SuperTuxKart, 3D Open Source Racing Game For Android

SuperTuxKart, 3D Open Source Racing Game For Android. Here Is All You Need To Know About This New Offline Android Racing GameSuperTuxKart

Game Intro – SuperTuxKart Is An Unofficial Open Source Racing Game For Android By Deveee.

In This Game, Three Modes Are Available That You Can Choose – Story Mode, Single Player Mode, And Multiplayer.

Story Mode – In This Game Mode, You Have To Win The Race Against A Dragon Who Kidnapped Your Master.

Single Player – In This Mode, Lots Of Tracks/Locations Are Available Where You Can Race i.e. Around Lighthouse, Cornfield Crossing, Hacienda, Fort Magma, Antediluvian Abyss Etc.SuperTuxKart

Sub Modes i.e. Soccer, 3 Strike, Normal, Egg Hunt, Time Trial, Follow The Leader Etc. Are Available In Single Player Mode. Each Mode Comes With A Task. For Example: In Soccer Mode, You Have To Goal Before Opponent.

Multiplayer – You Race With Other Players In This Game Mode.

Game Controls Are OK. There Is Steering Wheel To Control Your Vehicle, Break Button To Stop, Mirror To Change View(Front Side/Back Side). Collect Nitro, Power-Ups To Boost Speed. However, It’s Little Bit Hard To Control Car In This Game.

There Are Varieties Of Characters Are Featured In This Racing Game. All Characters Are Unlocked. Each Character Has Its Own Vehicle i.e. Car, Bike Etc. You Can Choose Anyone Anytime Before You Start The Race.

Total Characters – 18. You Can Play This Game Offline. But For Add-Ons You Need An Active Internet Connection.

About The Game –

Game Play – Smooth, Graphics – Good, Game Controls – OK. Mode – Offline. Size Of This Game Is  94 MB. Download SuperTuxKart For Your Android: Here(Google Play).

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