Adrianne Eversoul | Character Profile

Adrianne is one of the souls in Eversoul. Read on for Adrianne Eversoul character profile. 

Adrianne Eversoul | Character Profile

Adrianne is an Angel faction unit in the Eversoul. The character details are taken from in-game Soulpedia. If you are a new player, check our Eversoul tier list, reroll guide, and Eversoul coupon codes. Now let’s check this character profile:

  • Adrianne’s affiliation is Edel Guards
  • Adrianne’s height is 167 CM
  • Birthday: 10/17
  • Hobbies: Patrolling Town
  • Specialty: Nice Pose Studies
  • Adrianne likes puppies and touching true stories
  • Adrianne does not like crime and villains
  • Voice Acting: Myeongho Lee

Adrianne Eversoul | Intro

I’m Adrianne, a Soul born to defend justice! Awakened from a long sleep, I have come again to judge evil…!

…Savior, what’s with that look? Now it’s time to shout out with me…! Or maybe you want to lead the chant?

Huh…? “Just…make it simple,” you say?

Haha, I see! So that was what you mean, Savior; you think of justice as something that does not only belong to heroes but to anyone! Ahh, that’s impressive! I’m sometimes told that I overdo things, but…

You would certainly understand me. Savior. I’ll trust you, hehe. All the best from now. 

Adrianne Eversoul | Costumes

  • Be Judged
  • Wonder Hero – Love Story True Ending Costume

Adrianne Eversoul | Faction, Role, And Battle Profile

  • Angel Faction
  • STR
  • Defender Role
  • AoE

Adrianne Eversoul | Skills

Main Skill: Torrent of Brilliance

  • Creates a holy explosion, Inflicting DMG equal to 170% ATK in a 3m range around her, and recovers HP of allies within range equal to 100% of ATK.
  • Level 2: DMG changes to 190% and recovery to 110%.
  • Level 3: DMG changes to 210% and recovery to 120%. Adds an effect that stuns the enemy target for 2 sec.

Sub Skill: Ring of Brilliance

  • Throws a ring of light, Inflicting DMG equal to 130% of ATK to the farthest enemy, stunning it for 2 seconds, and then drags the enemy in front of you.
  • Level 2: DMG changes to 145%.
  • Level 3: DMG changes to 160%. Adds an effect that electrocutes the target, Inflicting DMG equal to 50% of ATK every 2 sec for 6.

Sub Skill: Proclamation of Sanctuary

  • Creates a sanctuary with a 2.5m area for 10 seconds. Enemies inside the sanctuary receive DMG equal to 60% of ATK every 2 seconds and restore the HP of allies by 30% of ATK.
  • Level 2: DMG changes to 70% and recovery to 35%.
  • Level 3: DMG changes to 75% and recovery to 37.5%. Creates a protective shield that absorbs DMG equal to 150% of ATK for 10 sec. when the sanctuary is created.

Passive: Righteous Determination

  • The more enemies there are, the stronger Adrianne gets. Adrianne’s ATK increases by 12% per each enemy within 3.5m around Adrianne.
  • Level 2: ATK Increase changes to 14%.
  • Level 3: ATK Increase changes to 16%.

Ultimate: Evil-Ending Spear of Judgement

  • The power of justice pierces through the enemies. Moves towards the enemy with the highest ATK, Inflicting DMG equal to 300% to targets within 3m, and then lifts the target into the air.
  • Level 2: DMG changes to 330%.
  • Level 3: DMG changes to 360%. Adds an effect that stuns targets within range for 3 sec.

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