CATHERINE Eversoul | Character Profile

CATHERINE is one of the souls in Eversoul. Read on for CATHERINE Eversoul character profile. 

CATHERINE Eversoul Character Profile

CATHERINE Eversoul | Character Profile

CATHERINE is a Humanlike faction unit in the Eversoul. The character details are taken from in-game Soulpedia. If you are a new player, check our Eversoul tier list, reroll guide, and Eversoul coupon codes. Now let’s check this character profile:

  • CATHERINE’s affiliation is Order of Sun
  • CATHERINE’s height is 156 CM
  • Birthday: 04/05
  • Hobbies: Baking Cookies
  • Specialty: Sermon
  • CATHERINE likes Hot pot-au-feu
  • CATHERINE does not like Oatmeal porridge
  • Voice Acting: Jiyoung Lee

CATHERINE Eversoul | Intro


CATHERINE Eversoul | Costumes

  • Praying Heart

CATHERINE Eversoul | Faction, Role, And Battle Profile

  • Humanlike Faction
  • STR
  • Supporter Role
  • Protect

CATHERINE Eversoul | Skills

Main Skill: Gloria

  • Uses holy power to grant the blessing of protection to allies. Applies a shield to nearby allies that absorbs damage equal to 12% of Catherine’s max HP for 10 seconds.
  • Level 2: Shield HP changes to 14% of max HP.
  • Level 3: Shield HP changes to 16% of max HP, recuperates HP equal to 150% of ATK.

Sub Skill: Agnus Dei

  • Spreads a blessing that protects allies from danger. Increases all allies’ DEF by 20% for 12 seconds.
  • Level 2: DEF increase changes to 23%.
  • Level 3: DEF increase changes to 26%, recuperates additional 1000 Mana.

Sub Skill: Credo

  • Prays for the safety of allies through devout prayer. Blesses the surrounding area for seconds to make allies invincible and restore their HP equal to 100% of ATK.
  • Level 2: Recovery changes to 115% of ATK.
  • Level 3: Recovery changes to 130% of ATK, and Catherine becomes immune to all hindering effects during prayer.

Passive: Sanctus

  • Catherine’s blessing protects allies in danger. When Catherine is on the battlefield, the physical and magic resistance of all allies with 35% or less HP increase by 30%.
  • Level 2: Physical and Magic Resistance increase changes to 35%.
  • Level 3: Physical and Magic Resistance increase changes to 40%.

Ultimate: Kyrie

  • Blesses all allies through fancy ceremony and prayer. Recovers HP of all allies by 150% of ATK and creates shields that absorb damage equal to 25% of Catherine’s max HP lasting 12 sec.
  • Level 2: HP recovery changes to 175%, and shield HP changes to 30%.
  • Level 3: HP recovery changes to 200%, additionally increasing physical/magic resistance by 20%.

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