Best Idle Games Android & iOS 2021: March 2021

In today’s post, we are going to showcase a list of top-tier best idle games for Android & iOS 2021: March 2021 list of best Idle games to play on mobile!Best Idle Games

Best Idle Games Android & iOS 2021: March 2021⇓

In this post, we have listed Idle RPGs, Idle Gacha, Idle Clickers, and Casual Idle games. Hope you will like the list. We will continue to update this list with fresh content! So let’s not waste any time and check out the best idle games for Android & iOS 2021(March 2021): –

Legends of Idleon

Best Idle Games

The first game in this list is Idle MMO named “Legends of Idleon”, published by LavaFlame2. It plays in landscape mode. You will start by creating a character and progress through the quests. Right after the prologue, you will end up in a town where you will find NPCs that give you quests, there are some facilities out there to craft weapons, armors, and items. You can either focus on the quests or character development. 

There is mining, fighting, fishing, crafting, grinding, and a ton of other things that you will enjoy. Everything can be set on auto(you can leave the character AFK grinding before leaving the game). This is the best idle game that we have ever played on mobile. 

Melvor Idle RPG: Best Idle Games 2021

Best Idle Games

Melvor Idle – Idle RPG is quite an interesting game where you will be mastering dozens of skills such as fishing, cooking, mining, farming, and more through grinding. It also features a simple yet challenging combat system that has boss fights, monster fights, dungeon battles, etc. It plays in portrait mode. You should definitely give it a shot. 

Home Quest – Idle Adventure

Best Idle Games

Home Quest is one of the best idle games available on Android & iOS. The gameplay involves many fun activities; from setting up the town, building facilities, managing workers to recruiting army troops, conquering lands, and managing the resources. You get to build a town where you can set up facilities such as farms, workplaces, houses, military, and more. Recruit troops to conquer lands and expand your reach. 

Spaceplan – Paid Idle Game

Best Idle Games

Spaceplan is a premium idle game; the gameplay is short, you can complete it in a day or two. What we like about this game is its story(hilarious), casual idle gameplay, and unqiue concept. You will be discovering the secrets of five planets, enjoying the story, get to unlock fifteen starchy items. Probably one of the best premium idle games available on Android & iOS. 

Kittens – Paid Idle Game: Best Idle Games 2021

Best Idle Games

Kittens is another premium idle game in this best idle games list. In the game, the player builds a village of kittens; there are around 30 buildings that you can set up in the village, lots of resources would be required to get things done, there would be techs to unlock unqiue stuff and make progress in the game. The gameplay is idle; all you need to make action on upgrades, techs, and resource grinding.

AFK Arena – Idle Gacha RPG

Best Idle Games

AFK Arena is the first idle gacha RPG on this list. The game is very popular. It has a campaign, event, and arena game modes. You, as a player, set up a team of heroes, which fight the enemies. All the heroes have got unique skills and strengths. You will have to get familiar with each one of them to get the most out of their potential. If you are looking for an idle gacha, then you should try AFK Arena. 

Idle Skilling Pocket RPG Tycoon: Best Idle Games 2021

Best Idle Games

Idle Skilling is among the top best idle games for Android & iOS, published by LavaFlame2, the creator of Legends of Idleon, the game which we have mentioned at the top. Just like that game, Idle Skilling is rich in content; fighting, mining, fishing, crafting, smithing, farming, management, and much more. You should definitely give this idle game a try if you are bored of casual idle games. 

So this would be all in this post on best idle games Android & iOS 2021: March 2021. We will continue to add more good idle games. You can share your favorite idle games in the comments. 

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  1. You should consider trying The King’s Army : Idle Rpg as well. In the form of a zoo. Each animals have racials and 5 classes you can amass. Lots of configuration, lots of possibility. Graphics are also gorgeous.

    I am a FTP for the time being and it is amongst the most FTP friendly I have seen as well. Its a new games, time to jump in an try it. Its awesome.