[Updated]Best Time Killer Games For Android

Looking For Time Killing Games For Android? Your Search Is Over. Here’s The List Of Top Best Time Killer Games For Android

There Are Many Time Killer Games Available On Google Play Store. But Only A Few Of Them Really Worth. Today We Are Sharing Top Best Time Killing Games That You Should Have To Play On Your Android. Some Of The Games Are Paid While Some Are Free. So, Please Read Full Post.

Top Best Time Killer Games Of This Month(See – Top new best time killer Android games) –

1.) Drag’n’Run

Drag’n’Run Is A New Android Game By AxesInMotion Racing[Developer Of Popular “Extreme Car Simulator Game]. In This Game, Your Goal Is To Collect Coins Spread In The Air. You Boost The Speed Of Car Wih Nitro And Fly In The Air. Collect Coins And Use Them To Get Boosters. Download – Here.

2.) Cally’s Caves 4

Cally’s Caves In One Of The Best Addictive Action-Platformer Game In Which You Slay Down Bad Guys With Dozens Of Weapons. It Comes With Regular, Survival, And Qwerty Zone/Mode. Each Zone Has Own Difficulty Level And It Is Too Amazing And Time Killer. Learn More About Cally’s Caves 4 Here.

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The Top 5 First Of This Month[NEW] –

1.) Rainbow Rocket


It’s A New Arcade Android Game And A Great Time Killer Too. You Have To Destroy Asteroids, Meteors Falling Down From The Sky. You Release Your Rockets To Destroy Them Before They Break The Last Point. Read More/Download.

2.) Beat Street

Beat Street Is A New Retro Fighting Game By Luck Cat Studios. You Are The Hero Of City And Help People From Bad Guys. You Fight With Bosses, Bad Guys And Manage Peace In Your City. Read More/Download.

3.) Drag’n’Boom

Drag’n’ Boom Is One Of The Highest Rated Game On Google Play Store[4.9]. You Play As A Naughty Young Dragon And With Fire Balls You Kill Knight’s Men. This Game Is Full Of Fun, Great Time-Killer. Read More/Download.

4.) Become A Legend

Become A Legend: Dungeon Quest Is A Platformer Game Which Is Quite Different From Other Platformer Games On Gameplay Basis. It’s Too Hard Because Of Many Hurdles. Your Goal Is To Reach The Final Point. You Have Limited Health-Can You Complete The Mission? Read More/Download.

5.) Pixel Force 2

If You Love Shooting Game, Then This Game Would Be The Best Option For You. It Is A Retro Style Shooting Game With Dozens Of Levels And Hours Of Gameplay. You Shoot Bad Guys With Guns, Break Walls/Blast Oil Tanks With Your Guns And Complete Missions.Read More/Download.

Bonus – Three New Mini-Games – Google Play Games App Now Have Three Built-In Mini Games – Check Out.

Zombieville USA 2 –

It Is A Zombie Shooting Arcade Action Game In Which You Fight With Enemies. Tons Of Weapons, Playable Characters, Content Are Available In This Game. Size – 63 MB, Price- $1, Download: Here

Wayward Souls

It Is An Action-Adventure Game With Retro Graphics. Up To 13 Arena, Each Arena Comes With Different Monsters. In This Game, You Fight For Survival. One Of The Best Addictive Game. Size – 35MB, Price – $4-5, Download: Here

Flying Slime

It Is Another Adventure Game With Excellent Graphics. In This Game, You Play As Slime And Move Further To Final Location By Swinging. Protect Yourself From Harvest Machine Which Will Try You To Kill. Learn More About Flying Slime.Price-Free

Galactic Warrior

In Tihs Game, You Play As Warrior And Your Goal Is To Defeat Waves Of Enemies To Obtain Gold, Armor, And Reach The Glory. It Is A Fast-Paced Action Game. Price – Free. Size – 28MB. Download: Here

This War Of Mine

It Is A Great Simulation Game In Which You Experience The Struggle Of Civilians Trying To Survive In A War-Torn City. This Game Provides You A Complete Experience Of War Seen. Can You Survive? You Should Play This Game. Price-Almost $14. Download: Here, Size – Under 500 MB(473).


It Is Similar To Above Mentioned Game But There Is No War Type Experience. Your Only Goal In This Game Is To Survive As Long As You Can. Create Your Family, Take Care Of Them And Survive. Learn More About Sheltered, A Survival Game.[Paid].

The World Ends With You

It Is A Great RPG Game With Excellent Graphics. In This Game, You Play AsNeku Who Wakes Up In A Crowded Intersection, Alone, And Unaware Of How He Got There. This Game Comes With An Expensive Price Tag, But Worth Every Penny. Addictive+Exciting+Ultimate. Price – Almost $19. Download: Here.


In This Game, You Play As A Young Naughty Dragon, To Increase Your Treasury Gold, You As A Dragon Kill Enemies With Fire Balls And Steal Their Gold. Price – Free. Learn More About Drag’n’Boom Game.

Bacon May Die

It Is A Great Fighting Action Game With Fun Ninja Combat And Slow Motion Shooting Action.In This Game, You Battle With Evil. Many Types Of Deadly Weapons Are Available. Slow Motion Fighting Mechanics, Endless Shooting/Fighting Game. Price – Free. Download: Here

Stop It

Stop It Is A New Time Killer Game In Which You Have To Complete 7 Challenges. Some Of the Challenges Has Up To 60 Levels. Your Goal In This Game Is To Stop Clock At Right Time. Price – Free, Learn More About Stop It Game.

Bloons Super Monkey 2

In This Game, You Play As Supermonkey And Fly Over The Cloud. Destroy All Balloons With Power-Ups, Weapons. Over 50 Levels Are Available In This Game. Learn More About This Game[Paid].

Super Phantom Cat 2

Another Time Killer Game, Comes With A Great Design. You Play As A Cat, Explore Different Types Of Arenas. Your Goal Is To Find Your Sister. Collect Coins, Explore Hidden Places. Learn More About This Platform Game.

Death Road To Canada

This Zombie Game Is No Doubt One Of The Best Adventures, Action Game. You Play As A Random Player With A Buddy Who Follows You. Your Goal In This Game Is To Kill Zombies. Learn More About Death Road To Canada[Paid].

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Mmm Fingers 2

This Is The Second Part Of Finger Munching Game That Comes With New Monsters, Obstacles. Learn More[Free].

Epic Conquest

This Is Another Time Killer Action RPG Game. You Can Play This Game Offline. There Is 3 Playable Character In This Game. Your Goal Is To Protect Villagers From Monsters. Learn More[Free].

Love You To Bits

One Of The Best Cutest Game, Love You To Bits Is A Paid Game. It Is A Point-Click Adventure Game. In This Game, You Will Follow The Journey Of Kosmo. Explore Strangest Worlds And Planets. Learn More[Paid Game].

Rivers Puzzles

It Is A New Addictive Puzzle Game With Tons Of Levels. You Have To Follow Some Rules And Start Solving Puzzle. Learn More[Free Game].


It Is A RPG Game In Which You Kill Your Enemies With Poisons, Meteor Strikes. Over 100 Items To Collect And 30+ Levels, Boss Battles. Price – Free. Download: Here.

Pixel Force 2

It Is A Retro Style Addictive Shooting Game In Which Dozens Of Guns, Arenas Are Featured. In This Game, You Play As A Shooter And Shoot All Those Enemies With Powerful Guns. Learn More[Free Game].

Summoner’s Greed

In This Game, You Play As Summoner Who Steal The Treasury Of King. After It, King Orders Their Soldiers To Catch You. Your Goal Is To Attack On King’s Men With Monsters. Learn More[Free Game].

Stranger Things

In This Game, You Play As A Detective And Complete The Missions By Finding Clues, Exploring Different-Different Places. Learn More[Free Game].

Word Games For Android

Jelly Defense Lite

In This Game, You Have To Defend Your Treasury From Bad Jellies. You Have To Place Towers Which Attack On Bad Jellies. It Is A Great Time Killer Game. Learn More[Free].

Mono Golf

Monogolf Is A Light Size, Time Killer Game For Android In Which Your Goal Is To Hit The Golf Ball To Hole In One Turn. Learn More[Free Game].


Letterpress Is An Addictive Word Game. In This Game, You Have To Form Long Words From Letter Tiles. If Opponent Lose All Letter Tiles, You Wil Win. Learn More[Free Game].

Equilibre: Endless Balance

In This Game, You Have To Balance The Stack Of Sacks. Play This Game And Know How Long You Can Balance The Stack Of Sacks. Learn More[Free Game].

Pokemon Playhouse

In This Game, Your Goal Is To Take Care Of Your Pokemon. This Game Is Specially Made For Kids. Learn More[Free].

Lol Karts

It Is A Multiplayer Car Racing Game In Which You Play As A Dude Initially. Later You Can Change Your Avatar. Learn More[Free Game].


It Is Another Car Racing Game In Which Dozens Of Racing Tracks, Game Modes Are Available. Learn More[Free Game].

Means Machine

In This Game, You Have To Control Your Car Machine And Attack On Other Cars. Play Live Mode To Enjoy This Great Game. Learn More[Free Game].

Kung Fu Quest

This Is A Side Scrolling Fighting Game, Full Of Action. In This Game, You Play As A Kung Fu Fighter. There Are 37 Challenging Stages To Clear. Price-Free. Size-26MB. Download: Here.

Sword Of Xolan

It Is An Action Platformer Game. You Play As Xolon, A Young And Brave Man Who Fight For Justice. There Are 30 Adventures Levels, Over 30 Enemies Like Zombies, Flying Creatures, And Giants. Price-Free, Size-28 MB. Download: Here.

Puzzle Game For Android

Spout: Monochrome Mission

Spout Is Your Spaceship In This Game. Your Goal Is To Go As High As Possible To Reach The Outer Space. It Is A Time Killer Arcade Game. Price-Free. Download: Here, Size-12 MB.

Cafe Racer

It Is An Endless Motorcycle Racing Game For Android. Tilt, Slide, Touch, And Gamepad – Controls. The Faster Your Ride The Faster Your Score Will Rise. Download: Here, Size – 54MB, Price-Free.


It Is A Great Time Killer Strategy Based Game With Excellent Graphics. In This Game, You Play As Brad. Navigate Your Party Through The Hordes Of Enemies. Attack, Dodge, And Prevent Them From Destroying Your Town’s Crystal. Download: Here. Price-Free. Size-46.81 MB.

Smash Bandits Racing

It Is One Of The Best Time Killer Racing Game For Android. Graphics Of This Game Are Excellent. Download: Here, Price-Free. Size-192MB.

Super Hexagon

It Is An Awesome Time Killer Arcade Game. With Brilliant Design, Great Gameplay, This Is No Doubt One Of The Best Paid Time Killer Game. Download: Here, Price-$3, Size-25MB.

Sakura Blade

It Is A Light Size Action Game. Dozens Of Chapters Are Available To Clear. Just Kill. Download: Here, Size:12MB. Price-Free

Super Samurai Rampage

It Is A Retro Style Arcade Game. You Play As Samurai And Defeat Your Enemies With Skills. Price-$2, Download: Here


It Is Quite Popular Game Adventure Game For Android. In This Game, You Build Your Sweet House, Battle With Enemies. Explore The World And Unlock Over 500 Craftable Items. Price-$5. Download: Here.

Don’t Starve Pocket Edition

This PC Game Now Available On Android. It Is A Survival Game In Which You Explore Strange Creatures, Dangers, And Surprises. Craft Items By Gathering Resources. Price-$5. Download: Here

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Barrier X

It Is Another Arcade Game With 7 Endless Levels. In This Game, You Control A Plane. Speed Of The Plane Is Very Very Very Fast. You Should Play This Game. Download: Here, Price – Free. Size – 32MB.

Bushido Bear

It Is A Sword-Slashing Action Game In Which You Are A Ninja. Your Goal Is To Defend Your Forest From Bad Guys. It Is Really Nice Game. Download: Here. Price – Free, Size – 92MB.

Danmaku Unlimited 3

It Is The Third Part Of Danmaku Series. It Is An Arcade Paid Game. In This Game, You Shoot, Explode, Dodge, And Repeat. Download: Here. Price – $5. Size – 89MB

Dash Titans

It Is An Action Game In Which You Defeat Warriors, Archers, And Mages. Download: Here. Price – Free, Size – 23MB.

Death By Ninja

In This Game, You Play As Ninja And Your Goal Is To Survive. Waves Of Enemies Will Attack On You With Their Swords. Show Your Ninja Skill By Killing Them. Download: Here. Price – Free.


Down Well Is A 2D Platformer Vertical Rogue-Like-Action Game. In This Game, You Explore Creatures, Mysterious Secrets To Collect The Red Gems Scattered About The Rocks. Download: Here. Price – $3. Size – 47MB.


It Is Quite Popular Arcade Game On Google Play Store With Over 10 Million Downloads And 4.5 Rating. Control Two Vessels In Sync, Keep Calm, Survive Against Odds. Download: Here, Size – 57MB, Price – Free.

Ridiculous Fishing

This Is A Game Based On Fishing Tasks. Unlock New Weapons, Explore Seas, Hours Of Gameplay. If You Are Looking For A Best Fishing Game, Then Must Try This One. Price – $3. Size – 35MB. Download – Here.


In This Arcade Game, You Control A Ship With Two Buttons. One Button To Rotate The Ship Clockwise, And Another Button To Rotate Anti Clock Wise. Your Goal Is To Pass Away Through Gates, Without Crashing Into Them. Download: Here. Size – 29MB. Price – Free.

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Tiny Guardians

It Is An Addictive Strategy Game In Which You Embark On Epic Journey. Beware Of Wild Beasts, Eerie Creatures. Download: Here. Price – $5.

Bee Brilliant: Blast

In This Game, You Have To Match The Flower Tiles Of The Same Color. It Is Similar To Candy Crush Game. Previous Part Of This Game Hits 10 Million Downloads On Google Play Store. Learn More[Free].

Cat Quest

Cat Quest Is A Great Adventure Game In Which You Have To Save Cat World. You Play As Hero. Explore The Open World, Kill Monsters. Learn More[Paid Game].


ICEY Is A Great Action In Which Your Only Goal Is Kill Zudost. Your Character Does Not Have Past, Memory. This Game Is Full Of Action. Learn More[Paid Game].

Dragon Hills 2

This Part In A Short Time Hits Over 1 Million Downloads. Developed By Famous Developer Rebel Twins. Your Only Goal In This Game Is Destroy Everything.Learn More[Free].

Kingsman – The Secret Service

In This Game, You Build Your Kingsman Base. Defend It. Engage In Fierce Combat. Explore Enemy Hideouts. Learn More[Free Game].

Nono Islands

In This Game, You Explore Mysterious Nono Islands, Avoid Dangerous Traps, There Are Five Different Heroes Available To Choose From. Size – 71 MB. Price – Free. Developer – Illusion Labs.

Snake On A String

It Is A Snake Game In Which You Control Your Snake. More Than 200 Levels Are Featured In This Game. If You Are Looking For A Snake Game Then Try This Game. Price – Free. Size – 23MB. Developer – Dunderbit

Vista Golf

One Of The Best Mini Golf Game On Google Play Store Is No Doubt Vista Golf. Simply Drag-And-Shoot. 3 New Courses Every Week. Download Size – 33 MB. Price- Free. Developer – Shallot Games, LLC

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Super Dangerous Dungeons

It Is An Action Platformer Game. Similar To Super Mario Game Design. Run, Jump, Avoid Traps. It Is A Great Time Killer Platformer Game. Download Size – 26 MB, Price – Free, Developer – Adventure Islands

Oil Hunt

In This Game, You Play As Oil Hungry Heroes Or Monsters In Search Of Oil. It Is A Great Time Waster Arcade Game. This Game Comes With Many Tracks. Download Size – 47MB, Price – Free, Developer – PlayFlame

Red Ball 4

Roll, Jump And Bounce Through Over 75 Exciting Levels In This Full Of Adventure Game. Game Size – 55MB. Price – Free. Developer – FDG

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Robbery Bob 2

In This Game, Your Role Is Of Thief. Each Level Of This Game Comes With A Different Task. Can You Steal Like A Professional Thief? If Yes!! Then You Should Play This Robbery Game. Size – 88MB, Price – Free. Developer – Light Eight AB

Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

This Is One Of The Best Time Waster Game. Play In Multiplayer Mode And You Will Forget Everything Around You. Just Kill Your Friend’s Character With Weapons. Download Size: 45 MB, Price – Free. Developer – Appsomniacs LLC.

Sniper Vs Thieves

Another Robbery Game With Different Adventure And Action. Loot As A Gang Of Thieves, Over 50 Weapons And Gadgets, 100+ Masks ARE Some Of Best Feature. Download Size – 154 MB, Price – Free, Developer – Play Stack

Metal Soldiers 2

In This Great Time Killer Action Game, You Have To Complete Missions. Get Yourself In A Battle Tank, Helicopter To Battle The Rebel Forces. Download Size – 21MB, Price – Free, Developer – Play365

Stupid Zombies

In This Game, Your Goal Is To Kill Zombies With Your Gun. Zombies Would Not Attack On You. Difficulty Is You Have Limited Number Of Bullets And Number Of Zombies Are More. Download Size – 37MB, Price – Free, Developer – Game Resort

Cricket Games For Android

Endless Lake

In This Game, You Play As Cube. Cube Need To Make It From One Side Of The Lake To The Other Without Falling Into The Water. Can You Help Him? Download Size – 26MB, Price – Free, Developer – Spil Games

Run Sheldon

In This Time Waster Casual Game, You Play As A Tortoise And Face Rabbits Who Will Try To Stop You. Glide, Drop, Turbo Are The Controls. Explore Great And New Environments. Download Size – 43 MB, Price – Free, Develope – Bee Square Games

Weave The Line

It Is A New Puzzle Game In Which You Solve The Puzzle By Making The Shape That Show At The Top. Can You Make? Find Out By Downloading This Best Time Killer Puzzle Game. Download Size – 36.79 MB, Price – Free, Developer – Boomster Studio.

Leep On

It Is A Great Arcade Game For Android. Play With One Hand. Touch And Hold To Swing Around The Centre While Avoiding Black Shapes. Size – 36 MB, Developer – Noodlecake Studios

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Save Dash

Save Dash Is Also One Touch Arcade Game Like Leap On. But Task Is Different. If You Are Looking For A Difficult Time Killer Game, Then Play Save Dash. In This Game, You Have To Face Obstacles, And Save Dash. Size – 52 MB, Price – Free, Developer – 10arvens

Fling Fighters

It Is A Combat Game Where You Time Each Attack For Maximum Effect. You Jump, Evade Enemy Throws. Wait For The Right Moment To Throw Your Weapons. Many Types Of Weapons Are Available To Choose In Batlle Against Boss. Download Size – 48 MB, Price – Free, Developer – Craneballs.

Other Time Killer Games –

  • Dan The Man
  • Western Cowboy: Fighting Game
  • Splash Cars
  • Smashy Duo[MUST PLAY] By Big Frost Games
  • Run And Gun Banditos
  • Incredible Jack: Jump And Run
  • Zombie Offroad Safari
  • Bullet Boy
  • Vertigo Racing
  • Flippy Hills[MUST PLAY] By Woof Games
  • Rider By Ketchapp
  • Crab War
  • Carry Over The Hill
  • Tiny Archers
  • Bascon Escape
  • Brutal Street 2
  • Hazy Race
  • Bomb Hunters
  • 32 SECONDS
  • Guns And Spurs
  • Big Hunter
  • Power Hover
  • Hillrider 2
  • Hopping Penguin
  • GX Motors
  • Trench Assault
  • Dead Venture: Zombie Survival

Upcoming – Mighty Battles, Light A Way, Naruto X, Monument Valley 2.

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