Best Action Games For Android 2019(Updated)

Best Action Games For Android
Call Of Duty – Legends Of War

Team-Up with friends or play solo and slay down those elite monsters to grab the treasure! Check out the top best Action games for Android 2019

In today’s post, we have listed the top best Action games for Android 2019; for some action games listed here, you must have a high-end device, while some of these games work flawlessly even on a low-end device. Let’s not waste any time and check out the best action games for Android 2019!

Best Action Games For Android 2019: –

1.) Contra Return

This is the game from the publisher of free fire game. The reason it falls in the top best action games for Android 2019 is its sumptuous graphics, action-packed gameplay, and loads of game modes; Co-Op, solo, multiplayer, arena, and many more. Especially for the players who love shooting games, this one would be the best choice. Some of the things you may not like in this game are; loads of upgrades in the hero, weapon aspect – as same as gacha games. Some of the best pros in the game are; loads of weapons, game modes, amazing graphics. You must have a good Android device to play this game. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

2.) My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure

My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure is the latest action game for Android by Reality Squared Games. With so simple controls, mechanics, good graphics, but challenging boss/dungeon stages, My Heroes Adventure tops in the action game genre. It also features co-op mode along with the solo mode. In this game, you will be playing as a ninja, mage, priest, fighter, and ranger. Defeat those dungeon guards and grab the loot to power-up the main character. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

3.) Hundred Soul

Hundred Soul is another one of the best Action games for Android 2019. Published by Hound 13, the game offers a variety of game modes where you will fight against the region boss, his/her guards. You will team up with one of the partners; known as fellow character. The graphics and the action gameplay this game offers cannot be found in every action game. But it’s very grindy. You will have to repeat the stages many times to power-up the character. If you love hack and slash action games, this one is for you. You must have a good Android device to run Hundred Soul. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

4.) Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises, the game loved by millions of players worldwide deserves to be in the top best Action games for Android 2019 list. It offers console quality graphics, no-auto play crap, hack & slash gameplay, and a variety of game modes; adventure, PvP, multiplayer, Co-Op, and more. In this game, you will be playing as an assassin, berserker, warrior, and the wizard. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

5.) DB Legends

Dragon Ball Legends by Bandai Namco is among top best Action games for Android 2019. With a great story mode which you can play in three sub-modes; easy, normal, hard + 1v1 PvP fights + loads of Dragon Ball anime series characters, DB Legends worth playing. In the game, you will be performing Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Ha, SSS Vegeta’s skills, Rising Rush, and many more characters’ skills. There is an energy system in the story mode, but not in PvP. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

6.) Cat Gunner

Cat Gunner: Super Force by MOG Game Studios is another super cool action game for mobile; light size, pixel graphics, playable on low-end devices. As the name suggests, you will be playing as a cat with a gun in hand to shoot down enemies, boss, save NPCs. It’s a fast-paced shooting game with cute characters, environment. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

7.) Shadow FIght 2

Shadow Fight 2 is better than the expansion; Shadow Fight 3. You can play it offline and there are loads of modes to play; duel, acts, survival, and more. It is one of the fighting action games for mobile ever. Graphics are good, gameplay is amazing, there are many weapons to discover/equip. The expansion SF3 is also good as it has modern graphics, animations, and cool combat system. But we would recommend you to play SF2. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

8.) Honkai Impact 3rd

miHoYo Limited’s Honkai Impact 3rd tops in the action genre because of super amazing graphics, cute characters, and great action-packed gameplay where you will be playings as Valkyries and fight against the powerful dark enemies. There is a variety in game modes, weapons, character combination. You will definitely love it if you love hack & slash games. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

9.) PUBG Mobile

That’s the real game! 2018’s best game on Android, PUBG, offers classic as well as arcade game mode. You can play the classic in four maps; Erangle(beware of snakes), Miramar(Not for snakes), Vikendi(It’s amazing), and Sanhok(a fast-paced battle where a pro can be killed by a snake xD). The arcade mode features War, Quick-Match, Mini-Map, Sniper Training. It’s very addictive! You must have a good internet connection and a good device to play PUBG. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

10.) Call of Duty: Legends of War

Activision’s CoD is another one of the best Android games 2019, featuring top-class graphics, amazing gameplay system for the gamers who love FPS games. There is a PvP mode, a zombie mode where you will battle on amazing maps. That’s another real action game! Download – Here(Google Play Store).

So these are the top best Action games for Android 2019 from our Play Store’s library! Do let us know what’s your favorite action game in the comment section below! It must be new 😀

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