One Punch Man : Road To Hero Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

One Punch Man : Road To Hero is a brand new One Punch Man game for Android and iOS by Oasis Games. Check Out One Punch Man : Road To Hero guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Oasis Games has just released the Open Punch Man : Road To Hero on mobile app stores. In this RPG, you will set up the team of heroes(the official characters) and fight the monsters in a variety of game modes. It’s similar to other RPGs, but with One Punch Man scenes and storyline. In this One Punch Man : Road To Hero guide and One Punch Man : Road To hero tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn all the basics as well as all the tactics to defeat every single boss. Let’s not waste any time and head to the main content!

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One Punch Man : Road To Hero Guide

One Punch Man : Road To HeroLet’s learn about the characters first – how to get the characters and how to make them stronger. Improving the character’s stats and talents is an important task if you want to crush the powerful bosses in the campaign mode.

You can recruit or obtain the characters in recruitment menu – In the lobby, tap the recruit button and there you can use the tokens to obtain One Punch Man : Road To Hero Characters.  There are two types of tokens; advanced recruitment order, common recruitment order.

You can also use the blue diamonds to recruit characters – 10x pull.

In the recruitment menu, slide the screen to switch between normal and advanced recruitment. You can get 1-star to 3-star grade characters from the advanced recruitment. And, 1-star to 2-star grade characters from normal recruitment. Tap the recruitment probability option on the screen to check the drop rate of specific characters.

Sometimes you get the character fragments – once you collect a certain number of a specific character, you will be able to summon him/her. Go to the profile menu to check the complete list of characters. Tap the character to check the number of fragments required to recruit him/her. You can also read the character skills and the trait details there.

How To Farm Upgrade Materials In One Punch Man : Road To Hero And Improve Your Best Characters?

Powering up the characters is another job that you need to do now and then. The game gives you a variety of options to power up a character – like level up, star-level upgrade, talent activation, and the accessories. In this part, you will learn all about this in detail!

Leveling Up –

leveling up materials include EXP Dango, EXP Cake, Rice Dish, Sukiyaki, Milkshake, and Chicken Nugget. Where to farm or grind these EXP items?

You can farm these level up materials in stage mode -> enter the stage mode -> choose a chapter -> random stage -> play the difficulty mode stages which give these EXP items as a reward.

Star-Level –

Of course, you will reach the max level as you keep feeding the EXP materials to the characters. And, once you reach the max level, star-level upgrade gets unlocked. As the upgrade name suggests, it will increase the star rating of a character. For example – 1-star character to 2-star. In addition to it, the character’s maxed level cap and the stats get increased. The stats such as ATK, HP, DEF.

Star-Level upgrade materials include strength medals – novice strength medal, intermediate, certificate of physical/machine/weapon/psychic strength, advanced strength medal. You can combine the low-tier medals to get an upper-tier medal. For example – combine novice strength medal to get intermediate strength medal. Go to the characters menu -> select a character -> upgrade -> star level -> tap the upgrade material icon -> combine.

Where to farm these upgrade materials?

Farm the certificate of strength in The House of Evolution mode. Medals can be obtained from the random stages in the chapter mode.

Talents –

All the characters in One Punch Man : Road To Hero have unqiue talents. You can activate these talents using the cash and specific talent activation materials. Go to the talents tab and tap the talent icon to check the details and the source to get that item. You can farm these items from the chapter mode’s random stages.

Or from the supermarket – in exchange for stage tokens. You get stage tokens from the boss mode stages.

Accessories –

Accessories can be obtained from the chapter mode’s stages – random blue accessories – chapter 3 onwards. Or from The House of Evolution mode.

You can enhance these accessories using the cash.

One Punch Man : Road To Hero Characters Style GuideOne Punch Man : Road To Hero

All the characters have one of these styles –

  • Physical
  • Weapon
  • Psychic
  • Machine

In the characters menu, on the left side of the stats window, tap the icons to check the character’s style. Depending on the style, you will need certificates, which are required to increase the star-level.

That would be all in this One Punch Man : Road To Hero Beginner’s Guide. Let’s navigate to One Punch Man : Road To Hero tips, cheats & strategies!

One Punch Man : Road To Hero Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Place The Characters Wisely

One Punch Man : Road To HeroCharacters in the front line get the most hits from the enemies during the battle. If you keep the high HP and Defense stats characters in the front line and characters with high ATK stats in the backline, chances of getting victory will increase. The high HP and DEF type characters will take most of the damage while attackers in the backline will be able to more damage to the enemies. In the opposite side, if you place the low HP and DEF characters in the front line, they will get killed quickly and you will not be able to get the most out of these attackers.

Before you start the battle, the game lets you prepare for the battle – change the positions. And, go to the characters menu and know about them; read their stats – HP, DEF, ATK, etc.

We would recommend you to read the skills of the characters and use them wisely in the battles. Don’t use auto mode on difficult mode stages.

2.) Activate The Set Effect Of Accessory

Accessories can provide a decent boost to the character’s stats. If you equip the two or four accessories of the same type, a special set effect will get activated. The types of accessories are: –

  1. Energy
  2. Drug
  3. Serpent
  4. Speed
  5. Shield
  6. Armor
  7. Heart
  8. Blizzard
  9. Blade
  10. Assassin
  11. Reflection
  12. Fearless
  13. Kendama
  14. Blue-Fire
  15. Sharp Claws

Example – If you equip the 4-sharp claws type accessory, the game activates critical damage boost set effect, which increases CRIT DMG by 60%.

Go to the accessory tab in the characters’ profile -> tap the empty slot to equip the accessory – there you can also check all the types of accessories and the set effect.

3.) Enhance The Accessories

As you know that accessories provide a massive boost to the character stats – if you are stuck on a stage or having trouble defeating the elite boss, then you should activate the set effect of accessories or it would be better to enhance the accessories. Once you reach the max level(accessory), you will be able to use the combine function.

You can also sell the accessories for the cash.

4.) Equip The Accessories Wisely

All the accessories provide different stats to the character – increase in the ATK, DEF, HP, RES, etc. You should equip the accessories wisely – for example – if you want to improve the ATK stat of a character, then equip him/her the accessories, which improves the ATK stats. Similarly, if you want to increase the HP or DEF stat of a character so that he/she should stay longer in the battle, equip the accessories which improve HP/DEF stats.

5.) Repeat The Stages

Grinding is the part of the game. If you need level up materials, talent activation materials, star-level up materials, you should farm in the chapter mode’s stages. Repeat the past stages and grab the treasure.

6.) Claim The Treasure Chests From The Battle

One Punch Man : Road To HeroIn the battle map, at the top-right corner of the screen, tap the mini-map and there you will see the treasure chest locations – make sure to collect these chests for precious rewards.

7.) Play All The Game Modes

One Punch Man : Road To Hero offers a variety of game modes. You should participate in all these modes to earn in-game currency – accessories and star-level materials from The House of Evolution mode, honor coins from the arena, stage token from the elite boss stages.

8.) Complete The Missions And Events

If you want to earn diamonds for free, you should complete all the daily missions. Go to the missions menu and find all the challenging missions to reach that reward chest. Also, focus on completing growth missions, achievements. At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the event banner – tap it and complete the event missions for precious rewards.

9.) Do The Daily Activities

In the Stamina Daily, you play with the dice and walk over the grid – full of rewards. From the daily divination(In the event menu), you can earn advanced recruitment order, diamonds, and the accessories.

So that would be all in this One Punch Man : Road To Hero tips & tricks. If you have more tips, cheats, cheat codes, strategies, feel free to share in the comment section below. Image Source – In-game screenshots.

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