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If you have a high-end device, unlimited data and you are looking for some heavy size games(1GB), then check out the top best 1GB games for Android

It’s been a while since we updated this post. A lot of among you looking for some new heavy size 1GB games for Android to play on a high-end device. We have got some time and updated this post with loads of really good graphics games and all of these games are above 1GB in size(Download size). Let’s get started!

Top Best 1GB Games For Android 2019: –

1.) PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, loved by millions of players worldwide tops this list because of highly addictive gameplay and breathtaking realistic graphics. The game’s size is above 1GB(1.5+) and features a number of maps where you will land, loot, fight, snipe, and get the chicken dinner. Along with a high-end device, you must have a good internet connection to play it without lag. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

2.) Asphalt 9

Asphalt 9: Legends is another one of the best 1GB games for Android 2019. Published by Gameloft on Google Play Store, this arcade racing game come with loads of game modes, tracks(locations), cars, and amazing graphics. The new touchdrive control in Asphalt 9 suits every player who is new in the Asphalt world. The game size is over 1GB. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

3.) Ragnarok M Eternal Love

Ragnarok M Eternal Love is a beautiful MMORPG for Android where you will be playing as an assassin, priest, mage, warrior, and there are many more jobs available to choose from. Unlike other MMORPGs, the player has to complete the quest manually, There is no auto-quest system, but there is an auto-combat system. Since there is no auto-quest crap, you will explore a beautiful world where you will fight against monsters, earn in-game money by completing the quests, and there are plenty of things to do; crafting, trading, pets, PvP, and more. It is another one of the best 1GB games for Android 2019. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

4.) Honkai Impact 3rd

This is a gorgeous ARPG by miHoYo Limited. And, it deserves 5-star in all the aspects; gameplay, graphics, animations, and regular updates. In the game, you will be playing as Valkyries in a wide range of game modes. You will power-up these Valkyries to face off powerful dark enemies by equipping gears, upgrading. The size of the game is above 1GB. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

5.) Ark Survival Evolved

The size of this game is not 1GB, it’s 2GB! Your objective in this game is to build all the essential facilities on an unknown Island where dinosaurs rule. You will build these facilities to make survival easy. But there are loads of challenges to craft all these essential facilities; especially the rare items. You will have to explore a lot to find all the items. You can ride dinosaurs, use them in combat, exploration. There is also a day/night cycle which makes the adventure realistic and fun. Apart from the PvE mode, there is also a PvP mode. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

6.) MHST The Adventure Begins

Monster Hunter Stories is an adventure RPG for Android by Capcom CO., LTD. In the game, you will be playing as a monster rider. Unlike the hunters who make a living by hunting the monsters, you will befriend these monsters, ride, and explore a vast monster world. It’s a demo version though. If you like the game, you can upgrade to the paid version by spending real money. Download MHST Demo version – Here(Google Play Store).

7.) PES 2019

KONAMI’s PES 2019 Pro Evolution Soccer is one of the best games out there to offer console-quality football gameplay to Android device. You can play it with friends, other players in real-time. Its size is over 1GB and it is one of the best 1GB games for Android in the sports genre. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

8.) Hundred Soul

Hundred Soul is a console-quality ARPG by Hound 13. The game’s size is above 1GB and features a variety of game modes. In terms of progress, you may find it grindy(actually, it is). But the hack & slash gameplay it provides to the player can not be found in most of the ARPGs. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

9.) Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is the best FPS game for Android by Madfinger Games. It features PvP, Co-Op, Boss battles, campaign and a variety of game modes where you will shoot down enemies with the cool guns. Its download size is close to the 1GB(After installation, it takes more than 1GB). Download – Here(Google Play Store).

10.) Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is another one of the best 1GB games for Android. It’s an adventure game where you will make choices, embark on an exciting adventure journey, and discover the endings. For the full game, you will have to spend real money. It worths every penny! The graphics, music, story – everything is fabulous! Download – Here(Google Play Store).

So these are the top best 1GB games for Android 2019. We will update this post with more 1GB games for Android next month!

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