Super Idle Cats Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Super Idle Cats is a brand new Idle clicker game for mobile by Codigames. Check out our Super Idle Cats guide, tips, cheats & strategy to build best farms

Super Idle Cats is the latest Idle game from the creators of Lords & Castle game. In the game, you immerse yourself in a beautiful farming world in which cats are the farmers and produce tasty fruits. These cats make money by selling the fruits in the market. But these cats are not genius like you. You have to guide them in a proper strategic way to make use of all the features & functions to maximize the profit. You discover new recipes, fruits, increase the value, build new farms, grow the farming empire, and become the richest cat in the town. We are here to help you with our Super Idle Cats guide and Super Idle Cats tips, cheats & strategy guide.

The Basics

Super Idle CatsIn Super Idle Cats game, you have to grow your farming empire by selling the fruits. You produce the fruits in the farms with the help of cats and cat managers. There are two important things in the game; development, prestige. Both these features will reset your progress and you will have to start the game from the first level. In return, the value of fruits and the profit margin will increase. We will go deep into the development and prestige part in the guide part below. For now, just keep in mind that in order to make more money, development and prestige are very important. Here’s the step-by-step guide: –

Super Idle Cats game starts with a tutorial in which you learn how to plant crops, about upgrades and development feature. All you need to do is tap the farm to plant crops in the farm. At the top-left corner, you can check the number of plants you have in the farm. To produce more, keep tapping. The storage is limited and you can not store an unlimited number of plants at the warehouse. To increase the limit, you need to upgrade the farm.

Tap the warehouse and on the next screen, you can buy and upgrade the farms. Keep tapping the farm to produce plants. Next main thing is research. You have a team of scientists at the research center. These scientists research on modern techs and help you in earning more. Tap the research center and there you can access all the tier upgrades In the tier 2 upgrade, you will be able to hire a cat manager who will help you in growing more plants at the farm(automatically).

And at last, to ship the fruits, you need transport facility. Tap the garage on the main screen to access transportation; there you can hire vehicles, upgrade vehicles. As you make more money by selling and upgrade the whole cat farming empire, you will earn seeds. After collecting a total of 30 seeds, a new feature will get unlocked; prestige.

Prestige grants magical seeds(seeds of infinity) to the player. These seeds of infinity give your farm a +10% profit. For example; you are earning 2 Million coins/gold per second. And you have 30 seeds. Each seed of infinity gives your farm a +10% profit. On 30 seeds, you will get +300% more profit. And there is another type of seed; Arcane Seed. Arcane seeds increase the bonus you get from the seed of infinity by +5%. You will get +15% bonus. So this is the basic Super Idle Cats guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out the complete Super Idle Cats guide and after it, check out our Super Idle Cats tips, cheats & tricks.

Super Idle Cats Guide

In this part, we will learn about the fruits, development, coins, diamonds or gems, cats, farms, and much more. Pay attention to all these parts to master the Super Idle Cats game.

  • Farms Guide

For the first time, the game gifts you one farm for free where you can grow tomatoes. To buy the new farm, you need to pay a huge amount of coins. If you swipe or look behind the garage, there would be a + icon. Tap it to buy a new farm. In the first farm, you grow tomatoes. In the new farms, you can grow more fruits such as banana. To reach that milestone, make sure to read our Super Idle Cats cheats, tips & tricks.

  • Development

To increase the value of fruit, you have to use the feature development. For example; when you start the game, you produce a basic tomato and sell it in the market at 0.15. Using the development feature, we can increase the value from 0.15 to 0.60, from 0.60 to 3, 15, and so on. How does it work? At the top-left corner, tap the fruit icon to visit the development menu. After it, you can check the amount needed to discover a new fruit form(basic to tasty, tasty to with ketchup, with ketchup to non-perishable, and so on). If you have enough, then tap the green discover button to confirm. After it, scientists at the research center will start the process and you will discover a new fruit form.

But there is a catch. Your game will start from the beginning. Is it worth? Yes! Because as you discover more recipes, your profit margin will increase as the value of fruit is increasing. You will start again, but with more power. You will lose; farms, coins, plants, researches, and vehicles. Gain; increase in the value, no impact on diamonds, the seed of infinity, and boosters.

  • Prestige Guide

In Super Idle Cats game, prestige is one of the best ways to skyrocket your earnings. How to use this feature? On the main screen, top-right corner, tap the star icon. Take a look at the purple button; it shows you how much seed you will get upon prestige. You will be able to prestige once it reaches the number 30. In short, collect a total of 30 seeds to use the prestige feature. How to get seeds or collect seeds? It is automatic. You will gain seed as you upgrade the farms, research in the research center, develop or discover the new form of fruits, and boost the earnings.

2nd Time: – Next time, you should prestige when you have more seeds. For example; for the first time, you prestige at 30 seeds. Next time, you should do it when the number of seeds is more than 40. Otherwise, you will not see any impact on the earnings.

  • How To Produce Plants?

Well, everything is Idle in Super Idle Cats game. But if you want to produce plants, then you have to keep tapping the garden beds(Farm). At the top-left corner, you can check the number of plants you have in the storage. The more you tap, the more money you will make. By researching at the research center, you can automate the task; cats will produce plants automatically.

So this is a complete Super Idle Cats guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at the Super Idle Cats cheats, tips & tricks to make more money and build an empire.

Super Idle Cats Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

1.) Look For The Crow and The Golden Birds On The Screen

Super Idle CatsThese creatures; crow and the golden birds appear on the screen after every few seconds. When you see them, don’t forget to tap. Tapping on the golden bird and the crow will reward you gems/diamonds, and a huge amount of coins. The crow drops a bag of coins. And the golden bird lets you watch a video ad for gems or a pile of coins. In fact, it is the best way to earn more money. You make more money by tapping these creatures than the farm’s earning sources in the beginning.

2.) Multiply Your Farm’s Income And Earn Gems

At the bottom of the screen, tap the video icon. On the next screen, the game will give you the details; how you can multiply your farm’s income by watching the video ad. Watch the video to enable the booster. In this duration, you will make double income from the farms. Additionally, if you watch more video and reach the 12 H point, you will earn 30 gems. The number of gems will increase as you play the game continuously.

3.) Complete The Missions ASAP

Another one of the best ways to earn gems in Super Idle Cats game is completing the missions. At the top-right corner, on the main screen, tap the (i) icon and check out the current mission. You could earn a pile of coins or free gems.

4.) Discover New Fruit’s Form To Earn More

Increase the value of fruits by developing and earn more money. Go to the development menu and check the amount needed to discover a new recipe. Set this amount as your objective and complete it as fast as you can. Keep tapping, upgrading, and researching.

5.) Boosters, Are They Useful?

In Super Idle Cats game, in the shop menu(bottom-left corner, tap the shop icon) -> head to the booster tab. From there you can buy boosters in exchange for diamonds. Once done, go back to the main screen and tap the volt icon(bottom-right corner, just above the research icon). Tap the use button to activate the boosters. Now, the question is; should you buy these boosters? Well, Super Idle Cats game is different from other Idle games as it gives you free ways to earn diamonds; by watching the video ad, completing the missions, by tapping the golden bird.  You can easily earn diamonds. But we would recommend you to save these diamonds and use in the later stages after buying more farms. You can also use the gems to buy epic cards in the epic card deck menu. These are premium researches.

So these are our top Super Idle Cats tips, cheats & a complete Super Idle Cats strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Idle games for Android

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