23 Top Best Zombie Games For Android(Latest)

Looking For Best Zombie Games For Android? Your Search Is Over.Here Is The List Of Top Zombie Games-From Light Size To Fully-Action-Packed, From Retro To 3D, From RPG to Zombie Car, New Best Zombies Games For Android 2018

On Google Play Store, Thousands Of Zombie Games Are Available For Free To Download, But Only A Few Of Them Really Worth Download. Today We Are Sharing The Top Best Zombie Games For Android, You Should Have To Play If You Love Zombie Games, Zombie Car Games Etc.

Update: – 2 Games Added To The List

25.) SWAT and Zombies 2

best zombie gamesSWAT and Zombies 2 is among top new best Zombies games for Android 2018. If you have ever played Plants Vs Zombies game, and you are looking for Plants Vs Zombies games, then you should give it a try. In this game, the player assembles a team of fighters on the ground to slay down zombies. The game features plenty of game modes and it would be hard for the player if you are not choosing the right strategy. Read More/Download – here(MG Coverage).[Also, see – The Walking Dead: Our World, A new location-based Zombie game announced]

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24.) World Zombie Contest

best zombie gamesWorld Zombie Contest is a new Idle game for Android in which the player recruit, add, upgrade zombies, and increases the power of the team to slay down evil monsters. As mentioned above, it is an Idle game, your goal is to keep the team balance; add more zombies to your team, upgrade them, enhance production, earn bucks, and complete all goals. It is one of the best Idle Zombie Games for Android. Read More/Download – here(MG Coverage).

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Before Update: – 23 Best Zombie Games For Android

1.) Into The Dead 2

Best Zombie GamesThe Sequel To The One Of The Best Zombie Games Series “Into The Dead” Is Now Out And Hits Over 1 Million Downloads In A Short Span Of Time. This Is One Of The Best Fully-Action-Packed Zombie Games For Android. In This Zombie Game, Your Only Goal Is To Survive As Long As You Can. Can You Survive? How Far Will You Go To Make It Out Alive? You Have Most Powerful Weapons, Upgrade Them And Kill Those Bad Zombies Who Always Try To Eat You/Kill You.

This Game Comes With 7 Action-Packed Chapters, 60 Adventures Stages, And Most Notable – Hundreds Of Challenges. Stunning Graphics, Much Better Game Controls, And This Game Is Free!! Size – 350MB. Download – Here.

2.) Zombie Dash

Best Zombie GamesZombie Dash Is One Of The Best Light Size Endless Zombie Shooter Games For Android. This Zombie Game Size Is Just 5MB. You Play As A Stylish Guy Who Is Expert In Shooting. Did You Ever See Zombies Are Falling From Sky? If Not Then Play This Game And You Will See!! There Is No End Of This Game,

You Just Run, Jump, Collect Coins, Collect Amazing Stunning Powerful Weapons, And Kill Zombie Waves. As You Play Continuously, Speed Of The Game Will Increase And You Have To Shoot Zombies Fast. There Are Only 3 Life, Once You Lose All Of Them, You Need To Play The Game Again. Size – 5MB, Price – Free, Download – Here. Game Controls – Easy To Use.

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3.) Zombie Highway 2 – Best Zombie Game+Car Game

Best Zombie GamesYou Start The Game With A Car, Driving On A Highway. But Instead Of Normal People On Highway, There Are Zombies. You Have Car, Guns, And Zombies Are On Highway? What Would You Do? Kill Them. These Zombies Will Try To Attack On You, But You Have To Stop Them.

The Goal Is To Survive, But It Would Be Hard For You. This Zombie Game Comes With 6 Re-Designed Cars, 18-Upgradable Weapons, 11 Types Of Zombies, 67 Challenges.

Controls – Tilt – Run Them Down Before They Can Jump On Your Car. Tap – Shoot Zombies With Handguns, Shotguns, And Other Weapons. Price – Free. Size – 90MB, Download: Here.

4.) DEATH Road TO Canada

Best Zombie GamesIf You Forget To Play This Game, Then You Will Miss Best Zombie Killing Experience. Noodlecake Studios The Developer Of Death Road To Canada Launched This One Of The Best Zombie Game On Android. In This Game, You Play As A Random Player With A Buddy. Explore Different-Different Types Of Places And Kill Zombies.

You Start With A Quick Tutorial In This Zombie Game. You Can Exit The Tutorial And Start The New Game Anytime. After It, You Have To Choose The Place Where You Have To Complete Mission. For Example – To Get Food.

Outside Of The Place – Zombies, Inside The Place – Zombies. Can You Survive? Because There Are Tons Of Zombies Who Will Try To Eat You. You Can Pick Weapons Like Chair, Baseball Bat Or Other Stuff To Throw On Zombies. This Is Game Is Little Bit Hard, A Great Time Killer, Retro Style, And Full-Of-Action. Must Play!! It Is One Of The Best Killing Zombie Games For Android. Price – $10 Almost. Download: Here. Learn More.

5.) Zombie Tsunami

Best Zombie GamesThis Is One The Most Popular Zombie Games On Google Play Store – Hits Over 100 Million Downloads And Rating Is 4.4. Your Role In This Game Is Not As A Hero Who Will Kill Zombies. You Play As Zombies And Attack On The City. Make The People Zombies. Eat Your Friends, Challenge Them To A Crazy Race By Destroying Everything In Your Path.

This Zombie Game Comes With 10 Bonuses, Ninjas, Dragons, UFOs, And Much More. Over 300 Missions, 11 Sets To Travel Are Featured In This Time Killer, Addictive Zombie Game.

Controls Are Great – One Touch Gameplay To Control Your Zombie Gang. Download Size – 61MB, Price – Free, Download: Here. Graphics- Excellent, Control – Excellent.

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6.) Unkilled Multiplayer Zombie Survival Shooter Game

Best Zombie GamesUnkilled By Madfinger Games Is Another Popular Best Zombie Game For Android With Superb Graphics Quality, Fully-Action-Packed, Crossed Over 10 Million Downloads With 4.5 Rating On Google Play Store. In This Game, You Can Choose One Of 5 Unique Characters. Target And Shoot Zombies,

Best First Person Shooter – Online Player Vs Player Multiplayer Mode, Tons Of Guns Are Available To Shoot Your Opponent And Kill With A Style. This Game Comes With Over 150 Missions, Unique Enemies And Bosses i.e. Butcher, Sheriff, Dodger.

Build Your Own Zombie Army And Go To War Against Other Payers. Over 40 Weapons – LSAT Machine Gun, SAIGA-12K Shotgun Etc. Are Featured In This Zombie Game. Download Size – 365 MB, Price – Free, Download – Here.

7.) Dead Target: First Person Shooter Zombie Apocalypse Survival Game

Best Zombie GamesDead Target Is Another Great Zombie Shooter Game For Android. With Over 10 Million Downloads, 4.5 Rating On Google Play Store, Dead Target Hold Place In Best Zombie Games List. In This Game, Your Goal Is To Survive As Long As You Can. You Have Epic Weapons To Kill Zombie Waves,

Upgrade Weapons And Face Powerful Zombies. This Game Provides You 3D Shooting Experience. You Are A Zombie Hunter, Can You Survive? Zombies – They Have Special Killing Abilities, Some Of Them Are Highly Infected With Virus.

Weapons – Rifle, Shotgun, Grenade, Machine Gun!! What Do You Need? Everything Is Available. Show Your Gaming Skill And Shoot Zombies With A Head Shot. Graphics – Excellent 3D Graphics, Game Controls – Excellent. Price – Free, Download Size – 82 MB(Google Play), Download – Here.

8.) Zombie Catchers

Best Zombie GamesIn This Game, You Are A Zombie Catcher. Zombies Are Afraid Of You. They Will Try To Escape, But You Need To Find Them Because Your Business Depends On These Zombies. You Have Many Gadgets Which Helps You To Catch Zombies. Zombies Too Have Defend Items Which Protect Them From You.

But You Have Gadgets i.e. Traps To Hunt And Capture Ripe Zombies, Once You Catch Them – Take Them To Your Secret Underground Lab, And Make Juice Of Them. That’s Your Business.

Variety Of Gadgets Are Locked, You Have To Unlock Them To Make Your Work Easy. This Is One Of The Best Highest Rated Game – 10 Million Downloads – 4.7 Rating. Price – Free, Download: Here, Size – 73MB.

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9.) Guns, Cars, And Zombies

Best Zombie GamesWant To See The Juice/Blood Of Zombies By Killing Them? Then This Game Is Perfect For You. In This Game, Most Deadly Cars Ever Are Featured Which Can Be Customized With More Powerful/Dangerous/Killing Items. Go For A Drive On Highway, And You Will Meet Dangerous Zombies.

Kill Them, Shoot Them With Your Car, Deadly Weapons, And Survive As Long As You Can In This Epic-Action-Packed Game. Hit Zombies, Avoid Obstacles On The Road, Shoot Zombies With Your Guns, Build Or Customize Car → Zombie-Proof Car.

This Game Comes With Dozens Of Deadly Cars, Insane Graphics, Beautiful Locations Which You Convert Into Burial. Various Modes Are Available. Price – Free, Download – Here, Size – 247MB.

10.) Stupid Zombies 3

Best Zombie GamesThis Is The Most Popular Zombie Game Series Ever. Stupid Zombies 3 Is The Third Part, Each Part Of This Game Hits Over 10 Million Downloads. In This Game, You Have A Gun With Limited Bullets, And You Have To Shoot All Those Zombies With These Limited Bullets. This Game Comes With 4 Wild Weapons – Fiery Flare Gun, The Trusty Shotgun, Grannie’s Homemade RPG Launcher, + 200 Levels. Best Zombie Time Killer Game For Android. Download: Here, Size – 42.82 MB, Price – Free.

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