Pets Hotel: Idle Management Cheats: Tips And Strategy Guide

Pets HotelPets Hotel: Idle Management & Incremental Clicker is a new Idle game for Android by Mobgams Team. In this game, you run your own pet hotel, take care of pet guests and earn money. Check out our Pets Hotel cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to make trillions in a short span of time

Pets Hotel is a brand new Idle game for mobile devices in which you run your own pets hotel and the objective you have to accomplish in this game is “grow your pets hotel”. Pets Hotel game features lots of cute animals, collect all the animals, complete the collection, discover hidden pets, and there are plenty of fun things in this game. In this post, we have covered everything about the Pets Hotel; Pets Hotel cheats, tips, and guide to make trillions in a very short time period. Let’s start the Pets Hotel Guide first;

1.) Get Started – The Basic – Pets Hotel

Since it is an idle clicker game, your task is very simple; just tap on the pets to collect coins and use these coins in upgrading. Pets Hotel game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play, about pet, and upgrades.

Animals in Pets Hotel Game?

There are 18 animals in the game. To unlock new animals, you need a huge amount of coins. The first nine animals can be unlocked using coins;

  1. Cat
  2. Dog
  3. Pig
  4. Turtle
  5. Rabit
  6. Snake
  7. Pigeon
  8. Piglet
  9. Raccoon

Once you unlocked all these pets, you can open the packs. You can obtain rest pets(nine more pets/animals) by opening these packs. You earn packs by playing the game. Tap on the package icon, near shopping icon -> open the packs.

In-Game Currency – Pets Hotel

  • Coins
  • Crystals
  • Heats

In pets hotel game, coins used in buying new pet slots, in upgrading, or for boosters.

Crystals used to obtain bonus packs such as;

  • Get hearts and keep guests
  • Jump 4 hours ahead
  • Jump 24 urs ahead
  • *7 days ahead


Heart, one of the precious items in Pets Hotel, used in buying powerful boosters such as;

  • 3* Income
  • 4* Income
  • 2* Income
  • Double or triple income from an individual pet

You can use hearts to buy these boosters and these boosters will significantly boost the hotel income. Don’t know how to get hearts? Read this full post!

How to get hearts in Pets Hotel Game?

You get hearts after departing the guests. This feature gets unlocked when you buy the snake slot. Tap on the home icon and then depart the guest pets. When they leave your hotel, you will get hearts.

The amount of hearts you get on departing depends on your current progress. You will get more hearts if your performance is good;

  • Level of pets
  • Number of unlocked pets
  • Income generating per second

What is the use of hearts?

You will get hearts when pets leave the hotel. Then you start the game from the beginning;

  • Zero Coins
  • No Pets

But you have hearts. Use the hearts and buy the booster; go to the store -> hearts tab -> purchase the booster; All income 2* or 3* or 5*.

These boosters increase the number of coins; you earn double or triple income from starting(depends on the booster). For instance, at the beginning of the game, level 1 cat generates 6 coins per tap. If you buy the booster(say; all income 3*), then level 1 cat will generate 3X coins per tap. Similarly with other pets.

In other words, this feature called prestige! You work hard and grow the hotel and later, reset the game progress for permanent perks(hearts). Use the perks to double or triple the income.

However, if you have crystals, then you can get hearts without departing the guest. Let’s start the Pets Hotel cheats tips and strategy guide without wasting time;

Pets Hotel Cheats Tips And Tricks: –

1.) Tap on the cat and dog to earn EXP stars

As you know, the crystal is one of the main in-game items in Pets Hotel game. You can use the crystal to generate 4 hours or 24 hours or 7-day income instantly. And to get crystals for free, you need to level-up. To level-up, you need EXP stars. How to get EXP stars or level-up fast?

You can boost the level-up process or earn EXP stars by tapping on the cat and dog with your both fingers. Just keep tapping on both the pets and after an uncertain number of clicks or swipes, you will notice the amount of EXP stars has increased.

2.) Turn On The Jukebox

You can generate double income by turning on the Jukebox. To turn on, you need to watch the video Ad. Before you go to sleep, extend the jukebox time by watching multiple video ads. This quick booster helps you to progress fast.

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3.) Increase the comfort to boost up your income

To progress fast in Pets Hotel, you have to upgrade the pets slots using coins. Just tap on the paw icon and then upgrade the pets slots.

Spend wisely – Since there are too many pets in the pets hotel, it’s very important to spend the coins wisely. For instance, if you have unlocked 7-8 slots, then spend on snake or pigeon slots; instead of spending on cat or pig slots. Because pets such as snake or rabbit pay well. Quick hint – spend on high-profitable pets.

4.) Reach the milestones and increase the payment frequency

The payment frequency of the pet gets double when you reach the milestone levels. Milestone levels are – 25, 50, 100, 200, and so on. When a pet reaches the milestone, the payment frequency gets increased. So before you go to the sleep, try to reach nearest milestones to get a massive amount of coins next day.

5.) Use Candy Rain

Tap on the candy icon, at the top-right of the screen and watch a short video ad to increase the income for 20 seconds. You can use this booster anytime you want. I would recommend you to use it multiple times a day.

6.) Depart at the right time

You can depart the guests after you unlock the snake slot. And you should depart at the right time. For example; you get 500 hearts on the first departure. Next time, do more work hard and try to gain more hearts(1K or 2K hearts). And after the 2nd departure, do more and more work hard to gain more hearts(10K-20K).

On the other hand, for instance, you departed the pets for the first time and got 500 hearts. Next time, you got 1K hearts. So, in the third round, don’t depart the guest until the amount of hearts exceed 10K-100K. Then 1M – 30M, 25M-110M. Otherwise, your progress will go down.

All you need to do is upgrade the pets slots and improve the performance to get a good amount of hearts. Before you confirm, check out the amount of reward you are getting.Pets Hotel

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So this is the Pets Hotel guide and some Pets Hotel tips for the beginners. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best Idle games like this one

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