Best MMORTS Games For Android 2018

Last updated on November 14th, 2018 at 03:17 am

MMORTS genre is one of the popular game genres. If you are looking for the best MMORTS games to play on Android, then you should check out our list

On Google Play Store, hundreds of MMORTS are available for free. Well, In almost every game, one can boost the progress by spending real money. If you are looking for well-balanced MMORTS games in which it’s easy to grab items, in-game currency, then have a look at the list we have prepared for you. In all these games, you will build your own base, city or village and fight against other players for the resources. Additionally, upgrading & training the troops to defend the city would be your another main job. Let’s take a look at the best MMORTS games for Android 2018.

1.) Rise Of Civilizations

Best MMORTS Games For AndroidRise Of Civilizations is one of the best MMORTS games for Android 2018. Published by Lilith games, the game features an amazing UI for the players, better than all MMORTS games. The reason why we put this game on #1 rank is its game mechanics. In the game, you can easily earn gems by completing the daily objectives. The players can even increase the VIP level using these gems. Additionally, the game grants you free resources when you heavily attacked by an enemy. With these resources, you can easily stand up with +70% injured troops. In short, it’s a great game. Rewards can be obtained easily. And by participating in the events, you can earn premium in-game items for free. The game is available for free on Google Play Store. Download – Here.

2.) Age Of Z

Best MMORTS Games For AndroidAge Of Z is a brand new and one of the best MMORTS games for Android 2018. Its mechanics are similar to other MMORTS games. You will build a strong base on a random location in the world. And the world is dominated by the zombies. These zombies have a number of items, the in-game currency. You will fight against these zombies to acquire the treasure. Use this treasure in the building, upgrading the facilities. Additionally, you will research in the academy to activate buffs. Overall, a good game. Like Rise Of Civilizations, you can earn gold by completing the quests and use this in-game currency to increase VIP level. The graphics are also awesome. This game is available on Google Play Store for free. Download – Here.

3.) Viking Village

Best MMORTS Games For AndroidViking Village is is another one of the best MMORTS games for Android. Published by Limitless Fun, LLC, the game features a casual village theme. You will build the village in the game and to grow it, you will construct many facilities to produce resources, train troops, and for defense. However, it features Ads(Skippable). Viking Village game comes with so many modes; adventure, quick survival, 1v1, peaceful, and more. The graphics of this game are also good. Download – Here.

4.) Madlands Mobile

Best MMORTS Games For AndroidMadlands Mobile is the latest and among top best MMORTS games for Android. Published by IGG, the game features similar mechanics. But it’s fast-paced. All you have to do is build the garage base, manufacture the vehicles, choose the best heroes for the march, and attack enemy territories. You will gather the resources on the world map with the help of units. Additionally, don’t forget to increase the power as you will start getting attacks from the enemies once you reach a certain level. In short, upgrade, train, defend, loot, and enjoy. Download – Here.

5.) Warrior Saga

Best MMORTS Games For AndroidWarrior Saga is one of the best MMORTS games for Android 2018. Published by HERO GAME, it comes with a unique game system. With the unique system we mean it’s very engaging; building, setting-up defense, heroes-upgrading, battle modes too(TD). And there are plenty of things to do. We have also shared a complete guide recently on this game. Warrior Saga game comes with pixel graphics, the battle system is like TD – you will have to destroy the enemy tower to win the match. The PvP mode is also good; you can loot the resources from the enemy base. Similarly, the enemy can send his/her team to your base to steal the resources. Make sure to defend the base from enemies. Overall, it’s a great game. Download – Here.

6.) Iron Throne

Best MMORTS Games For AndroidNetmarble’s Iron Throne is another one of the best MMORTS games for Android 2018. In the game, you build your own citadel and build facilities, training centers, resources centers, and more. Among all these games listed here, Iron Throne game features so many engaging modes; Town mode, Battle Royale, Team matches, and PvP. Iron Throne game’s graphics are excellent. You should give it a shot. Download – Here.

So these are the top best MMORTS games for Android 2018. We will update this list with more new MMORTS games soon.

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