Stickman Soccer 2018 Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide To Build The Best Team

Stickman Soccer 2018Soccer 2018 is a brand new soccer game for mobile devices by Djinnworks GmbH. Check out our Stickman Soccer 2018 tips, cheats & strategy guide to win matches and progress fast

Stickman Soccer 2018 is the latest entry in Stickman Soccer game series. It has just released for mobile devices on Google Play Store and other mobile stores. The latest expansion comes with amazing graphics, lots of game modes, and a better gameplay that lets you enjoy a true soccer game experience on your mobile screen. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Stickman Soccer 2018 guide and Stickman Soccer tips, cheats & strategy to build the best soccer team with best players.

Get Started – The Basic – Most Important – Stickman Soccer 2018

Before we dive into the cheats, tips, strategy and guide part, let’s learn the basic aspects of the game. At the beginning of the game, you have default players(no skill, no extra speed). The player can buy players in exchange for coins. There are many ways to earn free coins in Stickman Soccer 2018 game. However, for a huge grab, you need to win matches. We have added cheats, tips below for those who are having trouble winning matches. Let’s start the Stickman Soccer guide and after it, check out Stickman Soccer tips, cheats & strategy guide to win matches.

Stickman Soccer 2018 Guide

  • Understand the game modes

As stated above, Stickman Soccer 2018 game features lots of game modes; all the game modes are unlocked; you are free to choose anyone anytime.

Daily Event -> You can participate in daily events and earn 5X coins by winning the matches. However, to play this mode, you have to pay coins. The cost of entry fee varies; for normal, you have to pay 100 coins. And for the national event, you have to pay more.

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League -> In this mode, you choose one of your favorite soccer team and play against other teams to top the leaderboard. You have to win rounds and top the leaderboard to get a huge amount of coins. League mode is one of the best modes to get free coins in bulk.

Season -> In this mode, your objective is to win the season by defeating rivals. You can earn thousands of coins for free by winning the season. However, it would not be easy. The amount of reward depends on the selection, you can choose a long tour to get more coins. Here’s the list: –

  • Short Season
  • Medium Season
  • Full Season
  • European Tour
  • Djinnworks Cup
  • America Tour
Along with coins, you will also get a huge amount of EXP(Required to level up).

Quick Game -> In quick mode, you choose one of your favorites team and match against other teams for coins. The amount of reward varies; the better your opponent the more prize money.

2-Player Mode -> There is also 2-player mode available; all you need to do is connect the controller and then play against each other. Go to the quick mode -> tap on the controller/game-pad icon at the top-right -> confirm.

Before you start the match in these modes, you can choose the difficulty level; easy, normal, difficult, and pro. And you can also choose the match time; 2 MIN, 4 MIN, 6 MIN, 8 MIN, 16 MIN. The amount of reward varies as per your difficulty; if you play with easy mode, the amount of reward will be less.

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  • Team Manager

Stickman Soccer 2018As stated above, In Stickman Soccer 2018, at the beginning of the game, you have default players and they are not too good; 0 skill, 0 speed. You can buy premium players in exchange for coins and build the best soccer team. By building the team of professional players, you can easily win the matches. How?

  • Because of better speed
  • Power; shoot the ball hard
  • Skill – steal the ball
  • Buy a better goalkeeper for your team to increase the defense

Go to the main screen/lobby. Tap on the team manager. At the left side, you can check the player details and at the right side, you can see the formation. Tap on a player card(i.e. goalkeeper) to check the replacement or upgraded player; buy it if you have coins. Make sure to edit the team and choose the favorite one, and then edit players.

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Go to the shop section of the Stickman Soccer 2018 game and from there you can buy player packs in exchange for coins or cash. And building a better team is one of the important tasks in Stickman Soccer 2018 game because the default stickman players are not too good.

So, this is the basic Stickman Soccer 2018 guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn Stickman Soccer 2018 tips, cheats & a strategy guide to win matches.

Stickman Soccer 2018 Tips, Cheats: –

Master The Control

In Stickman Soccer 2018, before you spend coins in daily events or players; play the quick mode and enhance the controlling skills. Without mastering the controls, you can not play it like a pro! Here are some control guides: –

At the left side of the screen, there is a joystick;

  • Use it to navigate the player
  • To select the direction of shot/passing

And at the right side of the screen, there are some more options. If the ball is with you: –

  • Shoot – Use this option when you are near goalpost
  • Pass – To pass the ball to the nearest team member
  • Sprint – To run fast for few moments

If the ball is with your enemy: –

  • Slide – To tackle; go close to the enemy and steal the ball
  • Switch/Defend – Swap or switch to the nearest player(close to the enemy having the ball)
  • Sprint – To run fast

Passing The Ball

Stickman Soccer 2018If you don’t want to lose the ball from your grip, pass the ball accurately.

  • Make sure your team member is near(check the circle),
  • And he should not be surrounded by more than two enemies
  • Change the direction of joystick where you want to move
  • Don’t use shoot option to pass the ball

Get Rid Of Enemies

If an enemy is following you continuously, use the sprint option and get rid of it. Then pass the ball to another team player and again use the sprint mode(don’t let them steal the ball).

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Steal The Ball – Stickman Soccer 2018 Tips, Cheats

Stickman Soccer 2018One of the best ways to steal the ball from enemies is: –

  • Analyze their movements; in which direction they are moving
  • Switch to the nearest player(to go close to the enemy having the ball) – Use switch/defend control feature
  • Use sprint and go more close to it
  • Then use the slide option and grab the ball

Scoring the goal – Stickman Soccer 2018 Tips

Stickman Soccer 2018When you are near the goalpost, here’s how you can easily score the goal: –

  • Change the joystick’s direction; to shoot accurately(joystick is like bow and ball is like an arrow, pull it there where you want to shoot)
  • Use the shoot option

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Build The Team Of Best Players

Play “league or “season” mode to earn a huge amount of coins. Use these coins and buy premium players. Go to the team manager and deploy the premium players; it would be better to buy the players from team manager section if you are stick to only one team. 

  • Purchase the goalie pack to get advanced goalies
  • Buy the Midfield pack to get better players; better speed and skills
  • Buy the striker pack to get brilliant players; +speed, +shoot, +skill(recommended).

Just win a league and claim thousands of coins.

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Get Free Coins & Cash in Stickman Soccer 2018 Game

There are a number of ways to get free cash and coins in Stickman Soccer 2018: –

  • Go to the shop tab and from there you can claim 25 coins after every hour
  • Watch the video ad to get free 50 coins
  • Complete the sponsored offers
  • Connect the game with your FB account to get free cash
  • Collect trophies by playing the game
  • Play with high-difficulty to get better rewards

So, these are some basic Stickman Soccer 2018 tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Soccer games for Android

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