Zombie Shooting King Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Zombie Shooting King is a brand new Zombie shooting game for Android by Mobirix and Fever games. Check out our Zombie Shooting King tips, cheats & strategy guide to master the game

Zombies have invaded the city and turning all the innocent citizens into zombies. You must defend the city by hunting down all the zombies’ bosses in the Zombie Shooting King. It features lots of guns, game modes; stage, mini-mode, endless, PvP(multi-boss) and a great survivor card system. And today, In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Zombie Shooting King guide and Zombie Shooting King tips, cheats to unlock guns fast.

The Basics – Zombie Shooting Game

Before we head to the cheats, tips & tricks part, let’s learn the basics first. In Zombie Shooting Game, you play as a Zombie hunter and kill the zombies roaming in the city. You start with the stage mode in which you complete the missions and earn coins. You will unlock all the game modes; mini-mode, multi-boss, and the survivor card system by completing these stages(10). And as you complete more stages, new guns will unlock. You can equip two guns at a time. In the Mini-Mode, you kill the zombies using the Sniper. In the endless mode, you fight against the unlimited hordes of enemies.

The muti-boss is an online mode in which you compete with other players. In this mode, you have to defeat the boss. We will go deep into this mode in the guide part below. From all these modes, you earn coins. You can spend these coins in the shop to buy power-ups, survivor cards, and to buy new guns. Let’s head to the main Zombie Shooting King guide and then read our top Zombie Shooting King tips, cheats & tricks.

Zombie Shooting King Guide: –

  • Weapons Guide

Zombie Shooting KingZombie Shooting King game features over 15 guns. All the guns have different stats; damage, speed, range, and more. You will unlock all the free guns by stage 60. And you can unlock remaining guns using the Dia(Gems/diamonds). Once unlocked, go to the weapon slot menu -> tap the gun you want to equip and tap the equip button to confirm.

  • How To Get Diamonds?

Zombie Shooting KingDiamond is the premium in-game currency. And you don’t get this item from normal game modes; endless, mini-game, and stage mode. You can earn diamonds by watching the video ad. On the main screen, at the top-left corner, tap the play button to view an ad and obtain the diamond. You could get as a reward in the multi-boss mode(not tried yet).

  • How To Win In Multi-Mode?

Zombie Shooting KingIn Multi-boss mode, you battle against other players in real-time. And there is only one way to win in this mode; defeat the boss. The boss moves slowly-slowly towards the damage line. You have to kill him before he crosses the damage line. Additionally, there are many zombies running towards the damage line. Your HP reduces when a zombie crosses the damage line. In short, you have to maintain the HP as well. Once you lose all the HP, you would not be able to attack the zombie boss. At the top-left corner, you can check the Boss HP bar(attack the boss to reduce its HP). Just below the boss’s HP bar, you can check the opponent’s HP and score points.

  • Survivor Cards Guide

Zombie Shooting KingThe Zombie Shooting King game features survivor cards system. These survivors provide support fires to kill long-distance and nearby zombies. Additionally, the amount of reward you get upon the victory also impacted by these survivors. On the main screen, go to the survivor tab and there you can see all the survivor cards you have. Tap on a card to add to the slot. A just right side of the info button, you can check the impact of these survivors; Sniper, Guard, and Boost. Sniper is related to the long-distance shoot support. Guard is related to the nearby shoot support. And the boost effect is related to the victory reward.

How To Get Survivor Cards?

There are two ways to get survivor cards in the Zombie Shooting King game; merge or buy. Go to the survivor menu -> head to the merge survivor tab -> select any two survivors to get a new survivor. In short, you have to sacrifice two survivors to get the best survivor.


Go to the shop -> in the survivor card section, you have two options; watch the video ad to get survivor card or spend coins to get the survivor card.

  • HP Guide

By default, your HP is 100 in the battle. You can increase it by upgrading. Go to the shop, in the upgrade HP section, spend coins and upgrade the HP of Zombie Hunter/Character.

So this is the complete Zombie Shooting King game guide for the beginners. Let’s check out our Zombie Shooting King tips, cheats & strategy guide.

Zombie Shooting King Tips, Cheats & Tricks: –

1.) Get More Points and Coins, Here’s How

In Zombie Shooting King game mode, you get the reward on the basis of score points. The more you earn, the more coins you will get. And one of the best ways to score points is; go for the headshot and combos. Additionally, if you want to earn more coins, then add survivor cards to the slots and increase the boost stats. After the victory, on the reward screen, the game will offer you to double the number of rewards by watching a video ad. Spend these coins to upgrade HP, buy TNT, guns, and survivor cards.

2.) Switch To Reload Fast

Reloading takes time. And when you are facing a huge wave of zombies, it’s very annoying to wait a long time. Pay attention the ammo at the top-right corner on the battle screen. You can reload by tapping the reload icon on the main screen or when the ammo reaches 0, the character will start reloading automatically.

To reload fast, switch to the next gun(that gun(previously equipped) will reload automatically and very fast).

3.) Upgrade The HP

Gather coins and upgrade the HP in the shop. The more HP you have, the more time you can spend in the battle.

4.) Use TNT, Barrels To Stun And Explode

Zombie Shooting KingIn every battle, you can use one TNT for free to crush a group of zombies. All you need to do is tap the bomb icon on the battle screen. Make sure to use TNT when zombies are close to the damage line. And if there are barrels; there are two types of the barrel; explosive and stun. Fire on the stun barrels to stop the zombies. Fire on the explosive barrels to blast a group of zombies.

5.) Focus On The Stage Mode

To unlock all the free guns, complete the stage mode as soon as possible. You will unlock three best free guns; M3 Super90(At stage 20), AK 47(At stage 40), M24(At stage 60).

To buy the premium guns, you need diamonds. Watch the video ads and collect the diamonds for free.

So these are our top Zombie Shooting King tips, tricks & a complete strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Best Zombie games for Android

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