Top New Best Android Games 2018 [Purely new]

Description – Top new Android games 2018 – Are you looking for some purely new Android games? Then you should check out this list of top new best Android games 2018 – Best MMO, MMORPG, RPG, Arcade, Action, For kids, Strategy, Racing, Shooting, Casual, Adventure, and some more gaming apps January 2018

Like previous monthly updates, here we cover new best Android games of 2018, Upcoming game news. We will update this post every week with new Android games. You can keep track of new Android game releases here.

New Android Games – JANUARY 2018: –

1.) Luna Mobile

new android games 2018In the last couple of months, some big MMORPG games released on Android such as Lineage 2 Revolution, Flyff Legacy and many more. Luna Mobile is another new cute and merry MMORPG for Android. It is a fantasy game that features 3 unique classes; Warrior, Magician or Assassin. Each class has its own set of skills. There is a “Point and click” system, the player move the character by tapping on the location and cast skills by taping on the skill portrait. There are plenty of things to do to keep the player busy such as dressing up your character, guild missions, pet system, events, PvP functions, and more.

Open world – No. Graphics of the game are cool but gameplay not too. Overall, Luna Mobile is a decent MMORPG. Download – Here[No Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store]. ⇒ Top new Android games 2018 – Here.

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2.) Battle Team

new android games 2018Battle Team is a new RPG for Android by Visual Cube. Everything in this game is amazing – Great gameplay, great graphics. In the game, you play as a leader and lead the Nova army. The goal is simple, defeat the waves of enemies by unleashing your skills. A 360-degree game! It features more than 300 heroes with various abilities, modes such as campaign, story, Infinite tower, The dimension gap, and Illusion Arena.

Requirements – 2GB Ram, Quad-core 2.3GHz CPU. Download – Here[No Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store]. Top new Android games 2018 – Here.

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3.) Battle Boom

new android games 2018Battle Boom is a new Strategy game for Android by FourThirtyThree Inc. Clash Of Clans players can easily guess about this new Android game. The goal is simple, defeat enemies with your powerful troops and destroy the opponent’s base. It features global real-time strategy battle mode, 70+ units & weapons, and panoramic battlefield. Graphics – Awesome. Gameplay – 4/5. Many users are facing crash issue which may be fixed in the update. Download – Here[Google Play Store – No Ads, In-App Purchase]. Top new best Android games 2018 – Here.

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4.) Guardians: A Torchlight Game

new android games 2018Guardians: A Torchlight Game is a new MMO game for Android by Perfect World Mobile. In the game, the player controls a hero who fights against a large number of enemies, explore randomized dungeons, gather equipment, gold, and other loot. It is not a pure torchlight game[as PC version], It’s a new FTP Dungeon crawler game. It features Glory Arena, Guild War, Random Maps, Pet system, and fishing. There are 4 different characters, each character has different skills and equipment.

This new Android game is currently in alpha stage/early access. Download – Here[Free, No Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store]. Top new best Android games 2018 – Here.

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5.) Guardians Arena

new android games 2018A MOBA Game? It reminds me of Etersand because the gameplay is the little bit similar in both games. You send out a variety of heroes in the battle. Heroes are powerful allies who grow stronger through battle. Use the special abilities of your heroes in the battle to pull or push enemies, turn the tide, or teleport with other allies. The goal is to destroy enemy towers and defeat the opposing guardian to claim rewards. It features real-time battle, powerful heroes, ultimate spells, and skills. Download – Here[Contains Ads – Google Play Store]. Top new Android games 2018 – Here.

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6.) 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure

new android games 201860 Seconds Atomic Adventure is one of the best new Android games in Survival game category. However, it’s only new for Android users because it’s been available for a long time on other platforms. You have only 60 seconds to pick up necessary items to throw in the shelter such as food and water, family, radio, and more. The goal is to survive as long as you can. Every day there is a new problem that you have to face. How many days will you last? Will everyone make it out alive? Download – Here[Paid, No Ads, No IAP – Google Play Store]. Top new best Survival games for Android – Here. Top new best Android games 2018 – Here.

7.) Idle Zoo Tycoon: Tap, Build & Upgrade

new best Android games of 2018Idle Zoo Tycoon is another new one of best Android games in Idle clicker game category. It’s a great time killer and features a plenty of things to do such as trading, managing, collecting, and customizing. You collect and raise your own zoo animals in this game, upgrade them to increase the value and birth rate, sell them for profit, and use the profit to build your own custom zoo. Download – Here[Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store]. Top new Android games 2018 – Here.

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8.) Cartoon Squad

new best Android games of 2018Cartoon Squad by Bandai Namco Entertainment is another one of the best new Android games in which there are many things you can do – Collect and evolve an army of toons, fight PvP matches, build your base, and go on an RPG adventure filled with exciting battles. Level up and improve HP, attack, defense & speed stats. It features multiplayer mode in which you create clans with players from all over the world and compete in the leaderboards to be the best player. Download – Here[Google Play Store, In-App Purchase]. Top new best Android games 2018 – Here.

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9.) Balloma

new best Android games of 2018Balloma is a fantastic time killer game and one of best new Android games. It has outstanding graphics, challenging gameplay. In the game, you control a ball, the goal is to collect all shards, don’t jump into the lava, and safely reach the final destination to play next levels. It’s free, has no ads, no In-app purchase. You should play the game if you are feeling bored. Read More – Here.

10.) Snow Trial

new best Android games of 2018Snow Trial is a new snowboard racing game for Android by FunGenerationLab. It features over 10 snowboarders and skiers, many awesome racing tracks, multiplayer mode, single-player mode. It is an online game, you can’t even play single-player mode offline. Download – Here[Contains Ads, In-App Purchase]. Top new best Android games 2018 – Here.

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11.) Car Eats Car 3

new best Android games of 2018The expansion of Car Eats Car game series has been out recently on Google Play Store. Previous two games in the series hit over 6 million downloads. However, it is by SMOKOKO Games rather than Spill games. Download – Here[Free, Contains Ads, In-App Purchase – Google Play Store]. Top new Android games 2018 – Here.

12.) HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia is a live trivia game app in which the host of the show asks a series of twelve multiple choice questions, each with three possible answers. Those players who get the question correctly within the 10 seconds limit move on, the rest are eliminated. It has just released on Google Play Store for Android users. One of the hottest new Android games January 2018. Download – Here[Beta – Google Play Store].

13.) Peace, Death!

new best android games 2018Peace, Death is an arcade simulator game for Android in which you play as a Reaper. Your work is to send people to hell, heaven, or Purgatory depending on their characteristics. You need to examine each client’s feature to determine his, her, or its fate. It is a premium game for Android, already available on steam for $2.49, but on Android, the price is high. Surely, it worth the price. Download – here[Paid, Google Play Store].

14.) BBTAN2 BY 222%

new best android games 2018BBTAN2 is a brick-breaking game for android and one of the best new Android games 2018. In the game, you destroy bricks with balls to rescue BB-BOYs. It is a sequel to the popular game “BBTAN” which hit over 50 million downloads across all platform. It features 300+ challenging stages, hidden stages, and much more cool stuff. Read more – here.

15.) Uciana

new best android games 2018Uciana is one of the best paid Android games 2018 in which you spread your empire to the stars. It’s a 4X turn-based strategy game. You manage your empire’s resources, build star-ports, defenses. It features turn-based ship-to-ship combat. The player can customize the load out of each ship, with different weapons, defenses and other components. Use good strategies to beat your opponents in combat. Download – Here[Paid, Google Play Store].

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