Versus Fight Game Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Win Battles

It does not matter which character you have opted in Versus Fight game. Our Versus Fight tips, cheats & strategy guide will help to win the battles

In the recent post on Versus Fight game, we shared a detailed guide(check here) that covers all the aspects of the game related to the battle & characters. Make sure to check it if you are having trouble understanding the game’s mechanics. In this post, we have shared some Versus Fight tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners to win the battles.

#1.) Keep an eye on the attack, armor, HP, and buffs

Versus Fight game is very dynamic. The opponent can turn the match with one move. And any wrong move by you will lead you to the loss. In the battle, you should know about four things; if you get to know how to control these things, it will be very easy to get the victory.Versus Fight Tips and Cheats

  • Attack point determines the deal damage. For instance; if it’s 100, then your character will deal 100 damage to the enemy.
  • HP – Health Points determines the character’s life. If you lose all the HP, the match will be over(defeat).
  • Armor Points – For instance; the opponent’s attack power is 50. Your character’s HP is 150. Your character’s armor power is 30. And upon the turn, opponent attacks. Now, 50(enemy’s attack)-30(armor points)= 20(remaining enemy’s attack points). And 150(Your HP)-20(enemy’s attack points)=130(Final HP). Armor protects the HP loss. 
  • Buffs – You can read more about buffs here. You can remove buffs(positive effects) from the enemy and enjoy buffs on yourself using the buff cards.

In the battle, make sure to keep an eye on all these stats in order to play the turn wisely.

For instance; if you are low on HP, then use the healer card. To increase the attack points, use the card that can increase the attack power. If you see enemy has enabled buffs, then remove them using demote cards. And increase the armor strength by using cards that can increase the armor strength. So this is the first Versus Fight tip for the beginners.

And it’s enough to play the turn wisely.

#2.) Know The Cards and Balance The Deck

In Versus Fight game, as you progress to new or higher leagues, new cards get unlocked. But make sure to balance the deck or battle set. If you don’t know how to edit the battle set, then read the guide here.

And to build the balanced battle set, you should know about the cards or moves. Go to the moves screen(battle set), tap the card and read how it works. For example; Cheer Up is move or card in Versus Fight game that can increase the HP in the battle.

Demote card/move can remove positive effect(s)(buffs) from the opponent. Envy Card/Move increases the attack power upon each move played by the opponent. Bleeding is another card that can reduce the HP of the opponent(3 turns).

So it would be better to know about the cards you have added to the battle set. And on the other hand, if you play or pick any random move in the match, then it may lead you to the loss.

How to build a balanced deck?

Must Include: –

  • A card that can increase the HP(cheer up)
  • A card that can increase the armor(block)
  • To increase the attack power(smash, power-supply, and more)
  • To remove the buffs from the opponent
  • For the positive effects(buffs)

#3.) Upgrade the moves or cards

It’s a common thing you have to take care of in any game like this. Upgrading! Without upgrading, you can not win against a powerful enemy even if you are properly implementing the strategy. Read the guide(link is given above)to learn how to upgrade.

#4.) Equip The Gears To Increase The Stats

In Versus Fight game, gears can increase the stats of characters: –

  1. Attack
  2. HP
  3. Critical Hit Chance %
  4. Dodge Chance %

To make the character stronger, you should craft the gears and equip them. Read the guide to know more.

Keep in mind that if you lose the match, you will lose the gear. You can obtain gears from the loot boxes or craft the gears.

#5.) Open The Loot Boxes Fast

As you know, most of the precious items can be obtained from the loot boxes only. And these loot boxes take too much of time to get ready to open. And you get free loot boxes every day after a certain amount of time.

You can watch the video ad and reduce the duration. Just tap the loot box and hit the skip button. 

#6.) Collect the free items

  • At the top-right corner, there would be a shop icon. Tap it and on the next screen, you will see the daily deals section. The first deal would be free and you can claim it daily.
  • Head to the mission tab(at the bottom menu, second tab) -> complete the missions and achievements and get free coins and crystals daily.
  • If you complete the 5 missions, you will get a free loot box.
  • Play the story mode and challenges mode for more rewards.
  • Link the game to your Facebook account to get free crystals.

#7.) Grab the daily deal before it ends

Every day, new items go on sale and you get the opportunity to grab them at the cheapest rate. Go to the shop tab -> daily deals -> from there you can purchase cards(to upgrade cards), items, and much more in exchange for coins and crystals. You can learn about the items in our guide.

#8.) Check the inbox often

Sometimes, you receive free rewards in the inbox. At the top of the screen, tap the inbox/message icon to check it.

#9.) Join The Clan ASAP

At the bottom menu, go to the last tab to access clan feature. Join a clan and then you will be able to exchange moves/cards with members and earn precious gears or boxes+access to the clan war feature.

So these are top 9 Versus Fight tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Read the Versus Fight Guide here. Download Versus Fight game – Here(Google Play Store).

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