Zombie Hunter King Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

Zombie Hunter King is a brand new zombie-shooter game for Android by mobirix. Check out our Zombie Hunter King tips, cheats & a strategy guide to master the game

Mobirix’s latest zombie hunter game Zombie Hunter King challenges you to shoot down the waves of zombies before they kill you. It features a variety of game modes such as stages, survival, PvP, and bonus. All you need to do is shoot down the zombies before they strike down you. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Zombie Hunter King tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners.

Get Started – Zombie Hunter King

Before we head to the tips, cheats part, let’s learn the basics first. Zombie Hunter game features three game modes; stages, survival, and PvP. In stage mode, you complete the levels and after completing a set of levels, you will get diamonds. The difficulty level increases as you progress. In the survival mode, your objective is to strike down as many zombies as you can. In PvP mode, you battle against other players from all over the world and face enemies’ waves. The player who performs better or clears all the waves wins the match. In survival and PvP mode, the reward will be distributed on the basis of your ranking. So try to improve the rank by getting victories and earn precious rewards after a short season(weekly).

There are two types of in-game currencies featured in Zombie Hunter King game; coins and diamonds. Diamond is the precious item and you can obtain it by clearing the set of stages and by playing survival and PvP mode(improve the ranking to get more reward).

Zombie Hunter game also features dozens of weapons and you can unlock them by spending diamonds. The game also includes a card system; the player can draw cards and equip cards to add a special buff like an increase in attack power, reduce reload time, and more.

So, this is the basic Zombie Hunter King game guide for the beginners. Now, let’s learn some Zombie Hunter King tips, cheats & a strategy guide.

#1.) Destroy The Tanks To Blast

Zombie Hunter KingIn the match, there would be lots of tanks. Shoot these tanks to explode and strike down the zombies gang. Make sure to explode at the right time; when zombies are very close to it and in bulk numbers.

#2.) Go For Headshot Only

In every shooting game, headshot deals massive damage to the enemies. In Zombie Hunter King game too, headshot deals massive damage. Instead of shooting at their body, shoot at their heads to strike down them fast & without losing too much of ammo.

#3.) Reload Often To Stay Safe

After shooting a certain amount of bullets, you will have to reload it. Make sure to reload early. Because it could be dangerous if enemies are near and you are reloading the gun. And it would be better to switch to another gun. Just tap reload icon on the right side of the screen in the battle. Also, see – Best survival games for Android

#4.) Upgrade the abilities

Your character has these three attributes: health, power, and point. The health attribute level determines the HP of character, power level determines the damage power, and point level determines the score points you get by killing zombies. Upgrade these abilities or attributes to increase the performance in the battles. Tap one of the game modes -> on the next screen, at the left side, tap the attribute you want to level up and hit the upgrade button. Also, see – Best action games for Android

Zombie Hunter King#5.) Get Items If You Are Having Trouble

In PvP or Survival mode, it would be better to go with the items such as a grenade, bullet, magazine, shield, critical, and more(one of these). Before you start the battle, you can purchase these items. And in the battle, use these items at the right time to get more benefit. In game modes like PvP, these items help a lot. You can buy them in exchange for coins.

#6.) Equip and Upgrade the cards

As stated above, the Zombie Hunter King game features a card system; the player can equip cards or draw cards for passive and active benefits. First of all, you will have to draw the card first. You can draw cards from the card shop. On the main screen, tap the cards -> card shop. The card tickets are required to draw a card or use coins. You can obtain card tickets by completing the missions.

Duplicate cards are used in upgrading. Tap on a card to equip or sell. Keep in mind that some cards cannot be equipped as they provide passive advantages.

#7.) Upgrade the guns or weapons

Upgrading is one of the main steps in the Zombie Hunter game. Without upgrading the default guns, you can not progress. Go to the weapon menu screen and hit the level up button. You can equip multiple guns for the battle and switch to anyone anytime. Also, see – Best war games for Android

#8.) Play Bonus Battle To Earn More Coins

One of the best ways to earn a huge amount of coins in the Zombie Hunter King game is playing the bonus battle. At the left side of the screen, tap the eye type icon(bonus) to start. You can play it again by playing 10 more games in other modes; stages, PvP, survival.

#9.) Repeat The Stages For Rewards

You can play each stage multiple times and claim rewards. If you have autoplay tickets, then before you start the match, tap the autoplay button.

#10.) Don’t spend diamonds to unlock weapons

Zombie Hunter KingWhen you start the Zombie Hunter King game, you have only two guns. However, you can unlock new guns using diamonds. But don’t spend diamonds. Because you can unlock these guns by completing the requirements. Go to the weapons menu -> tap the gun you want to unlock -> at the left side of the screen, read the condition. Complete it and get the gun in exchange for coins. The choice is yours.

#11.) Complete the missions for rewards

You can earn diamonds, autoplay tickets, card tickets, and coins by completing the missions. On the main screen, tap the mission icon -> check out the pending missions and complete them for precious items.

So these are the Zombie Hunter King tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. It’s really a good game, everything can be acquired by playing the game, and you should give it a shot if you have not tried it yet. Download Zombie Hunter King game for Android – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best Zombie games for Android

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