Real Cricket 18 Cheats, Tips, Guide To Progress Fast

Real Cricket 18Are you struggling to get tickets in Real Cricket 18? Are you loosing continuously even you are playing well? What is the best way to unlock game modes; world cup, auction and others fast? Check out our Real Cricket 18 cheats, tips and progress fast

No doubt, it is one of the best cricket games for mobile devices on Google Play Store and App Store. And the real word is not just for kidding. Unlike other games, in which you can defeat the opponent easily, in real cricket 18, you have to improve your batting and bowling skills. The challenging gameplay it provides can’t be found in other cricket games. In this post, we have covered everything you need to know about the game; Real Cricket 18 cheats, tips, and guide to play like a pro!

1.) Get Tickets By Completing The Goals And In Exchange For Coins

The ticket is one of the precious items in Real Cricket 18 and to get it, you need to play the game. What is the use of tickets? The ticket item in RC 18 used in upgrading bowler, batsmen, and fielder. Additionally, to unlock a game mode say auction, you need tickets.

How to get tickets in Real Cricket 18?

There are two ways to obtain tickets in real cricket 18 game.

  • Complete the current goals
  • Convert coins into tickets[Update – You Can Not Convert] Do you know what is the use of coins in the game? If yes, then please submit here, It would be helpful for others. Update – You can use coins to buy stadiums – answered by Ritesh Shikne

Complete the current goals?

Real Cricket 18You go to the profile menu. There you will see the list of goals/objectives you need to complete. These goals get refreshed after a certain amount of time. So, the player has to complete these objectives within a specific time period.

You can tap on a goal to check more inf and the number of rewards. Just complete these objectives by playing the game and earn tickets for free.

You can double the reward by watching a video ad(so, it would be better to turn on the internet connection at the time of collecting the reward, because, if you are playing offline, you can’t use this perk).

Convert Coins into tickets

Real Cricket 18You earn coins by playing the game. To utilize these coins, convert these coins into tickets.

Go to the lobby/main screen -> head to the store section. Under the store section -> go to the currency section. By default, you will see ticket purchase. Tap on the menu(at the top-right corner) and choose coins.

After it, convert your coins into tickets. You can get one ticket in exchange for 2,400 coins.

2.) Level-Up Fast And Earn More Coins

Real Cricket 18As you know, you need to level-up to unlock game modes such as the auction, world cup, RCPL, and much more. To level-up, you need EXP. EXP(experience points) can be obtained by playing the quick matches or other game modes you have unlocked.

You can double the amount of reward; double XP and other in-game currency by watching the video ad. So, it would be better if you play with an active internet connection or turn on before you collect the reward.

Another best way is playing long matches; 20 over, 50 over.

And, performance; it really matters, the winning margin impacts the amount of reward. If you play like a pro or win by a large margin, you can earn a decent amount of reward which will further help you in many ways.

3.) Upgrade your player; batsman, bowler, the fielder

Real Cricket 18Training is one of the important tasks you have to take care of in Real Cricket 18 game. You need tickets to upgrade your player.

Real Cricket 18Upgrading a player increases its performance in the matches; for example; upgrade a batsman and you will be able to score more. Keep upgrading the players to defeat opponent teams in extreme and hard mode.

And earn a decent amount of reward by playing these difficult modes.

4.) Basic tips for Real Cricket 18 game

  • Timing is really important
  • Choose the best controls
  • Don’t use autoplay feature, you would not earn rewards if you autoplay
  • Watch the video ad to double the reward

5.) Manually Change the field

Real Cricket 18Wicket taking is the most difficult task in Real Cricket 18. To make it simple; work on your field placement or upgrading the bowler. You can manually change the field;

Between the match, tap on the field circle at the top-left screen -> after it, enable the manual mode by tapping on the manual button at the top center.

To start, hold down your finger on a player on the same screen and swipe where you want to move him.

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Final words;

Please don’t download any mod game from websites to enjoy the unlimited number of currency. Since it discourages the developers to provide you awesome stuff. Play like a gamer!

So these are some basic Real Cricket 18 tips for the beginners. Check real cricket 19 updates, news, and more details here. Download the game – Here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best cricket games for Android 2018

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