Runventure Cheats, Tips, And Tricks To Face Any Kind Of Difficulty

Runventure Game Cheats TipsRunventure is a new platformer Android game by Digital Melody in which you jump, run, avoid deadly traps, and unlock the new adventures places; temples, castles, and much more. These Runventure cheats, tips, and tricks will help you to face any kind of difficulty, get free coins, and unlock all characters

A game with lots of characters, challenges, locations, and deadly traps! What you need more! Everything is in one package. Runventure, an offline mobile platformer game for Android device is really a great entertaining game to pass some time.

The game is filled with deadly traps, dangerous obstacles, and lots of treasure; gold coins! In the Runventure game, you play as a hero and the task is to explore mysterious lands in search of treasures. There are a variety of locations featured in the Runventure game; jungles, temples, castles, and all of these locations are full of traps and obstacles. It would not be easy to avoid all kinds of traps such as lava, piranha, enemies, temporary roads, and more. Also, see – Best Arcade games for Android

The runventure game uses the new run-jumping-bar control feature and it makes it even more challenging and addictive. Let’s start the Runventure cheats, tips, and tricks to play it like a Pro!

1.) Master The Control

Unlike other platformer games, in the runventure game, controls are a little bit hard and you should learn about the controlling tricks. There is a jumping bar control at the bottom of the screen, you just hold your thumb on it, and

  • To jump – swipe right and release, swipe left and release
  • To Run – If you don’t want to jump, you just hold and swipe right or left. Don’t release your finger
  • To Stop – While running, you may want to stop your character, as if you release, he/she will jump, so to stop your hero[without jumping], you just have to move the bar pointer to the center point. And after it, you can release your finger.

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In short, while playing the runventure game, you have to keep in mind that releasing the finger will make the hero jump, moving the bar pointer to the center stops the hero instantly, and hold+swipe right/left keeps the hero in the running state.

You can easily avoid the obstacles and traps in the Runventure game if you control the hero perfectly.

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2.) Don’t Go Fast

Blindly playing the game(going fast) increases the chances of the game over. On the other hand, there are many benefits of running slow; you can time your jump, avoid traps, and obstacles, collect all coins, and all these things help you to clear the world without giving up the life. So in the runventure game, keep your speed little slow and complete the worlds.

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3.) Collect All Coins

Coins used in unlocking new heroes in the runventure game, to retrieve the life, to jump the next world. So coins are very useful and you should collect all coins while playing the game. If you are ignoring coins, then change your strategy and grab all free coins. You don’t need to collect risky coins because it will cost you more than your savings. Don’t be too greedy, collect only those coins which can be obtained easily.

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4.) The Jumping Technique

Jump is one of the frequent tasks you have to do in the runventure game. Keep in mind that your hero needs some space before you release your finger to jump over another platform.

⇒ Go back, give some room/space, hold+swipe and release.

⇒ And also you should time your jump; there might be a piranha, lava or any trap. Take your time and then jump to another platform instead of jumping blindly.

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5.) The Runventure Cheats: Miscellaneous

  • Claim your free gift; it might contain a huge amount of coins
  • To level-up a hero, you have to complete the missions; before you start the game, take a look at the missions
  • You will earn a key after leveling up a hero to its maximum level, it unlocks the precious treasure
  • If you have died, the game offers two options to continue playing; watch the video ad or spend coins. Save your coins and watch the ad
  • Use your coins and unlock new heroes
  • You can jump to the next world instantly by spending some coins[just jump over the helicopter and confirm].

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So these are some Runventure game cheats, tips, and tricks to face any kind of obstacles. It all depends on how you control your character and use coins. Download – Runventure game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

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