World Soccer King Cheats, Tips & Strategy To Top The Leaderboard

World Soccer KingWorld Soccer King is a brand new soccer game for Android by Bluehole PNIX, the creators of mini-golf game. Check out World Soccer King tips, cheats & strategy guide to top the leaderboard

World Soccer King is the latest soccer game for mobile devices in which you build your own soccer team and battle against other players from all over the world to top the leaderboard and earn rare, epic player cards. The game features a variety of six stages; Landon, Mainz, Madrid, Milano, Paris, and Moscow. You start from Moscow. To unlock these stages, you have to earn trophies by defeating other players. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: World Soccer King tips, cheats & strategy guide to top the leaderboard.

Get Started – The Basic World Soccer King

World Soccer KingBefore we head to the cheats, tips, strategy guide part, let’s learn the basic of the game – The most important part is “players”. Each player has own unique stats and type. Types of players: –

  • Normal
  • Rare
  • Epic

Building a soccer team of epic & rare players is not an easy task. Because you obtain these cards from soccer chests and it gets unlocked after a certain amount of time(hours).

Another tricky part is “upgrading”. You have to upgrade the players to improve their stats; speed, stamina, accuracy, power, and more.

  • Speed attribute – It determines the speed of the player; how fast he can pick the ball
  • Power – This attribute determines the power – how hard he can kick the ball
  • Stamina – After a certain amount of time, the players get tired and you will see them in sweating state. As you progress, their stats(speed, power, accuracy) will start decreasing
  • Accuracy – One of the main attributes of the player in World Soccer King. It determines how accurately the player can pass the ball to another player
  • Physical – This attribute determines the tackle skill; if it’s good, then you can easily tackle or interpret the opponent player and steal the ball

So, stats of the player also matters a lot. But if you use the World Soccer King cheats, tips, strategy guide below, then you can easily progress fast. Let’s start the World Soccer King guide and after it, World Soccer King tips, cheats & strategy guide.

World Soccer Guide

  • Formation Guide

World Soccer KingBy default, 4-3-3-A is the only formation that is unlocked. You can unlock 4-4-2A, 3-4-3-A, 5-3-2 formations in exchange for coins. Rest formations are premium and require a huge amount of diamonds.

  • Change the player position

You can change the player position and increase the chances of getting the victory in the matches. How? All you need to do is place the “epic”, “rare” players near the goalposts so that you can easily score the goal. Just tap on the player and then tap on another player to swap the position.

  • Upgrade players

In World Soccer King game, to increase the stats of players; speed, power, stamina, you have to upgrade them. And to upgrade a player in World Soccer King game, you need “player cards”. For instance, I want to upgrade, Masud to level 2, then I need 3 Masud cards. You can obtain players cards by opening the capsules. Obtain these capsules by getting victories in the matches.

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  • Items Guide

World Soccer King game also features items/drinks; speed drink, power drink, and premium drink. You can use one drink per match. Speed drink increases the speed of all the players by 10%. Power drink increases the power of all the players by 15%. Premium drink increases all the stats of players by 10%. However, you need to pay real money to get these items. Keep note that you will not get an unlimited number of drinks; you will just get 5 drinks.

  • League Guide

You start the World Soccer King game from beginners league. As you progress of collect trophies or move to new stages, you will be promoted to the high league where you can earn more gold coins.

So, this is the basic World Soccer King game guide for the beginners. Now, let’s start the World Soccer King tips, cheats & strategy guide.

World Soccer King Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

1.) Choose the best players

As stated above, stats of the players matters a lot. For instance, players with high-speed stats run fast, players with high power stats kick the ball very hard. Check all the players you have, tap on them -> info and check the stats. Only select the players having best stats. Or

You can also use theĀ “auto equip” feature; just tap on the auto-equip button at the top-left of the screen and you are good to go!

However, it would be better to change the position of the players manually. Place “rare” and “epic” players where there are more chances of stealing the ball or scoring the goal.

2.) Get free player cards

World Soccer KingAs you know, you can upgrade the player and increase their stats. But you need cards. Here are some ways to get free cards: –

  • After every 2 hours, you can open the free capsule
  • Win 8 matches and open point capsule to obtain free player cards
  • Get victories in the matches
  • Watch the video ad and grab the daily silver capsule
  • Connect the game to your Facebook account and get the free capsule

3.) World Soccer King Match Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Well, it does not mean that if your players’ stats are low, then you can not win. You can definitely win if you use the best strategy: –

1.) Be Aggressive From The Starting

Don’t just pass the ball from one player to another player; it will reduce the stamina; at the beginning of the match, all the players are fully charged. Use this full energy to score a goal; here’s how: –

Pass the ball to the nearest player always. If all the players are far away from you; then pull & hold; don’t release, if you hold or don’t kick the ball for few moments, all the players will start coming towards you. Once your team member comes close to you, pass the ball.

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2.) Try to goal, not to pass

As you play, the stamina of players starts decreasing. It would be better for you to make full use of energy at the beginning of the game and score the goal as fast as you can. On the other hand, if you are just passing the ball from one player to another player, then you are just reducing their stats.

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3.) Change the position

Make sure your best players are in the best position because they have better stats and can easily tackle, hit hard, and run fast on the field. Before you start the match, go to the formation tab and change the position;

plan the strategy according to their position; if you get the first chance to kick the ball, then to whom you will pass the ball[right side, or left side, if left side, then place the best player on the left side. If right side, then place the best player on the right side] etc. Make sure to place a rare or an epic player near goalpost.

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4.) Pass Carefully

Suppose, an opposing player is close to your team member. Then you should pass the ball carefully because the opponent can tackle and steal the ball. For this, you have to maintain the “pull” power. If you want to kick the ball slightly, then pull with the light hand. If you want to kick the ball hard, then pull with max. strength.

And at last, save your coins and unlock new formations.

So, these are some World Soccer King tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best soccer games for Android

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