Top New Android Games 2018 [Purely new]

Description – Top new Android games 2018 – Are you looking for some purely new Android games? Then you should check out this list of top new best Android games 2018 – Best MMO, MMORPG, RPG, Arcade, Action, For kids, Strategy, Racing, Shooting, Casual, Adventure, and some more gaming apps February 2018

July has started and we are here to share the top best new Android games list with you. We update this post every week, make sure to bookmark this page to check out new Android games every week.

19th July: – 4 New Android Games Has Been Added: –

#1.) Pop Shot Golf

New Android GamesPop Shot Golf is a brand new fun golf game from the creators of Agent Dash game. In the game, you just tap, hold the surface and release to move the ball close to the hole. Pop Shot Golf game features a variety of golf courses. The controls are a little bit complex. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

#2.) Versus Fight

New Android GamesVersus Fight is another one of the best new Android games from the creators of Infinity Co-Op Sci-Fi Shooter game. In the game, you choose one of the available characters and battle against other players from all over the world. It features three game modes; challenges, 1v1, and story. All the game modes are challenging and addictive. Gameplay/Genre: Turn-Based, Skill Cards. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Versus Fight game overview

#3.) Food Fantasy(Region-Specific)

New Android GamesFood Fantasy by Elex is now out for Android on Google Play Store. However, it’s not available for all yet(pre-registration is now live). And it’s not a cooking game. Gameplay; -You battle against enemies, complete the missions, discover the new recipes, and enjoy the foodie adventure. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

#4.) KleptoDogs

New Android GamesIn this game, you send the dogs on the expedition and they come back with coins and items. It also features some mini-games as dogs take time to get back to the home. You can use coins to get gems and use gems to get new dogs. It’s a fun game featuring cute puppies. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

Bonus; 2 New Android Games(Popular Ones, So we are not sharing more details): –

  1. Life Is Strange(Free, In-App Purchase-Not all chapters are free)
  2. Teen Titans Go(Paid)

Next update will be on 25th July as Fortnite may release this 24th.

July 2018: Week 3 – New Android Games

It’s 15th July[next update after 4 days] and here are our top new picks: top best new Android games 2018: –

#1.) The War Of Genesis

New Android GamesThe War Of Genesis is now finally out for all the players. It was in beta for a long time. If you have ever played games like Iron Throne, Mafia City, Guns Of Glory, then it would be easy for you to understand its mechanics. It’s a strategy MMORPG in which you have your own airship and the objective is to increase the power by upgrading all the facilities. The combat system is different; unlike other similar games, it’s turn-based. It also features a wide range of game modes such as PvP, Monster Hunting, Main Story, Sub-Story and more. Pros: – Amazing graphics, gameplay, wide range of game modes, characters. Cons: It’s feel like P2P. Download – Here(Google Play Store)

#2.) Identity V

New Android GamesIdentity V is one of the best new Android games 2018. And it’s totally free! It features 1v4 real-time battle mode in which you play as a survivor or hunter and complete the objective. If you love horror or adventure games, then you should give it a try. You can read more about this game here. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

#3.) Booster Raiders

New Android GamesBooster Raiders is another one of the best new Android games you should try. From the creators of Fruit Ninja and Dan The Man game, Booster Raiders game features an epic online-multiplayer mode in which you beat the rivals and top the leaderboard. The game features three game modes as of now; Race, Lap Race, and UFO. Additionally, it also features your favorite game characters from these games; Jetpack Joyride, Fruit Ninja, and Bear Vs Art, Raskulls, Dan The Man, Age Of Zombies. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

#4.) Boxing Star

New Android GamesThis game was in beta for a long time and FTT has recently released it for all on Google Play Store. Well, it’s really a good game, featuring fast-paced boxing matches, simple controls, fun gameplay. Boxing Star features three modes as of now; story, PvP/league, and photo-match. The reward system is also good and it does not cost too much to play a league match. You can learn more about this game here. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

So these are the top 4 new Android games. Since it’s a short list this week, we will update this post after 4 days. You can submit your suggestions or tell us about your new Android game here.

July 2018: Week 2 – New Android Games 2018: –

#1.) Tennis Bits

New Android GamesTennis Bits is one of the best New Android games 2018, published by PlaySide Studios, the creators of Icy Ropes game. For casual game players, it would be a great choice. It features a wide range of game modes such as challenge mode and an endless mode. Along with game modes, the game also features 45+ cute characters. The gameplay is also nice; controls are simple, graphics are great. Get the victories, earn coins, and spend to unlock a wide range of characters. Download Tennis Bits – Here(Google Play Store).

#2.) RAID: Shadow Legends

New Android GamesRAID Shadow Legends is another one of the best New Android Games. However, it’s currently in beta and might not be available in some countries. It’s a strategic-RPG in which you collect the champions, train them, upgrade them, and battle against enemies and other players from all over the world in various game modes such as campaign, PvP, Boss Battles, and much more. Download RAID Shadow Legends game – Here(Google Play Store).

#3.) Built For Speed 2

New Android GamesBuilt For Speed 2, the sequel to Built For Speed is now finally out for Android on Google Play Store. The original version of the game has crossed over a half million downloads and still getting hits. The sequel lets you access more features, modes, cars, customizations, and challenges you to top the leaderboard by completing the multiplayer mode. The graphics of the game are amazing, the gameplay is also good. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

#4.) Ball’s Journey

New Android GamesThe Android version of Ball’s Journey is now officially available on Google Play Store. VOODOO has recently published this game for Android and at the time of writing, it’s #1 in arcade journey. Your objective is to throw the ball and break the highest record. You can upgrade the power by spending coins on upgrades; strength, air-speed, bounciness, and offline earnings. The game is similar to Baseball Boy, but with a different gaming genre. Download – Here(Google Play Store).

#5.) Chasing Car Speed

New Android GamesChasing Car Speed is another racing game in this list(top new Android games 2018), developed by Bravo Driving, this game features outstanding graphics with amazing car-racing gameplay. The controls are pretty simple, 10+ cars are featured, and beautiful racing tracks. Complete the tasks, earn coins, spend coins on upgrades, and beat the rivals in Chasing Car Speed game – Here(Google Play Store).

#6.) Grandchase

New Android GamesKOG, Korean Developer, recently published the Granchase game for Android on Google Play Store and early reviews hints that this game could be a smash hit. From the graphics to epic-gameplay, Grandchase’s everything is perfect. In the game, you command your party by tapping and dragging on the screen and cast the skills to defeat the enemies. Grandchase features over 50 heroes and all the heroes have different skills & stats & game style. Download Grandchase – Here(Google Play Store).

So, these are the top new android games you should have to play this week. Check out previous week’s new Android games: –