Pocket Dragons Cheats: Tips And Strategy Guide

Pocket Dragons Game Guide Cheats TipsPocket Dragons is a new dragon RPG for Android by highbrow, the creators of Dragon Village game. Check out our Pocket Dragons game guide, tips, and cheats to acquire new dragons, save gold, and win PvP battles easily and boost your rank to the top

The creators of Dragon village game series has just released a new dragon game for Android called Pocket Dragons. In the game, you collect dragons, upgrade them, and deploy on the battlefield to slay down enemy dragons and earn rewards such as gold, potions, charms, ropes, eggs, crafting material, and much more. In this post, we will talk about the Pocket Dragons game guide, cheats, and tips+game overview to learn the basic.

Pocket Dragons Game – Get Started

Pocket Dragons Game Guide Cheats TipsLike other games, Pocket Dragons also starts with a basic tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play pocket dragons game, about enchant feature, deploying, feed dragons, use potions, and much more. In this game, your dragons attack automatically. Your task is to manage them;

  1. Deploy powerful dragons
  2. Equip charms to increase HP and attack power
  3. Use potions
  4. Feed dragons
  5. Enchant dragons
  6. Use taming feature
  7. Upgrade dragons
  8. Craft dragons
  9. and much more

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So there are plenty of tasks you have to complete in Pocket Dragons game. Now let’s talk about the game modes; Pocket Dragons game features two modes; adventure mode and PvP mode. Adventure mode features four different battlegrounds;

  1. Forest Of Hope
  2. Cavern Ruins
  3. Shipwreck
  4. Fire Mountain

In these modes, you earn many types of rewards; charms, coins/gold, potions, eggs, dragons, crafting material, and much more. As mentioned above, your dragons attack automatically, so if you leave the game, they will collect the rewards for you by defeating the enemies. Also, see – Best action games for Android

But it’s your duty to feed them, enhance them for powerful fights, otherwise, you might lose your dragons and it would be difficult to get them back. So pay attention to your dragons in order to earn continuously.

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PvP mode/Colosseum; To play this mode, you have to deploy ten dragons on the battlefield. You will earn crafting material, gold coins, and other rewards if you get the victory. Let’s start the Pocket Dragons game guide.

Pocket Dragons Game – Guide

  • Dragons In Pocket Dragons Game

In this 50 MB game, many types of dragons are featured and you can acquire these dragons by hatching eggs or using the taming feature. To hatch an egg, it is obvious that you need eggs. You can get eggs as a reward; by leveling up the profile or in exchange for coins. If you have, tap on it and then tap on use option. That’ it. You have got the dragon. You can deploy it on the battlefield or before deploying, you can upgrade it. Tap on the dragon slot, choose to enchant, use your gold coins and enchant the dragon; keep in mind that this enchant feature has two outputs; fail or success. Failing might cause you to lose that dragon or if all goes well, your dragon will be upgraded.

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  • Taming Feature

You can access this feature by taping on the taming option at the top right. To use it, you need tickets, tickets can be obtained in exchange for diamonds or wait for few hours for the free tickets. You have three tickets by default. Using this feature, you might get new dragons; there you will see two dragons; if taming goes successful, you will get it. If not, then try your luck next time. It is one of the best ways to get new and rare dragons in Pocket Dragons game.

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Pocket Dragons Game Guide – Part 2

Pocket Dragons Game Guide Cheats TipsIn this part, we will learn about the useful items in Pocket Dragons game and how you can acquire them for free without spending real money.

  • Coins

Gold coins used in enchanting, purchasing potions, eggs, enchant scroll, dragon eggs, potions, and fruits. You can earn coins for free by playing adventure mode and PvP mode in Pocket Dragons game.

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  • Dragon Egg

Use eggs to get new dragons in the game. You can obtain dragon eggs in Pocket Dragons game as a reward; level-up, or in exchange for coins under the shop section.

  • Fruits

Your dragons need fruits to continue fighting against the enemies. Fruits can be acquired by playing the game, as a reward, or in exchange for coins in the shop section.

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  • Enchant Scroll

Enchant Scroll is one of the most useful items in Pocket Dragons game, used in the enchanting process. Without these scrolls, you can not use enchant feature. The player can obtain these scrolls by leveling-up, using coins.

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  • Potions

Potions used in increasing the HP, attack power of dragons. Using these items you will be able to defeat enemy dragons in the adventure mode.

  • Premium Dragon Eggs

Pocket Dragons game features many types of dragons; common, rare and legendary. Using premium dragon eggs, you can get rare and legendary dragons. You can get these eggs in exchange for diamonds.

Pocket Dragons Cheats; Tips And Strategy Guide

Pocket Dragons is a challenging game and to play it like a pro, you should read these Pocket Dragons Cheats, tips, and tricks

1.) Start your strategy from the beginning

At the beginning of the game, you have a decent amount of gold coins, eggs, and tickets. The very first step you have to do is use all eggs and deploy all the dragons to the battlefield without using the enchanting feature. The next step you have to do in the Pocket Dragons game is to use the taming feature. You have three tickets, use them and you will definitely get two or three dragons. Deploy them on the battlefield.

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2.) Equipe charms – Auto Use

Just above the inventory, there are eight slots. Just tap on a slot and use the item that you want to use automatically. For instance, potions, fruits, and charms. You should add charms to improve the attributes of your dragons; HP, attack, defense, evasion rate. And also don’t forget to add potions because when you leave the game, your dragons can heal themselves automatically.

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3.) Use Enchant Feature Like A Pro!

Enchant feature used in upgrading dragons or to get new dragons in the Pocket Dragons game. But most of the time, you might face failure and it cost you a lot of coins. So before you use this feature, take a look at success rate; if it is 50% + 0%, then chances are you will lose your dragon. If it is below 50%, then don’t use it. On the other hand, if it is 50% + 1%, then try it. In short, use this feature when the success rate is fair enough.

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4.) Invest Coins

If your dragon needs fruits, potions, or any other item(take a look at the battlefield to check their needs) and if you have not, then go to the shop section and purchase in exchange for coins. Otherwise, you might lose your dragons and it would be too hard to get them back.

5.) Check Your Rewards

At the beginning of the game, you will get a decent amount of rewards. And it can be claimed under the message section. Do check your message section time to time and claim your rewards.

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So these are the Pocket Dragons cheats, tips, and the strategy guide to play it like a pro! Download Pocket Dragons game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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