Troll Face Clicker Quest Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Troll Face Clicker QuestTroll Face Clicker Quest is a brand new Idle game for Android and iOS by Spil Games. Check out our Troll Face Clicker Quest guide, tips, cheats & strategy

The creators of Troll Quest game series has recently released a new Troll Quest game named Troll Face Clicker Quest. It is an Idle game in which you produce prank videos and earn clicks. Your objective is to generate more clicks, top the leaderboard, earn more bucks, and build an ultimate troll tycoon. In this post, we have shared a complete Troll Face Clicker Quest guide and some Troll Face Clicker Quest cheats, tips & a strategy to play like a pro!

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1.) Troll Face Clicker Quest – The Basics – Get Started

If you don’t know much about Idle games, then in this part, you will learn about the basics. If you already know, head to the ultimate guide or cheats, tips part below. In Troll Face Clicker Quest game, your main aim is building an ultimate troll tycoon.

You hire trollers to produce prank videos on the internet and generate clicks. You can spend clicks to upgrade the trollers and generate more clicks, XP and in less time.

To produce the prank videos, you just have to tap the play button. The player can automate the production(don’t need to tap over and over again) by hiring idiots. All the idiots have different stats and skills. We will discuss this in idiots part below.

As you level up, you get an idiot. Leveling up requires XP and you generate XP by producing prank videos. Additionally, you have to take care of buildings and devices or items such as the vault, server farm, time machine, and many more.

There are four in-game currencies featured in Troll Face Clicker Quest game; rage points, XP, green bucks, and clicks. Among all these, rage coins or points are very rare. In short, here’s the process you have to follow in Troll Face Clicker Quest game: – 

  • Produce Prank Videos
  • Hire Idiots
  • Upgrade Trollers
  • Generate More Clicks
  • Upgrade Items & rooms
  • Turn Up the trollers
  • Level Up
  • Unlock new trollers

So, this is the basics of the game. Now, let’s start the Troll Face Clicker Quest guide and after it, check out our Troll Face Clicker Quest cheats tips & strategy.

2.) Troll Face Clicker Quest guide

Troll Face Clicker QuestIn this part, we will learn about trollers, pranks, idiots, items, rooms, buildings, XP, Green Bucks(Shiny Trollars), rage points, clickbait, time machine, turn up and much more.

  • Trollers Guide

Trollers are the main characters in this game and they produce prank videos for you. From these prank videos, you earn clicks, XP. If you level-up the trollers, they will produce good quality prank videos and high-quality prank videos earning would be massive; increase in the number of clicks and XP. Also, see – Best simulation games on Android

  • XP

XP is one of the main items in Troll Face Clicker Quest game. You earn XP by producing prank videos. XP helps you in leveling up. At the top of the screen, you can check the level bar. When you earn XP, the level gauge gets increase and when it reaches the maximum point, you level up. Leveling up unlocks new trollers, items, buildings, and high-quality idiots. Sounds funny? It is!

  • Idiots

As you know, you have to tap the play button in order to produce the prank video. You can automate this task by hiring an idiot. Just tap the + icon next to a prank video. There are two + icons, first one redirects to the idiot tab and the second one redirects you to the buff tab. You get new idiots upon leveling up.

  • Buffs

Troll Face Clicker QuestIn Troll Face Clicker Quest game, the player can activate the buffs. All the buffs are different. Tap the second + icon next to a prank studio. The first buff each player get is retarlin. You can activate it by watching the video ad and this buff reduces the production time. As you level up, you will get more buffs such as red cow energy milk, trolloids. I would recommend you to not to use these buff(except retarlin).

  • Green Bucks(Shiny Trollars)

This is another in-game item featured in Troll Face Clicker Quest game. You can use it to hire idiots, unlock trollers, unlock items. For the first time, you get this item upon leveling up. But you can produce it in the laundry room. Head to the home tab and there you can check the laundry room status. Upgrade its level to earn more bucks & XP.

  • Rage Points

Rage Points are used to turn up the equipment, to hire idiots, turn up the items. You can earn these points by completing the tasks; go to the third tab and there you can check the missions or quests. Another way is leveling up. Or after a certain level, clickbait feature gets unlocked. Just share and earn rage points. Also, see – Offline games on Android

  • Clickbait

After a certain level, new clickbait meme feature gets unlocked. Go to the last tab and from there you can access to these memes. Tap the share button next to it and earn rage points. Come back often and claim free rage points.

  • Time Machine

Go to the home tab and there you can see time machine. When you leave the game or when you go offline, this machine gets charged. You can see the yellow gauge just below of it. When it reaches the maximum point, hit the play button to speed up the game(earn more money(shiny trollars)+clicks+XP+reduce production time).

  • Turn Up

What is turn up in Troll Face Clicker Quest game? When you reach the level 100, you will be able to turn up the equipment. It costs you rage points. When you turn up the equipment, that troller’s studio gets reset to level 1. And in return, it will produce more clicks, XP in less time. So, if you want to progress fast, do it as soon as possible.

Troll Face Clicker Quest Tips and Cheats:-

#1.) Don’t buy buffs that cost rage points for a little benefit

The game offers the player to speed up the production and increase the number of clicks and XP for a limited time upon activating the buff. Some of these buffs cost you rage points and shiny trollars. Don’t purchase these buffs. It’s waste! Save these in-game items for later use; in turning up the equipment, hiring idiots, and upgrading items & trollers.

#2.) Aim for 25, 50, and 100th level

When you reach these levels, the number of clicks, XP rewards on producing the prank videos gets doubled. I would recommend you to reach the level 25 first and then upgrade next troller. Then reach level 25 again and move to next troller. Once you unlock food prank, head back to the trollers and reach level 50 and 100. And upgrade all the trollers to level 100 before you reach the level 39. Then handle new trollers.

This will balance the inflow and outflow. Because high-level trollers take lots of time in producing prank videos. But videos produced by these trollers gives you more clicks and XP. In short, don’t stick to a specific troller; upgrade new ones and reach the milestone levels.

#3.) Upgrade the Server Farm to save more clicks

You can not save an unlimited number of clicks in Troll Face Clicker Quest game. You can check the maximum limit at the top left side(near cursor icon). Once you reach the maximum limit, you will see a warning message. Upgrade the server farm and increase this limit. Go to the home tab and level up the server farm. Also, see – Arcade games for Android

#4.) Increase the shiny trollars production

One of the best ways to earn shiny trollars in Troll Face Clicker Quest game is by leveling up the laundry farm. Go to the second tab(home) and upgrade the laundry farm. Similar to clicks, you cannot save an unlimited number of shiny trollers. Upgrade the vault(go to the home tab) and increase the saving limit.

#5.) Hire the idiots wisely

Troll Face Clicker QuestYou have full control over the idiots. These idiots are very useful as they can automate the work. But as you level-up, you will get premium idiots in Troll Face Clicker Quest game. As you can see in above picture, If I hire Card Quest Kid, then this idiot will increase the amount of XP and clicks. So, make sure to hire these type of idiots to generate more clicks and XP. Some idiots can even reduce the production time. If you want to kick the idiot, then tap its icon next to a troller studio -> tap the kick option. And activate these idiots for all of your trollers and laundry room.

That’s why you should save rage points.

#6.) Activate the 2 minutes buff

Tap the second + icon next to a troller and activate the Retarlin buff by watching the video. This buff can reduce the production speed by 50%. Use it on high-level troller.

#7.) Double The Number Of Rewards

When you level-up, you get rewards such as rage points, shiny trollars, and more. Watch the video ad and double the number of rewards.

#8.) Upgrade The Time Machine

Time machine guide is above. If you upgrade the time machine, the duration will increase and you will enjoy speed-up benefits for more time.

#9.) Share to earn rage points

Go to the last tab often and share the meme or game with your friends and claim free rage points. Don’t forget to share again after a certain amount of time.

So, these are some useful Troll Face Clicker Quest cheats, tips & a strategy guide for the beginners. Download Troll Face Clicker Quest gamehere(Google Play Store). Also, see – Idle games like this

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