The War Of Genesis Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide For Beginners

Check out The War Of Genesis tips, cheats & a strategy guide to build a strong airship and improve the defense & attack power

In the previous post on The War Of Genesis game(check here), we shared a detailed guide for the beginners that explains all the major aspects of the game related to heroes, facilities, admiral, and more. And in this post, we have shared The War Of Genesis tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners to avoid loss of resources orĀ build a strong airship and top ways to increase the power of heroes.

Once you reach the level 7, other players all across the world can attack your airship and loot the resources. And to avoid getting looted by others, it would be better to improve the defense of airship. And if you are going to attack, then you should get the details of the enemies first.

If you lose the battle, all the heroes will be injured and one of your heroes would not be able to recover for a certain amount of time. You can heal injured heroes. But you can not heal the dazed hero. That’s why you should attack wisely.

If you lose in defense, then you will have to repair the airship and heal the injured heroes. Additionally, count the loss of resources. These are the top The War Of Genesis tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners to avoid both cases: –

#1.) Get the enemy details before you attack the airship

The War Of Genesis Tips and CheatsBefore you send the heroes and machina to attack a specific player’s airship, it would be better to get the enemy’s info first. On the battle map, tap the enemy’s airship and tap the scout option. Depending on the distance, you will get the scout report(in the game’s mailbox) that will show you the enemy’s airship details: power, heroes, machina, and obtainable resources. Compare the power level of the enemy with your airship. If you power is low, then don’t go for the attack. If it’s more than enemy’s airship, then check the loot(obtainable resources) and then go for the attack.

#2.) Set Up The Defense – Heroes and Machina

In Protective Deck facility(read the facilities guide here), you can set up the defense. Head to this facility and tap the empty slot and select the heroes. Make sure to include machina too. You can add more heroes to defense by upgrading the protective deck facility.

#3.) Choose the leader wisely

The War Of Genesis Tips and CheatsIn The War Of Genesis game, some heroes have leader skill and if you put these heroes in the first slot of formation
(in defense or before you go to the attack), their leader skill will help all the teammates. For instance; G.S. is a hero In The War Of Genesis game and if you set it as a leader, all the teammates’ max HP gets increased by 15%.

To check the skills of heroes, go to the cabin facility and select that hero. On the right side, you can see its stats and just below of the stats table, tap the skill icons and check their skills. Also, see – Top new Android games

#4.) Increase The Power Of Heroes

The War Of Genesis Tips and CheatsNo. 1.) To increase the power or stats of heroes, make sure to increase their level. It costs you some resources which you can produce in resources dock facility. Leveling up will increase the attack, defense, and other stats of heroes. And indirectly, it also increases the power of admiral.

No. 2.) Hero uses skills in the battle and if their skill power is not too good, then it may impact the war’s result. So it would be better for you to upgrade the skill of heroes.

No. 3.) Another way to increase the power of heroes is by crafting and equipping gears. At forge facility, you can craft gears and in the cabin facility, you can equip them to heroes. You can read about gears, skills, and level up here.

No. 4.) Activate the admiral traits to unlock or activate the special buffs; hero’s attack, HP, defense, speed, and more.

No. 5.) Build a strong team of heroes. Don’t waste your resources in developing all the heroes you have. Develop only best heroes; 3* – 5*. You can unlock new heroes in the laboratory.

#5.) Research and Upgrade is the key to success

In Laboratory, you can search on many aspects that can increase the power of admiral indirectly. For instance; researching on the battle aspect can increase the performance of heroes. So make sure to keep the uncle gear busy always.

Another way to gradually increase the power of admiral is upgrading. If you upgrade all the facilities, the power of admiral will increase. Also, see – Best action games for Android

#6.) Take Advantage Of Elements

In The War Of Genesis game, you will have to manually fight if you are fighting against a monster. And it would be a turn-based strategic battle. In these battles, you can take bonus advantage, here’s how: –

There are five types of elements: –

  1. Fire
  2. Wind
  3. Water
  4. Light
  5. Dark

Each character has one of these elements. You can check it at the top-right corner of their portrait. Similarly, enemies also have these elements. Here’ how to take element advantage: –

  • Fire types are strong against wind types
  • Wind types are strong against water types
  • Water types are strong against fire types
  • Light and dark types have type advantage to each other

In the battle, you can manually tap the enemy to attack. For instance; if your hero is of fire type, then attack the enemy of a wind type. If you see a blue arrow icon on an enemy, then it means it will take more damage. Red arrow icon means it will take less damage. Before you tap the attack button to start the battle, tap the enemy to check its element.

#7.) Join A Guild, Earn Guild Points, Spend Guild Points

Joining a guild would be a great idea. You will be able to get the help from team members, for rally attacks, and more. Additionally, check-in to guild daily for guild points, support guild members to earn guild points and complete the guild missions for more points. You can use these points to purchase items such as speed-ups and boosters. Go to the guild -> at the top menu -> guild shop -> spend these points.

#8.) Research, Upgrade, Level-Up Machina

In the hangar facility, you can level up and upgrade the machina. Don’t forget to set up the machina in protective deck facility. On level 5, 10, 15, 20, your machina will get a new skill. Research to increase its performance. At the bottom-right corner in the hangar facility, tap the research button.

#9.) Complete the quests, missions, submissions, and stories

If you are having trouble where to get started, then head to the missions tab. There you can see the list of quests, missions, and submissions. Complete them for resources, diamonds, EXP, and more rewards.

Pro Tip: – Researching and Upgrading should be your primary activities. If would be better to read our guide here.

So these are top The War Of Genesis tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download The War Of Genesis game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best war games for Android.

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