New Android Games 2019 [January 2019 Updates]

New Android GamesLet’s find out the top new arrivals on Google Play Store and play something new & unique. In this article, check out the top best new Android games 2019

Note – We update this post every week and add/remove games. If you want to keep track of all the best new Android games 2019, follow this Google Spreadsheet :D. So, let’s start and explore new Android games 2019!

The Top New Android Games January 2019(Week 3) ->

1.) Cyber Hunter

NetEase’s Cyber Hunter has finally released for Android on Google Play Store. Previously, it was named as Project Battle. If you don’t know about the game; it is similar to fortnite battle royale game where you will fight for the survival and try to be the last one standing. The graphics of Cyber Hunter are amazing. The only problem is it is in soft launch and might not be available in your country. The size of Cyber Hunter is over 1.5 GB. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

2.) King Crusher

King Crusher is an offline and one of the best new Android games 2019. It features two game modes; classic and adventure. In the adventure mode, you will visit a number of places and defeat the monsters with the help of heroes. In the classic mode, random enemies will challenge you for the fight. The battle mechanics are also pretty simple; you just dodge the enemy attacks by moving the character to a safe grid and the heroes in the squad attack the enemies automatically. You can use the spells to deal damage, for buffs; healing. Its size is around 75 MB and available for free. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

3.) MU Origin 2

MU Origin 2, the sequel to hit MMORPG is now officially out on Google Play Store. The sequel lets you play as an archer, a mage, or swordsman in a variety of game modes; PvP, quests, events, and more. The battle system is idle in nature as everything is auto. But in some of the game modes, you will have to control the character manually. Its download size is over 1.3 GB. Get It From – Here(Google Play Store). And, yeah! VIP system is also there.

4.) Fallen World: Jurassic Survivor

Elex, the publisher of Food Fantasy game has just released a brand new survival adventure game for Android. Named as Fallen World, it challenges you to survive in a deadly environment, full of hungry dinosaurs & challenges! You will construct the shelter from scratch using natural components and tame the dinosaurs + there are loads of things to do; gathering, crafting, building. Get It From – Here(Google Play Store).

5.) LifeAfter

Remember the NetEase game “THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW”? It’s now out on Google Play Store, but the English version is not available. It’s an open world survival RPG with breathtaking graphics and survival; gameplay. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

6.) Lemmings

The classic 90s game is now back, redesigned by Sad Puppy Limited, the game features the same gameplay concept, but with cute graphics and modern games mechanics. In the game, you will help them to exit the puzzling scenes. The new game offers loads of levels to complete; all the levels are challenging and with lots of puzzles, traps. Gameplay Video – Here(YouTube). Download – Here(Google Play Store).

7.) Utopia: Origin – Play In Your Way

Utopia: Origin is a sandbox survival game for mobile in which you will build the house, craft loads of items, and hunt the creatures/food/water for the survival. The game offers PvP and PvE modes. If you have ever played games like Ark Survival, you can understand its mechanics. Utopia: Origin offers a cartoonish environment to the player. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Gameplay Video – Here(YouTube).

8.) Miracle – SEA

If you have ever played the mobile version of GrandChase, then you can imagine its gameplay. In the game, you will build the team of characters(with different roles) and fight against the hordes of enemies in a wide range of game modes. The battle system is like this; characters attack the enemies automatically, you tap the skill buttons to cast their skills. Gameplay – Here(YouTube). Download – Here(Google Play Store).

9.) Eternal Rhapsody

Eternal Rhapsody is one of the best new Android games 2019. It’s still in beta, works well though. The game offers turn-based strategy gameplay and has good graphics. You will manage three aspects; combat, mining, and trading. There is no energy system in combat but present in mining/trading aspects. Gameplay Video – Here(YouTube). Download – Here(Google Play Store).

10.) Last Day Survival

Last Day Survival is a top-down shooter for mobile by DreamSky, the creators of League of Stickman game series. In the game, you will visit lots of places on the map and kill the infected monsters/zombies. You will get the loot; guns, items, and money. The player uses in-game money to buy items. Gameplay Video – Here(YouTube). Download – Here(Google Play Store).

11.) Ares Virus

Ares Virus is another one of the best new Android games 2019, published by Qcplay Limited. In this survival game, your objective is to survive as long as you can. You will explore the map, gather resources, and craft useful items for the survival. Ares Virus offers decent graphics, gameplay, and lots of challenging quests. If you love games like Last Day On Earth, then you should give it a shot. You can read more about this game here. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

12.) 7 Days – Decide Your Story

7 Days – Decide Your Story is a storytelling game mode for mobile by Buff Studio. In the game, you will play as Kirell who has lost her memory and finding how she died. In your journey, you will meet a number of characters. The choices you will make will impact the story; connection with characters. It’s not free though. You will have to spend real money to unlock all days. The first one is free. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

13.) Beach Buggy Racing 2

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the latest racing game for mobile by Vector Unit. In the game, you will compete with other players in the event challenges and compete against the A.I. cars in normal mode. Getting new cars and characters is not easy as you need loads of gems, the premium in-game currency. There are lots of tracks, power-ups you can unlock by leveling up. It also features a chest reward system; to get the reward, you will have to wait for hours. However, there is no energy system. So you can play as much as you want. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

So these are the top new Android games 2019. We will update this post next Monday(14th January 2019).

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