Starlight Isle Redeem Code: Codes, Best Class, Guide & Tips

Started playing the Starlight Isle game? Read on for Starlight Isle redeem code(list of all gift codes), best class, and guide & tips to progress

Starlight Isle Redeem Code Guide Best Class

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Starlight Isle Redeem Code: List of Gift Codes⇓

Redeem Code Number 6 is “7TiITcoN” – claim it before October 26, 2020, to get the rewards. 


Redeem Code Number 5 is “pw5ihlvUCvOS2“. Claim this Starlight Isle redeem code for refine gems, diamonds, and cultivation material items. Last tested on October 15, 2020. 


Redeem Code Number 4 is “jCKptOQXs“. With this Starlight Isle redeem code, you will get x10 refine gems, EXP potions, and a bag of gifts. Last tested on October 15, 2020. Copy this code: –


Redeem Code Number 3 is “q77SqU2Ea” Use this new Starlight Isle redeem code for x10 refine gems, x2 EXP potions, and a bag of gifts. Last tried on October 15, 2020. Copy this gift code: –


Redeem Code Number 2 is “qxWVr6eRH“. Redeem this Starlight Isle gift code for x100 Bound Diamonds, DEF Gems, x3 gift bags, and much more. Last tried on October 15, 2020. Copy this gift code: –


Redeem Code Number 1 is “FqG8nh6Ww“. Use this Starlight Isle gift code for gold coins, potions, and other in-game items. 


How To Redeem Starlight Isle Gift Codes?

At the top of the screen, look for the icon with text; benefit hall or benefit -> open the benefits menu -> it has three tabs at the bottom; check-in, redeem, and follow rewards. Tap on “redeem“. Enter the redeem code and tap on the “claim” button. You will get the gift rewards immediately if the entered redeem code is correct and valid. 

How To Get Starlight Isle Redeem Codes?

There are several ways to get Starlight Isle redeem codes to get gifts: –

(1) Individual codes: the individual codes only work for one user(you) and must be claimed by the user(you). To get the individual codes and get gifts in Starlight Isle, please go to Google Play Store and iOS App Store -> search for “Eyougame(the developer of the game) app” -> download the developer’s App(Eyougame app). Go to the game tab in this app -> find Starlight Isle -> tap on it -> go to the giftpack tab -> claim.

(2) Universal codes: these are the codes valid for all the players. Follow the Starlight Isle FB page and keep an eye on the posts published by it. The admins of that page share the codes. 

If you know any other active Starlight Isle redeem code, please share it in the comments. So that’s all we got in this part on Starlight Isle redeem code: list of gift codes to redeem!

Starlight Isle Classes: Best Class⇓

Starlight Isle game features four different classes; Knight, Archer, Fighter, and Sword Lady. All the classes have a unqiue set of knacks that make them different from each other. At the start of the journey, the game will ask you to choose a class and only after that, you can proceed. It’s one of the main decisions that you need to take as a newbie; since you will be putting hours and hours into grinding and empowering that character, you must take it wisely. Now, what’s the best class in the Starlight Isle game?

We recommend picking the class that suits your gameplay style. We have highlighted the strengths of all the classes and you can pick the one based on these knacks: –

  • Archer: best-ranged DPS class in Starlight Isle
  • Sword Lady(Valkyrie): a melee DPS class with top-tier DMG skills
  • Fighter: similar to Valkyrie class – just the gender difference
  • Knight: another melee DPS class that’s also similar to Sword Lady and Knight

We recommend “Archer” – she shoots deadly arrows to smash enemies from a distance! If you love melee characters(close-ranged fights), pick any one of these three classes; Sword Lady, Fighter, Knight. 

So that’s all we got in this Starlight Isle best class guide. 

Starlight Isle Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In the Starlight Isle game, your main priority would be building the main character; make it stronger, and smash down the bosses and opponents in PvE, PvP game modes. Let’s have a look at quick walkthrough guide tips: –

  1. In the early game, you should focus on doing the main quests. These main quests are the source of a massive amount of EXP that will level up your character in no time. Leveling unlocks new functions like marriage, gear upgrades, mount, etc. 
  2. The main in-game currency in this game diamonds; there are paid diamonds and bound diamonds. You can spend the diamonds in the shop for in-game items. Bound diamonds can be obtained though codes, but paid diamonds can only be obtained by making IAPs
  3. If you want to level up fast in Starlight Isle, tap on the “daily” option -> EXP Dungeon -> do it daily and level up fast. Also, go on a voyage
  4. Need gears? Participate in the gear dungeon or fight the boss. You can get red tier gears from the boss fights. Tap on the daily option on the right side of the screen -> exclusive boss -> proceed
  5. Do the daily quests and you can earn bound diamonds
  6. Get stronger in Starlight Isle by equipping better(high-tier equipment), activating crest in the character menu, equip quality costumes, upgrade skills, embed runes in the treasure menu. Also, enhance/forge the gears. Cultivate mount. 
  7. Must join an active guild
  8. You can get high-level gems by fusion
  9. Pray daily for free gold(tap “pray” option at the top)
  10. Do the rebirth quests

So that’s all we got in this post on Starlight Isle guide, tips, codes, and classes. 

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