Westworld Game Critical Analysis Guide & Tip To Get Host Code As A Reward

Westworld Game Critical AnalysisHere’s how critical analysis facility works. Check out our Westworld Game Critical Analysis guide and tips to get host code as a reward(always).

In the last post(check here), we mentioned that the player can easily obtain three host codes per day from the critical analysis building. But most of the players end up with a bunch of coins as a reward. In this post, we have shared Westworld Game Critical Analysis guide and tips – to always get host code as a reward.

Westworld Game Critical Analysis

In Critical Analysis facility, the player puts one of the hosts by tapping the + icon. It costs you one token. You get three tokens after every 24-hours. It means, we have the chance to obtain three host codes.

After you select the host, you will have to put the questions-just drag & drop. After five questions, you will be rewarded with items such as coins & host codes.

And as you know, we can easily earn coins in this game, but, obtaining the host codes is not an easy task. So, we will go for the host code reward. And to claim the host code as a reward, you have to put the questions wisely.

Here’s how it works: –

1.) Fill the gauge bar

Westworld Game Critical AnalysisAt the top of the screen, there are four icons and just below these icons, you can check the gauge. You have to fill one of these icons’ gauge to get the host code as a reward. These four icons are: –

  1. Memory Core – Memory Access of the host’s primary programming
  2. Awareness Filter – Host’s awareness of surrounding and general social perception
  3. Stability Subroutine – General Stability of the Host’s programming
  4. Improvisation Matrix – General Artificial Intelligence of the host

Now, the question is how to fill the gauge?

Well, it’s quite easy to fill the gauge. But prior to it, we should target a specific icon first. How to do it?

It is also easy. Before you drag & drop the question in critical analysis facility – take a look at the icons color –

  • Red icon – Reduces the gauge
  • Gray – No Impact
  • Green – Increase the gauge

There would be four icons – similar to the icons stated above. Look at the below picture: – Westworld Game Critical Analysis

We have three questions(look at the picture above). Question number 1 will increase the gauge of last icon(Improvisation). And question number 2 will also increase the gauge of similar icon or matrix. [Because of green color].

After finding out the common icon, now, it’s time to drag & drop the questions wisely. As per current example, there are two questions that can increase the gauge of a common icon.

  • Don’t put both of them directly(back-to-back)
  1. Drag and drop one of these two questions(example; A or B)
  2. After it, the color of the icons will change
  3. If the color of that common icon changed to gray, then put the question again
  4. If not, then select the third question
  5. And at last, put the question which we save for the end (B)

In short, fill the gauge of one of these icons by putting the questions wisely; check the color;

  1. Red – Decreases the gauge of a specific icon
  2. Green – Increases the gauge of a specific icon
  3. Gray – No Impact(specific matrix)

Westworld Game Critical AnalysisAfter it, you will definitely get the host code as a reward. There are many more ways to obtain host codes in this game, check this post.

So, this is the detailed Westworld Game Critical Analysis guide for the beginners and some tips to get the host code.

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