet to level 3, you need (4) copies. The duplicate copies or gear can be obtained from the equipment box or as a reward of defeating the waves of enemies. In the item tab, at the bottom of the gear’s icon, you can check the number of copies required to reach the next level.

My Real RPG Guide To Rebirth

My Real RPGRebirth function unlocks once you clear the 20th stage(survive 20 days). What is rebirth? This function resets the game’s progress and gives you the most valuable in-game currency called tokens. You can use tokens to advance level up the hero, buy the artifacts.

Artifacts provide decent buffs to the hero – for instance – increase in gold income, reduction in skill cooldown, increase in critical hit rate, etc. At the upper-right side of the game screen, tap the trophy icon to open the artifact shop. There you can spend the tokens, obtained from rebirth, on artifacts.

Things that you lose upon rebirth: –

  • Gold
  • Hero Level Up Progress
  • Days/Stage Progress

Things that you keep even after rebirth: –

  • Blue Gems
  • Tokens
  • Items
  • Advance Level Up Upgrades

So this would be all in this My Real RPG guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our My Real RPG tips, cheats & strategies.

My Real RPG Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Make The Hero Stronger

As you keep defeating the monsters, you will be having loads of gold in the pocket in a short time. Spend the gold on upgrading the hero: – head to the hero information tab -> base level up -> upgrade the attributes by investing the gold.

Advanced Level-Up – In the hero information menu, there is a second tab named Advanced Level Up. Unlike the base level upgrades, you don’t lose advanced level upgrades upon rebirth. Read the rebirth guide above for more details.

Equip the hero items so that he can inflict more damage and survive for a long time. Also –

  • Upgrade the hero’s skills
  • Upgrade the hero’s items
  • Get artifacts for more buffs

2.) Summon The Boss To Progress

At the top-center of the screen, you can check the total number of ways left until the boss stage. For example – suppose, it’s defeated 8/20 – it means that you have defeated 8 out of 20 stages. And, after clearing the 20th stage, you can summon the boss and fight him. Just below this stat, you can check/un-check the boss auto summon function. If it’s checked, the boss will appear automatically. On the other hand, if you keep it unchecked, the boss will not appear until you tap the boss sign.

When grinding for the gold, you should keep it unchecked – this way you can fight endless waves of enemies and earn loads of gold being AFK.

Without defeating the boss, you can not progress in the game. So defeat him ASAP.

3.) Use The Potions To Heal Hero

In the boss fights or when fighting against the high-level wave, your hero may get injured – above the hero’s head, there is a red bar that displays the hero’s HP. Once the hero’s HP reaches the 0 stat, you start again or resurrect using the gems or by watching the video ad.

So if you want to keep him alive all the time – make sure to use the red potions. On the bottom-right corner, tap the red potion bottle to heal the hero. You can obtain the potions from the shop – exchnage the medals in the currency tab of the store.

Or complete the achievements to get potions.

4.) Activate The Buffs When Fighting Boss

My Real RPGBoss-Battles are quite difficult – so we would recommend activating the buff just before the boss battle initiates. On the bottom-left/right side, there would be the Ad offers – watch the video ad to activate the Ad buffs.

5.) Get Free Gems By Watching The Video Ad

Blue Gems are given when you level up in My Real RPG: The Law of Survival. But the reward amount is negligible. So we would recommend watching the video ad for gems – on the bottom-left side, you get the option to watch the video Ad for gems.

You can use gems to upgrade the items/gears or skills.

6.) Login During The Hot Time Event For Gems

On the upper-left side, tap the compass type icon to check hot time event. During this time, you have to log in to the game for free gems.

7.) Complete The Achievements

You can get the red potions, medals, gems, tokens by completing the achievements. At the upper-left corner, tap the trophy/achievement icon -> there you can see the missions -> complete them for these rewards.

8.) Rebirth And Get Artifacts

The more days you survive or the more stage you complete, the more you get tokens from rebirth. If you think that the fights are more difficult and it’s hard to progress – perform the rebirth and activate the artifact’s effect. Also, advanced level up the hero by spending the tokens.

So these are some basic My Real RPG tips & tricks for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, please comment below!

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