Petra Eversoul | Character Profile

Petra is one of the souls in Eversoul. Read on for Petra Eversoul character profile. 

Petra Eversoul Character Profile

Petra Eversoul | Character Profile

Petra is an Undead faction unit in the Eversoul. The character details are taken from in-game Soulpedia. If you are a new player, check our Eversoul tier list, reroll guide, and Eversoul coupon codes. Now let’s check this character profile:

  • Petra’s affiliation is Team Undertaker
  • Petra’s height is 144CM
  • Birthday: 04/23
  • Hobbies: Being absent-minded, collecting shiny things
  • Specialty: Digging, navigating in the dark
  • Petra likes Shiny things, pranks
  • Petra does not like Restraint, coercion
  • Voice Acting: Minejeong Yeo

Petra Eversoul | Intro


Petra Eversoul | Costumes

  • Lighthouse of the Dead

Petra Eversoul | Faction, Role, And Battle Profile

  • Undead Faction
  • STR
  • Defender Role
  • Debuff

Petra Eversoul | Skills

Main Skill: Energy Absorption

  • Recovers HP by absorbing the surrounding energy. Absorbs HP equal to 12% of the max HP of each enemy within 3m (damage cannot be greater than 300% of Petra’s ATK).
  • Level 2: HP absorption changes to 14%.
  • Level 3: HP absorption changes to 16%. Absorbs 2 times the HP if there is only one enemy within 3m.

Sub Skill: Soul Extortion

  • Extorts the soul of the enemy with the highest ATK and locks it up in the lantern. The target takes 30% of the damage Petra receives for 18 seconds. Soul Extortion is unavoidable.
  • Level 2: Damage transfer changes to 35%.
  • Level 3: Damage transfer changes to 40%. Targets affected by Soul Extortion will attack Petra throughout the duration.

Sub Skill: Soul Release

  • Releases the lamp-bound soul, granting a shield that absorbs damage equal to 140% of Petra’s ATK for 12 seconds to all allies.
  • Level 2: Shield HP changes to 160%.
  • Level 3: Shield HP changes to 180%. Adds an effect that decreases the ATK of enemies within 2.5m by 10% for 8 seconds

Passive: Fickle Grave Keeper

  • If no ally exists within 2.5m around Petra, the Lonely Grave Keeper special buff will increase DEF by 60%. If an ally exists within that range, the Grave Keeper’s Bond special buff will increase ATK by 30%.
  • Level 2: Lonely Grave Keeper buff effect’s DEF increase changes to 70%, Grave Keeper’s Bond buff effect’s ATK increase changes to 35%
  • Level 3: Lonely Grave Keeper buff effect’s DEF increase changes to 80%, Grave Keeper’s Bond buff effect’s ATK increase changes to 40%, Immune to status effects and knockback effects while Lonely Grave Keepers active.

Ultimate: Underworld Keeper’s Evil Eyes

  • Activates Petra’s evil eyes, dealing damage equal to 10% of her max HP to all enemies. removes up to 2 buff effects, and Petra recovers HP equal to DMG dealt (damage cannot be greater than 300% of Petra’s ATK),
  • Level 2: Damage changes to 12%.
  • Level 3: Damage changes to 14%. Changes the number of buffs removed to 3.

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