Paladins Strike Cheats, Tips, And Strategy Guide To Get More Kills

Paladins StrikePaladins Strike is a new MOBA game for Android by Hi-Rez Studios in which you choose one of your best champions and battle against other players in real time 5V5 combat. Check out our Paladins Strike cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to get more kills and best characters

Hi-Rez Studios’ latest Moba Game “Paladins Strike” has finally launched for mobile devices. The game features more than 15 characters, lots of game modes, and much more. You start from the bronze league and compete with other players for the top rank to grab precious rewards for free and jump to high-leagues for better rewards. In this post, we have covered everything about the game; Paladins Strike cheats, tips, and Paladins Strike Guide, strategy to dominate the battle. Let’s start with Paladins Strike guide;

Get Started – The Basic – Paladins Strike

As usual, Paladins Strike game starts with a tutorial and tutorial covers the basic of the game and guides you about the controls, battling system, attack, skills, and much more. After the tutorial, you have to manually take care of all kinds of upgrades, champions, and all things.

The Basic Of Paladins Strike Game – In this game, you fight in a real-time 5v5 combat where both teams have only one objective; capture the points and defeat the enemies. Before the battle starts, the player has to choose one of the best champions for the battle; after it, you enter the arena and help your teammates in defeating the enemies and dominating the battle. However, it would not be easy. You may have lots of questions about the characters, battle, and modes, we have covered everything here;

Characters in Paladins Strike game;

  1. Viktor
  2. Grohk
  3. Cassie
  4. Makoa
  5. Buck
  6. Lex
  7. Evie
  8. Fernando
  9. Adroxus
  10. Bomb King
  11. Ying
  12. Barik
  13. Skye
  14. Pip
  15. Drogoz
  16. Kinessa
  17. Maeve
  18. Ruckus
  19. Tyra
  20. Grover
  21. Ash
  22. Terminus
  23. Zhin
  24. Mal’Damba

Best Characters By Damage[Paladins Strike]: –

  1. Viktor – Weapon – Assault Rifle – Skill – Grenade, Hustle, Barrage
  2. Cassie – Weapon – Crossbow – Skill – Blast Shot, Dodge Roll, Awoken Falcon
  3. Bomb King – Weapon – Bomb – Skill – Detonate, Grumpy Bomb, King Bomb
  4. Drogoz – Weapon – Rocket Launcher – Skill – Fire Spit, Salvo, Dragon Punch
  5. Kinessa – Weapon – Sniper Rifle – Skill – Sniper Mode, Oppressor Mine, Headhunter
  6. Tyra – Weapon – Auto Rifle – Skill – Fire Bomb, Hunter’s Mark, Crossfire

Best Characters By Flank[Paladins Strike]: –

  1. Buck – Weapon – Shot Gun, Skill – Recovery, Heroic Leap, Buck Wild
  2. Lex – Weapon – Magnums, Skill – In Pursuit, Combat Slide, The Law
  3. Evie – Weapon – Ice Staff, Skill – Ice Block, Blink, Ice Storm
  4. Androxus – Weapon – Revolver, Skill – Reversal, Nether Step, Accursed Arm
  5. Skye – Weapon – Wrist Crossbow, Skill – Smoke Bomb, Stealth, Time Bomb
  6. Maeve – Weapon – Daggers, Skill – Pounce, Prowl, Midnight
  7. Zhin – Weapon – Inferno Blade, Skill – Counter, Billow, Spite

Best Characters By Support[Paladins Strike]: –

  1. Grohk – Best in healing
  2. Ying – Best in healing allies/support
  3. Pip – Pip can turn enemies into chickens
  4. Grover – Rapidly heals nearby allies
  5. Mal’Damba – Fires a dark vessel

Best Characters By HP, Defense[Paladins Strike]: –

  1. Makao – Makao’s shield can absorb 4000 damage and block the enemy attack
  2. Fernando  РBest Skill РShield
  3. Barik – Deals in protecting by shield
  4. Ruckus – Best champion? Better in attack as well as in defense
  5. Terminus – Terminus is also good in dealing damage and in defense

Each character has own unique weapon, skills, and talents. At the beginning of the game, most of the characters are locked and you can unlock new characters daily from the store for free.

Runes Guide: –

In Paladins Strike, there are three types of runes;

  1. Red Rune
  2. Green Rune
  3. Blue Rune

To upgrade the characters in Paladins Strike, you need runes.

Red rune used in increasing the damage power, Green rune used in increasing the health power, and blue rune used in increasing the critical damage. Note – the bonus on the upgrade is different for each class of the character. For instance, blue rune decreases the cooldown time for characters of a support type.

There are two range of runes;

  • By color
  • Universal

Universal rune can be used in upgrading any character. But the color runes(red, blue, green) cannot be used on any character’s upgrade. For instance, Cassie red cores/rune cannot be used in upgrading any other character. But you can use universal cores on any character.

Talents Guide – Paladins Strike Guide;

Each character has unique talents. For instance, basic attacks reduce healing by 50%, critical damage increased to 200%, basic attacks deal 30% more damage and more. You can choose a talent in the battle to take advantage,

How to activate a talent?

Leveling up activates a talent! You can level up 5 times and each time you level up you can choose from a set of two different talents.

Character’s attributes

You choose the best hero for the battle on the basis of the attribute;

  • Defense power
  • Attack/damage power
  • Support
  • Mobility
  • Controls

Check the above-mentioned list(filtered by types). The role of supportive characters is healing allies, the role of attacking characters is defeating the enemies, and the role of defensive characters is protecting the allies from enemy attacks.

Battle Guide –

After you start the battle, you have to choose a champion and choose it quickly because you can not pick it if any other team member selects it. Then you have to capture the objective, you will see it on the map(at the top-left corner), start moving to it and dominate the battlefield.

Paladins StrikeAt the left side, use the joystick to move your character. At the bottom-right side, there are combat controls; attack, skill, restore the ammo, and more. Check out the Paladins Strike cheats, tips below to master the game!

So, this is the Paladins Strike guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Paladins Strike cheats, tips, and strategy to dominate the battlefield and get a huge amount of rewards free.

Paladins Strike Cheats, Tips, And Strategy Guide

1.) Claim free champion every day – Paladins Strike Cheats, Tips

One of the best things in Paladins Strike is you can obtain all the champions/characters free. All you need to do is visit the store section of the game daily -> head to free champion tab and draw a free champion. You get a free champion each day! There is no fragment collection system, just play the game daily and get every champion free.

2.) Get Free Five Chests Daily By Completing The Daily Quests

Paladins StrikeThe player can earn a decent number of rewards by focusing on the daily quests. On the main screen -> head to the quests section -> check the tasks you need to complete to get activity points. After completing a task, you will get activity points. After you gather a certain number of activity points, activity chest gets unlocked. By completing all the tasks, you can claim five chests per day. These chests contain gold, tickets, and runes.

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3.) Level-Up fast by completing the daily tasks

As you know, to unlock high-level bundles, you need to level-up. How to level up fast? To level-up, you need EXP[Experience points], two ways to gather EXP;

  • Complete the daily quest
  • Improve your performance in the battle; the better you perform, the better will be the reward.

How to perform better in Paladins Strike?

  • Get more kills
  • Reduce the number of death
  • Deal more damage

How to get more kills, reduce the number of death, and deal more damage?

Paladins Strike Strategy guide;

  1. First of all, choose the best champion quickly before other players.
  2. Enemies can not see you if you hide under the grass. So, hide under the grass and start attacking
  3. Target a specific enemy(with low HP)
  4. Don’t go alone, always be with your teammates
  5. Use the special skill at the right time to deal more damage or for more advantage
  6. If the champion has been injured, then keep away from enemies and wait until he gets full HP back[HP restores automatically]
  7. Upgrade the characters to improve their attributes; defense, damage, speed

4.) Test each character in practice mode – Paladins Strike cheats

You can test each character’s skills, performance, weakness, strength by playing practice mode. In the practice mode, all the characters are unlocked, just choose anyone out of all and test the skills/abilities, attack power, and other attributes such as speed. By testing each character in the practice mode, you can evaluate the best one.

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5.) Get Rune chests, golden box, and consumables

In the store, some items can be purchased using in-game currency “gold”. You can use gold to obtain a free rune chest or cores. If you have enough coins, then buy it and upgrade the characters using runes.

Golden box – It’s like a luck-draw feature, you can obtain universal cores, mega rune chest, tickets, and crystals for free in Paladins Strike game. Go to the store -> golden box -> spend and test your luck. You could get crystals, mega rune chest, and other precious items for free without spending real money.

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6.) Get premium skins and characters free in Paladins Strike Game

There is another lucky-draw feature; available only for 14 days[when you install the game], it is login reward draw – go to the store -> login reward -> draw -> you could get premium skins and premium characters for free. What is skin? If you equip the skin to a character, that character will get the advantages such as rune bonus, gold bonus.

If you sign-in with Facebook Account or Hi-Rez account, you will get a premium skin on the next day. On the main screen -> go to the sign-in tab and claim the free reward.

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So, these are some Paladins Strike cheats, tips, and strategy guide for the beginners. It’s a great game and offers free rewards. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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