The Big Capitalist Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Become Rich In Minutes

The Big CapitalistThe Big Capitalist is a new Idle clicker game for Android devices by Broken Reality. Check out our The Big Capitalist guide, tips, cheats & strategy to become rich in minutes, learn anglers guide, and how to unlock new locations fast

The Big Capitalist is a brand new business simulation Idle game for mobile devices in which you run your own businesses such as oil factory, poultry farm, restaurant, iron mine, pharma group, bank, and much more. Your objective in this game is to build a business tycoon and set up in multiple countries; all you need to do is grow your business, use our cheats, tips & strategy to accomplish this task quickly. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; The Big Capitalist guide, tips, cheats & strategy to become rich in minutes.

The Basic – Get Started – The Big Capitalist

Before we move to guide, tips, cheats part, let’s learn the basic of the game. Since The Big Capitalist is an idle game, you just have to take care of upgrades; as you progress in the game, new features such as angles, gold, and more gets unlocked. You start your first empire in America. As of now, this game features three locations; America, Africa, and Europe. To unlock Africa, you need $100Trillion. And to unlock Europe, you need $100 Duodecillion.

The Big Capitalist game also features events; participating in these events reward you more profit. Let’s start the Big Capitalist guide and after it, check out our The Big Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy to become rich in minutes.

The Big Capitalist Guide

In this part, we will learn about Angels, how to attract angles, gold coins, multipliers, managers, upgrades, new locations, events, and much more.

  • Managers

The Big CapitalistAs you know, you have to tap to generate income from a specific business. To automate the work, you can hire managers. For instance; to automate the oil factory, you hire John. D. Rockefeller for $100 Billion.

Apart from automatic the work, these managers can also reduce the upgrading cost. For example; Iron Mine upgrade or expanding cost is $1,03,680. You can reduce this cost by 10% by hiring a manager. Just hire the manager who can reduce the cost.

How to hire managers? Tap on the menu -> managers -> check the role of manager and hire it.

  • Upgrades

In The Big Capitalist game, you can increase the profit by purchasing these upgrades. For instance, you are making $4Billion per second from Clothing Store, by purchasing the clothing store upgrade, you can increase this profit by 3 times and it will boost your profit from $4 Billion to $12 Billion.

Tap on the menu -> upgrades -> check the info of that upgrade and buy it. Read The Big Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy guide below to use this feature like a pro!

  • Angles

Angles are like investors! They can increase your profit from all the businesses. But to use angles feature, you have to attract them first.

How to attract Angles in The Big Capitalist game?

It’s very easy! All you need to do is make more money. Just reach a good condition. Upgrade your all businesses, buy upgrades, hiring managers. The overall performance of your current business determines the number of angles.

How to use Angles?

Tap on the angles icon, at the top of the screen. After it, you will see some data; current and after the stage. Current stage shows your current profit multiplier rate. After stage shows the profit multiplier rate you get after claiming the angles.

Using this feature, you will get Angles and profit multiplier. Profit multiplier increases the earnings. And you can use Angles to hire managers, buy premium upgrades. Look at the below picture: –The Big Capitalist

Current stage: -> Number of angles; 391. Profit Multiplier -> 8*. If I claim the Angles; I will get 325 Angles+15* profit multiplier.

But If you use this feature, you will have to start the game from the beginning. However, you can use the diamond to keep the current business, but if you have not, then you will have to sacrifice your all business for these perks.

Is It Worth?

Yes! How? For instance, Current profit multiplier is 0. If you claim Angles and you are getting 4* profit multiplier, next time when you start the game, all the business will generate 4 times more income. Read our The Big Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy guide below to know how to use this feature like a pro!

  • Locations -> The Big Capitalist Guide

As stated above, as of now, this game features three locations; America, Europe, and Africa. Just tap on the globe icon and from there you can access your locations. Unlock these locations and start new businesses.

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  • Events

You can participate in events and earn profits. All you need to do is start the new business. Tap on the globe icon, at the bottom of the screen. Head to events tab and participate in events.

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So, this is the Big Capitalist guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start The Big Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy guide.

The Big Capitalist tips, cheats & strategy guide

1.) The Primary Task, Don’t Upgrade Too Much

Your very first task is to unlock all the businesses in the game. And to do fast, here’re some tips: –

  • Don’t upgrade a business too much; it’s waste, try to unlock new businesses as fast as you can
  • Reach the milestone levels; 10, 20, 50, 100 and increase the speed of all the businesses
  • Hire Managers and automate the work
  • Buy Upgrades to increase your profit by three times

2.) Double Cash By Activating Double Boost

At the bottom of the screen, tap on the TV icon and watch the video ad to activate double cash boost. This boost will last long for four hours. Within this time period, you earn double profit from all business. You can expand it to next 4 hours by watching another video ad.

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3.) Buy only favorable upgrades

In The Big Capitalist game, your objective is to earn more profit. And by expanding the low profitable business, you can not earn huge profit. For instance, profit from poultry farming business is very low as compared to profit you can earn from the oil company. So, try to unlock high-profitable business as fast as you can and focus on their upgrades.

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4.) Get Free Diamonds In The Big Capitalist Game: –

There are many ways to get free diamonds in The Big Capitalist game: –

  • Daily Spin -> Go to the shop, at the top-left, tap on the spin icon and spin by watching the video ad
  • Tap on the globe icon, then tap on the FB option -> connect the game to your FB account and claim free diamonds
  • At the right side of the screen, tap on bonus icons(these bonuses come after every certain amount of time), if there is a diamond offer available; then grab it watching the video ad.

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5.) Attract and Claim Angles

  • Attract angles by upgrading all the businesses and improving stats
  • Claim the angles
  • Use Angles to hire premium managers and upgrades

Before you claim angles, keep note that; you will have to start from the beginning. You can avoid resetting using diamonds.

Come to the point; before you claim the angle, check the number of angles you are getting and the rate of profit multiplier.The Big Capitalist

If the rate is good, then claim. If not, then improve your current business, attract more angles; this will increase the profit multiplier rate. Next time, you will generate profit from your businesses at this rate; so claim at the right time.

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So, these are some The Big Capitalist cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best survival games for Android

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