Trade Island Tips, Cheats & Advanced Strategy Guide To Play For Free

Trade Island Tips and CheatsOur Trade Island Tips, Cheats & Advanced strategy guide will help you to progress fast and you will be able to build a great city & modern facilities fast

In our last post on Trade Island game, we shared a detailed guide[Check Here] that covers all the basic aspects of the game and as a beginner, you should know about them. In today’s post, we are going to share Trade Island tips, cheats & an advanced strategy guide to play like a pro!

These are the top Trade Island tips & tricks: – 

#1.) Don’t spend gems in speeding-up the tasks

One of the main problems in Trade Island game is you have to produce multiple types of goods to make other goods. And if even one item is not ready, you can not complete the task. And the game will force you to use the gems and complete the task instantly. Avoid this trap and save gems.

How to use gems? 

Trade Island Tips and CheatsWell, one of the best usages of gems would be increasing the slots. In shops or stores like coffee shop, candy store, bakery, and more, slots are limited. Due to this, you will have to collect and put the resources after every few minutes. If you increase the slots, you can collect & produce in bulk and this will save your time. However, you can also use gems to buy tools, purchase decorations, and for more items.

#2.) Increase the tax rate by upgrading

In Trade Island game, you attract people to live on the Island by planting huts, house or buildings. And as tax, you earn coins. As you progress or unlock new territories, a huge amount of coins will be needed to build more premium facilities. So, it would be better if you increase the tax rate by upgrading the huts, house, and building. Tap on a hut or house or building, then tap the upgrade icon. Once upgraded, you will get more coins.

#3.) Upgrade the warehouse to store more products

Since its capacity is limited, the player is restricted to store more items. To increase the capacity, you need tools. In the last post, we shared a detailed guide on tools, you can check here.

#4.) Complete the truck depot orders to obtain tools

One of the best ways to acquire tools in Trade Island game is by completing the truck depot orders. Once you unlock the Postalley territory, you can restore it. Once restored, you will get orders there. Ship the orders and as a reward, you will earn a toolbox that contains tools.

Without tools, you can not unlock new territories, upgrade warehouse, and cut the obstacles. So, focus on truck depot orders instead of trade orders to progress fast. On the other hand, if you are completing the trade orders only, then you progress speed will be too slow.

#5.) Always keep your worker in the working situation

The worker is required to upgrade the building, construct new buildings, remove the obstacles. Make sure to keep him busy always; remove all the trees, bushes, or more obstacles to make some space for new buildings. Just tap on an item and hit the shovel icon.

#6.) Residents will guide you on what to do next

You will see an (i) icon on the residents and it means, your next quest is ready. Tapping it will show you the quest and completing it will increase the friendship level. Whenever a resident gets leveled up, he/she will gift you and it could contain gems or tools or coins. Instead of manually building & filling the orders, check the quests first to earn more rewards in less time.

#7.) Celebrate the party and get a special reward

Whenever you complete a resident’s wish(read the wish guide here), they will gift you a balloon. After collecting a certain number of balloons, a special party(i.e. anniversary) will be organized in one of the residents’ house or in city hall. Complete the party requirements by producing goods and claim a special reward.

#8.) Upgrade The City Hall

If you want to build more facilities, buildings, stores, shops on the Island, then you should upgrade the city hall as soon as possible. All you need to do is level up(you earn EXP by completing the quests, EXP is required to level up). and increase the population. Read the guide here to learn how to increase the population. Also, see – Best management games for Android

#9.) Complete the stories to earn territory map

Territory map is required to unlock new locations on the Island. One of the best ways to acquire this item in Trade Island game is by completing the stories. At the top-left of the screen, tap the book icon and choose an incomplete story. Complete the requirements and explore to finish a part of the story. As a reward, you will get territory maps.

#10.) Re-Paint To Earn EXP As A Reward

When you celebrate a party or complete the party requirements(read the party guide here), you will get paint as a reward. This item can be used to re-paint the huts, house, and buildings. To re-paint, just tap the house or hut or a building, then tap the paint icon -> choose a paint color(you have) and hit the repaint button. As a reward, you earn a huge amount of experience(EXP) and it will help you to level up fast in Trade Island game.

#11.) Level Up The Residents

As you know, all the residents on the Island are the source of quests. When you complete the specific task assigned by a specific resident, that resident will gain friendship points and after gaining enough, he/she will level up and as a level up reward, you will get a gift.

So, these are the top 11 Trade Island Tips, Tricks & Cheats for the beginners. It would be better to read out Trade Island guide here if you are a beginner.

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