Westworld Game Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Build A Great Park

Westworld GameWestworld is a new mobile game by Warner Bros. International Enterprises. Check out our Westworld game guide, tips, cheats & strategy to build a great park and get hosts

Westworld is a new training park simulation game for Android and iOS in which the player builds a team of hosts and treat visitors. The game features dozens of buildings, VIP guests, guests, hosts, facilities, and much more. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Westworld game guide and Westworld cheats, tips & strategy to master the game.

Get Started – The Basics – Westworld Mobile Game

Before we dive into the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Westworld game, your objective is to interact with visitors. The very first step you do in this game is building facilities; bank, general store, saloon, and more near a train station. Visitors come to these buildings and your task is to appoint a specific host for each visitor.

After a certain amount of time or interaction, the visitor will reward you coins, XP, and more items(reveries, crafting, host codes). If you appointed a wrong host, then the visitor might kill your host. Read the guide below for more info. At the beginning of the game, Westworld game rewards you with a 3-star host “Teddy”. Higher-level hosts can manage multiple roles; poker, love, gun, handcuff, and more.

But poor quality hosts(1-star host) cannot even satisfy visitors due to poor ratings. Usually, we use 1-star host to level up 2 or 3-star hosts. And there are very low chances of getting a 5-star host in Westworld game. But you can transform host’s star level; i.e. 3-star to 4-star, 4-star to 5-star. Read the rebuilds guide below.

After a certain level, you will unlock new locations and there you will have to interact with 3 or 4-star guests. But because of the shortage of 3-star and 4-star hosts, it would be hard. There are a number of ways to manufacture high-quality hosts(3-star or 4-star) in Westworld game(check the cheats part below).

But there are only 0.9 % chances to manufacture a 5-star host. And it also costs you hundreds of diamonds. If your hosts are better, then you will be able to satisfy well-rated guests(VIP). Let’s start the Westworld game guide and after it, check out our Westworld cheats, tips & strategy guide below.

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Westworld Game Guide

In this part, we will learn about hosts, host codes, props, glitches, dead hosts, control room, VIP Guests, reveries, host version, rebuilds, journey, Q & A, XP center, location, upgrading, rating, roles, crafting material, 3D ink, social points, and much more.

  • Hosts Guide

Hosts are the main characters in the Westworld game. All the hosts have different attributes & roles. For example; Teddy, roles: –

  1. Gambler
  2. Seducer
  3. Jailbird
  4. Buddy
  5. Lawman

Similarly, Lawrence: –

  1. Tracker
  2. Charmer
  3. Caretaker
  4. Sage
  5. Wanderer

On the main screen, at the top-right corner, tap the host or roaster icon to check the list of hosts you have manufactured. Then tap the host to check its profile. There you can see its role, attributes, status, version, level, and props. You can unlock new roles by upgrading the version of hosts. Read the version guide below.

The player can manufacture hosts in the manufacturing building. There are a number of ways to manufacture a host: –

Basic Host Code: –

  • 89.10 % chances – You will get a 1-star host
  • 10.00% chances – You will get a 2-star character
  • 0.90% chances – You will get 3-stars hosts

Premium Host Code: –

  • 0.60% chances – 5-stars hosts
  • 90.10% chances – 3-stars hosts
  • 9.30% chances – 4-stars hosts

Legendary Host Code: –

  • 6.50% chances – 5-stars hosts
  • 93.50% chances – 4-stars hosts

Social Host Code: –

  • Same as basic host code

XP Code: –

  • XP Host(You can not appoint this host to handle guests). Use it to level-up other hosts

Host codes are required to manufacture these hosts. Let’s learn about host codes and how to acquire host codes in the Westworld mobile game.

  • Host Codes

Without host codes, you can not manufacture hosts. There are a number of ways to obtain host codes in the game: –

  1. Answer questions in Critical Analysis building
  2. Complete objectives
  3. Appoint a perfect host and make the visitor happy
  4. Interact with VIP Guests
  5. Complete the journey(read the journey guide below)
  6. Upgrade the buildings(read the upgrading guide below)
  7. Complete events
  8. Invite and add friends to earn social points(read the social points guide below)
  9. Use gems
  • Props Crafting Guide

Well, to progress fast in the game, you will have to keep improving the hosts by leveling up, upgrading, reveries, equipping them with props, powering up, and ranking up. In this part, we will learn about props.

On the main screen, at the top-right corner, tap the host icon. Then tap the host. After it, head to the props tab. Here you can craft and equip props. Equipping the hosts with props increases the role rating. How to craft?

If you tap the prop icon, you will be able to check the materials required to craft a prop. You can obtain this material by completing the interactions with guests at Escalante location. On the main screen, on the right side, tap the location icon and go to Escalante location. If it is locked, then level-up.

Go to Escalante -> double tab the building -> select a test and start the interaction. But for a successful interaction, a high-quality host is needed. And you can produce 3D Ink in Biomaterials. Also, see – Time-Management games for Android

  • Rating Guide

Westworld GameBefore you start the interaction with a guest, make sure the host rating is good or OK. If it’s green or more than the guest’s rating, then it means “Happy” output. If it’s orange or slightly up-down in comparison to guest’s rating, then it means “OK” output. If it’s red or lower than the guest’s rating, then it means “poor” output and the visitor will kill your host. In short, you should appoint hosts wisely. Don’t appoint a host having the poor rating for a higher-level guest.

  • Dead Hosts – How To Recover

If one of your hosts has been killed by a visitor, then you will have to put its body in the body shop. It costs you Synth-Blood, the player can produce synth-blood in Biomaterials building.

  • Rebuilds Guide

Westworld GameRebuilds is another facility in the Westworld game where you can power-up and rank-up the hosts. Powering-up a host increases the level(role level also). And ranking-up a host raises its star level. For instance, you have a 3-star host, you can raise its star level from 3 to 4 by ranking up.

How to power-up wisely?

The very first step you have to do is selecting the target host. Then you have to select material hosts. You can use low-level hosts(1-star) as a material host or prototype XP hosts. Don’t use 2-star or above hosts as material host for leveling up.

Hit the power-up button. That’s it. It will increase the XP, role level. XP is required to level-up a host(you can also earn by interacting with guests).

Once a host reaches the maximum level, you will be able to increase its rank or star level. Also, see – Survival games for Android

Ranking Up Guide

Westworld GameGo to the rebuilds facility -> select the host who has reached the maximum level -> then select a material host. After selecting the host, check the hosts needed to increase its rank. Select the hosts and confirm. It will raise the star level. A detailed guide on ranking up can be checked here.

  • Unlock New Roles[For 3-5 stars hosts only]

If you upgrade the version of hosts, they will be able to manage multiple roles. You can check the version of hosts by tapping the host icon at the top-right side, then tap the host to check its version. Upgrade it to increase its attributes and unlock new roles.

How to upgrade version(i.e. 3.0 to 4.0)?

  • Power-Up Them
  • Increase their rank
  • Level-Up
  • Reach the maximum level -> rank up – increase the level cap

It takes a lot of time. Keep improving.

  • Control Room

The control room is the main building in Westworld mobile game. Upgrading it unlocks new features, locations, and facilities.

  • Locations

Westworld game features these locations: –

  1. Sweetwater(six buildings)
  2. Abernathy Ranch(Three buildings)
  3. Escalante(No rooms)
  4. Las Mudas(Five Buildings)
  5. Pariah(Five Buildings)

Among all these buildings, Escalante is different. At Escalante, you can train the hosts by selecting a test. Completing the test reward you crafting material. You can use this material to craft props.

  • Westworld Game Journeys

In Sweetwater location, at the park side, double tap the journey side. Here you assign the hosts and start the journey. It will reward you host codes, gems, and coins. It is one of the best ways to obtain free host codes in Westworld game. You can complete three journeys per day. Select the hosts and start! But you can not use the same host over and over again.

Make sure to select the best hosts to complete the full journey and obtain all the rewards. Also, see – War games for Android

  • Critical Analysis

At this facility, you select the host and drag & drop the questions. After 5 questions, you will get a reward; gems, host codes or coins. You can learn more about it here(cheats & tips to get host code only].

  • Social Host Codes

You can manufacture a host using social host code. To manufacture it, you need social points. Social Points can be acquired by inviting the friends. At the left side of the screen, tap the co-worker icon(handshake). Add friends or send the request. Send free gifts and in return, collect the social points.

  • Glitch Risk

In the diagnostics building, you can resolve hosts’ bugs, glitches. Since hosts are machines, sometimes they stop working due to glitch. If you go to the host’s profile, you can check the glitch risk status. If it’s 100%, then you will have to put it into this facility.

  • Reveries Guide

There are a number of ways to improve hosts in Westworld mobile game. Equipping them with reveries is one of them. You get reveries as a reward or upon completing the quests. To equip reveries, you will have to build the reveries building first and it unlocks at control room level 15. Once constructed, go the host’s profile -> head to the reveries tab -> then tap the + icon and choose reveries. You can increase the impact of these reveries by upgrading them in reveries facility.

  • Calibration

In this building, you can make the hosts stronger. Tap the + icon and choose a host. Selected hosts will gain exp.

  • VIP Guests

These guests stay in a specific location for a certain amount of time. After this time period, they will move. Interact with these VIP Guests to earn precious items such as crafting material, EXP, coins, gems, and more. If you appoint a good host, you will get better rewards. Sometimes, these VIP Guests drop host fragments. Collect enough fragments and manufacture a complete host. You can check the host fragments in the manufacturing building.

So, this is the Westworld game guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the Westworld cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game.

Westworld Cheats, Tips: –

#1.) Match The Hat Color To Get More Rewards

Westworld GameIn Westworld mobile game, every character(guests as well as hosts) has own hat. Hat colors; white, black and brown. If you appoint the host who has the same color hat similar to the guest’s hat, then you will earn more rewards.

#2.) Rating is the key point

As stated above, if you appoint wrong host(poor rating) to interact with a guest(having the good rating), then the guest will shoot down your host. In order to avoid this tragedy or get better rewards, make sure the host’s rating is better than the guest’s rating or slightly up-down.

  • Green = Happy(Better Rewards)
  • Orange = OK
  • Red = Poor

#3.) Get Free Host Codes As A Reward

Check the host code guide above to know how to get host codes in Westworld game. If you want to get host codes as a reward(by interacting with guests), then upgrade the buildings; i.e. bank, general store, saloon, and more.

#4.) Power-Up and Rank-Up Hosts

Use 1-star and prototype XP hosts to power-up 2-star and 3-star hosts. Reach the maximum level and rank-up to upgrade the version & star level. Read the rebuilds guide above.

#5.) Equip and upgrade reveries

Once you build the reveries building, you will be able to equip the hosts with reveries. Reveries can be obtained as a reward. To increase the impact of this item, upgrade it in the reveries building.

#6.) Fix the bugs & glitches

Go to the hosts’ profile and check the glitch risk. Fix it in the diagnostic building. They will stop working if the glitch risk reaches the maximum point.

#7.) Visit Dr. Ford’s Office To Get Free Gems

Dr. Ford’s Office gets unlocked after a certain level. Tap that room or facility and then tap the gems icon to collect free gems. After some time, visit again to collect more gems.

#8.) Complete tests for crafting material

Go to the Escalante location and select a host to complete the test. After it, claim the crafting material as a reward. Use it to craft props.

#9.) Complete The Journeys For Host Codes

In Sweetwater location, double tap the Journeys facility -> select the hosts and start. Complete it to get free host codes. Read the journeys guide above for more info.

#10.) Anser Questions To Get Host Codes

In Critical Analytics facility, select a host and complete the quick Q & A. After it, you could get host codes or other items.

#11.) Calibrate the hosts’ software

In Calibration facility or building, select the hosts and they will earn XP over time. Read the calibration guide above.

#12.) List Of Host Roles

  • Socialite

  1. Sage
  2. Sidekick
  3. Mentor
  4. Buddy
  • Hero
  1. Gun Slinger
  2. Bruiser
  3. Tracker
  4. Hunter
  5. Lawman
  • Intellectual
  1. Tradesman
  2. Scholar
  3. Caretaker
  4. Preacher
  • Misfit
  1. Con Artist
  2. Wanderer
  3. Outcast
  4. Gambler
  • Romantic
  1. Debaucher
  2. Lover
  3. Charmer
  4. Seducer
  • Villain
  1. Bandit
  2. Jailbird
  3. Henchman
  4. Scoundrel

Go to the host profile -> tap & hold the role icon to check the role.

So these are some Westworld cheats, tips¬†for the beginners. Now, let’s start Westworld game strategy.

Westworld Game Strategy

In this part, we will learn how to progress without spending real money. And it’s quite simple.

1.) Sweetwater is really sweet

In Westworld game, your main objective is to build the best team of hosts; 3-stars & 4-stars. Because in locations such as Abernathy Ranch, Las Mudas, Pariah, and Escalante, you will have to interact with 3-stars & 4-stars guests.

But at the beginning of the game, you have 2-stars, 1-stars, and two or three 3-stars hosts. With this team, you can not interact with visitors at these locations. So, what you have to do?

It’s quite simple. You have to gather host codes and manufacture new hosts. Then use those hosts to improve 2-star or 3-star hosts(read the rebuilds guide above).

What is the best way to collect host codes?

In Sweetwater location, upgrade all the buildings; general store, saloon, bank, undertaker, sheriff. Upgrading these buildings increases the reward bonus by 20% and increases the chances of getting host codes(interaction reward).

Westworld GameYou can collect 20+ host codes every day by just interacting with visitors. Then use these host codes to improve 2-stars and 3-stars hosts. And it would be better to improve 2-stars hosts first.

In short, at the beginning of the game, ignore other locations even if you have unlocked all, because, in those locations, you need high-quality hosts. Sweetwater is the best location in the beginning because at this location, you interact with 2-star or 3-star hosts.

2.) Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Westworld GameEach time a host interacts with a guest, he/she earns XP. XP is required to level-up. When a host reaches the maximum level, you can increase its rank and star level(rebuilds).

In short, keep interacting with guests in Sweetwater location and level-up the hosts. Reach the maximum level and increase their rank & star level.

3.) Don’t spend gems on useless tasks

Gem is one of the precious items in Westworld game. Don’t waste it on useless tasks such as speeding-up upgrades, adding slots to glitch building, and more. Collect it and use it in the manufacturing building to manufacture a 3-stars host.

4.) How to level up fast?

  1. If you put the hosts in Calibration building, they will earn XP over time.
  2. Use 3-stars hosts or higher at the general store, undertaker, riverbank, barn, chapel, barberia, Posada, Cantina(amazing rewards)
  3. Hat bonus

Summary: –

  • 1-stars hosts are useless – use these hosts to develop 2-stars hosts or higher
  • Reach maximum level and use the host(same role) and rank up
  • Keep interacting at Sweetwater location
  • Upgrade the buildings to get better rewards
  • Keep patience – It will take time

So these are some Westworld game tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners.

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