Spellsouls Tips, Guide, Cheats & Strategy To Win Battles

SpellsoulsSpellsouls Duel of Legends is a brand new strategy game for Android and iOS by Nordeus. Check out our Spellsouls tips, guide & strategy to win battles

The creators of super hit game Top Eleven 2018 has recently released a brand new strategy game for mobile devices Spellsouls Duel of Legends in which the player assembles a team of minions and deploy on the battlefield to destroy the enemy base. Spellsouls game features 1v1 real-time battle mode in which the player battle against other players around the world for gold, chest & trophies. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Spellsouls guide and Spellsouls tips, cheats & strategy to master the game!

Get Started – The Basics – Spellsouls

Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Spellsouls game, your main objective is to destroy the enemy’s base and it does not matter how many minions(units) you have killed in the battle. In the battle, the player deploys one of the minion cards or skill cards on a specific lane. The player who destroys the enemy’s base first gets the victory and in reward; the player gets a battle chest, one victory chest part, gold, and trophies.

As you progress or gain trophies, you will be promoted to new arenas where you will battle against higher level players. The strategic part is you have to use the right cards at the right time. That’s it. Deploying cost is mana and mana regenerates over time. If you efficiently use the mana and deploy the right card at the right time, then you will definitely win the battle. And if you are having trouble in getting victories in Spellsouls Duel of Legends game, then read this post completely. Let’s start the Spellsouls guide and after it, check out Spellsouls tips, cheats & strategy.

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Spellsouls Guide

In this part, we will learn about the deck, minions, skills, runes, powering up, Hog’s treasure, guild, gems, chests, and much more. Make sure to read everything.

  • Deck

SpellsoulsIn Spellsouls game, you can select up to seven cards; including minions and skills. But in the first round of battle, you have only five cards; as you draw or deploy cards, the limit or cards will increase(i.e. 5 to 6).

Spellsouls game features 40+cards(rare, epic, common) and all the cards have different stats and special abilities. For instance; Hellfiend is an epic minion and when you deploy it, its special ability will deal massive damage to the enemy. You can obtain new cards from the chests. Read the cheats, tips part below to learn how to obtain more cards.

Go to the edit deck section of the game and from there you can add or remove cards. Make sure to balance the deck; read the cheats, tips part below to learn how to build the best deck.

  • Chests

Upon victory, the player gets a battle chest. Battle chests are of three types; simple chest, Artesian chest, and deluxe chest. And after getting eight victories, you can open one victory chest per day.

There is also free chest reward; after every four hours, you can claim this free chest. These chests include runes and cards; you can get duplicate cards or new cards. Duplicate cards and rune is required to power up or level up a minion or skill card. Without duplicate cards or runes, you can not increase the power of units. So, make sure to claim the free chest after every four hours.

  • Hog’s Treasure

SpellsoulsIn Spellsouls game, there is another chest and its name is Hog’s treasure chest. It gets unlocked when you fill Hog’s treasure to at least 50%. This chest includes rare cards, gems, gold, and many more items such as rune. How to fill this treasure? It’s simple; open other chests; normal, free, victory, and more. At the bottom-right corner, tap “Hog’s Treasure” icon to get more info.

  • Gems

Gem is one of the precious items in Spellsouls game and it can be used in many ways – to open the chests instantly, to open the Hog’s treasure, and more. Since it is a rare item, you should not spend it recklessly. At the beginning of the game, you have 100 gems. You can earn more by getting victories(rank-up, get promoted to next arenas), from the chests, Hog’s treasure or spend real money. Also, see – Strategy games for Android

  • Guild

After the tutorial, you will be able to join the guild. There are many benefits to joining a guild; you can challenge team members and learn the weakness of the deck, get cards, donate cards.

So, this is the basic Spellsouls guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some Spellsouls cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game.

Spellsouls Tips and Cheats: –

#1.) Test the deck in practice mode

SpellsoulsThe Spellsouls Duel of Legends game features practice mode too in which you can test out the deck and learn the weakness. Another reason to try out the practice mode is you will be able to know about the units; how they work in the battle and according to it, you can plan a strategy before you start the PvP battle. Go to edit deck section of the game and tap the practice button. However, you will not earn rewards in this mode. But it is worth trying! How to build a balanced deck? Must Choose: –

  • Low-mana cost units
  • Range-type units
  • Attackers(melee)
  • Defensive Units

#2.) Deploy the defensive unit first

SpellsoulsIn the battle, you should deploy defensive unit first (mana cost should be two)because this unit can easily absorb massive deal damage and protect your attacker units. Defensive units? Go to the deck -> tap on a card -> check the HP -> deploy that unit first which has high HP. That’s why you should know about the units. Go to the deck and get the info of all the units.

After deploying the defensive unit, deploy a range-type unit(to attack from a range). The defensive unit will protect the attacking unit and attacking unit will attack the enemy’s unit.

One of the best ways to get the victory in Spellsouls game is using the aggressive strategy; use the right card at the right time.

Don’t deploy first(except the first turn). Check enemy’s unit first and then deploy yours; depending on the enemy’s unit. For instance; if the opponent has deployed a melee type unit; then you should deploy a range-type unit. And if the enemy has deployed the range-type unit, then you should deploy; a range-type unit or defensive.

You should be clever in taking the decision, otherwise, the opponent will take the advantage. And how to take the decision quickly and wisely? It’s simple; know your units and practice in the practice mode.

#3.) Use the skill card at the right time

Skill cards can deal massive damage to the enemies and you should use these cards wisely or at the right time or situation; when the enemy units are dominating the battlefield. Also, see – New Android games

#4.) Don’t spend gems

As stated above, the gem is one of the precious items in Spellsouls game and you should use it to open the Hog’s treasure chest. Hog’s treasure includes precious or rare cards, items, and much more.

#5.) Check the daily deal

In the shop section, some items can be obtained using coins. And this daily deal also includes an epic card. So, make sure to check the deal daily and grab the epic card when you have enough gold. You can earn gold by getting victories in the battles or from the chests.

#6.) Join a guild for cards

Once you reach the level 2, join an active guild and you will be able to get cards from the team members. You can also donate cards to team members. Also, see – War games for Android

So these are some simple Spellsouls tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download Spellsouls Duel of Legends game for Android – Here(Google Play Store). Games Like Spellsouls Duel of Legends: –

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