9 Best Pokemon Games For Android 2018

Last updated on February 24th, 2018 at 03:53 pm

Description – Not everyone wants to go outside and catch Pokemon, Right? So Pokemon Go may not suit you. Check out this list of top best Pokemon games for Android 2018

Niantic’s AR game “Pokemon Go” is one of the best Pokemon games for Android, but not for everyone. If you want Pokemon game that can be enjoyed at home, then you should read this post.

It’s true that last year dozens of superb Pokemon games launched for Android, but due to copyright violation, all these games such as Epicmon, Pocket Origin, Pocket Revolution, and much more removed from Google Play Store.

But still, there are some good best Pokemon games available in Google Play Store. These are top 7 best Pokemon games for Android –

1.) Legends Tour

best pokemon games for androidLegends Tour By Hugefishgame is one of the best Pokemon games for Android. It has hundreds of challenging levels in which you fight against powerful Pokemon and give your best to win the battle. The game contains original Pokemon series’ characters, Pokemon, towns. It features 600 different monsters/Pokemon, 200 kinds of original skills, real-time battle mode, adventure mode, and much more amazing stuff. It is in alpha stage and may be unstable.

Graphics of the game are great. Gameplay – It is like point and click system in which you drag your Pokemon on an attacking location and the Pokemon attacks automatically. It is an online game. Download – Here[Free, Google Play Store].

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2.) Pet Alliance 2

best pokemon games for androidPet Alliance 2 is a good game for Pokemon games lovers because it has many features similar to Pokemon games such as Evolve system, Upgrading, Training, Battle, and more. It is an RPG game in which you train your monsters, fight in PvP battles, evolve, enhance, and upgrade your pets into more powerful forms. It features real-time battle mode, trading system, PvP fights, and much more.

It has good graphics, gameplay is very addictive. One of the best Pokemon games for Android. Download – Here[No Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store].

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3.) Drakomon – Battle & Catch

best pokemon games for androidDrakomon is another one of the best Pokemon games for Android[Clone]. In the game, you explore, catch monsters and fight in battles, train monsters, and evolve dragon monsters. It is really fun game for those who love to play Pokemon games. It has good graphics, gameplay is too addictive. There are plenty of things to do such as dressing up your trainer, catching monsters, challenge other trainers from all over the world and prove your skills in fighting in the PvP multiplayer online mode.

Download – Here[Free, Contains Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store].

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4.) Pokemon Playhouse

best pokemon games for androidIt is specially designed for kids in which the player take care of Pokemon. This probably the best Pokemon game on Android for kids in which there are many things to do such as identifying the Pokemon in the night sky, taking care of your Pokemon, listen to stories, and go on exciting Pokemon adventures. Explore various areas(the tower, the Louge, and Playground), meet new Pokemon, hatch Eggs, and complete Activities. Download – Here[Google Play Store].

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5.) Pokemon Magikarp Jump

best pokemon games for androidIt is one of the highest rated Pokemon games for Android in which you train Magikarp to increase its jump power. You feed your Magikarp, discover all kinds of Magikarp, Spruce up your pond with decorations, and complete the challenges. It is really fun, challenging, and addictive Pokemon game for Android. Download – Here[Google Play Store].

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6.) Pokemon Duel

best pokemon games for androidPokemon Duel is a strategy board game in which you plan your strategy and defeat your opponents in real time fight. The objective is to to be the first player to get one of your figures to your opponent’s goal. You have to set up a strategic formation and attack your opponent to block their path. Pokemon Duel is one of the best Pokemon games for Android that you should play. Download – Here[Contains Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store].

7.) The Grass War 2

best pokemon games for androidThe Grass War 2 is an amazing Pokemon game for Android. If you are looking for an offline Pokemon game, then The Grass War 2 would be the best choice. The game features plenty of Pokemon, each Pokemon uses three types of attack in the battle to slay down the opponent Pokemon. The game features multiplayer mode also, you can play with your friend(LAN multiplayer support). But the game is in a different language, you might not understand the game. I have posted a brief guide for this Pokemon game in the English language, click here to read/download. It has good graphics, outstanding gameplay, and one of the best Pokemon games for Android.

8.) Elf Lab/PocketEra

best pokemon games for androidIf you have noticed, this new game is featuring in Google Play Store’s recommendations. I found this Pokemon game in adventure games category and give it a shot. There was no screenshots and video of this game, I was guessing it as a new unique adventures game, but it turns out to be a Pokemon game “PocketEra”. Yeah! It is a great and one of the best Pokemon games for Android, featuring over 700 Pokemon(Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and all) from the Pokemon anime series. Gameplay: – This Pokemon game offers a turn-based strategy gameplay, you explore the world of Pokemon, fight against new Pokemon, use skills, evolve Pokemon, enhance their skills for epic fights. It is really addictive. It starts with a tutorial, May guides you throughout the game, I did not get Pikachu in the beginning, it states that I will get it on the 7th day as daily login reward. It’s an online Pokemon game. Here are some screenshots of the game 😉

best pokemon games for android

Download this Pokemon game for free – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top best Action games for Android(Fighting Games). Also, see – Best Addictive games for Android

9.) Nexomon


best pokemon games for androidUpdate: – Nexomon has been released for Android on Google Play Store. This one of the best Pokemon games comes with breathtaking graphics and superb addictive gameplay in which you collect over 300 Nexomon, evolve them, and save the world from the Nexomon King. It is an adventurous Pokemon game with lots of fun, you can get it from Google Play Store for free[limited access] and for the full version, you have to pay just $0.99. Download – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games today

Nexomon is among top best Pokemon games. It is already available on iOS devices, the developer recently shared a gameplay and the launch date of Nexomon for Android set on March 1, 2018. The game will come with the PvP multiplayer mode, cloud backups, and the netherworld expansion. It requires the minimum Android version 5.0.

Nexomon/Pokemon game has got the good ratings on iOS, the game is coming to Google Play Store on March 1st. Join Us On Facebook For The Gaming News & Gameplays – MrGuider(Facebook).

These are the top best Pokemon games for Android. We will update this post with new Pokemon games or you can check new best Android games here.

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