Top New Best Survival Games For Android[NEW]

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Top New Best Survival Games For Android[NEW]Description – Are you looking for a new best survival game for Android? Here’s the list of top new best survival games for Android launched in this year. Can you survive in these Android games?

In the last couple of months, many new survival games for Android has been released by the top Android developers. Those who love to play challenging games should try these survival games on Android. In this list, we have added only new best Survival games for Android launched recently. We’ll update this post with new survival games every month.

9.) PUBG Mobile

PUBG, one of the best survival games for Android 2018 by Tencent games. In this survival game, you and other 99 players lands on the battleground, search and explore the buildings for the useful items; health packs, weapons, and much more. The goal of every player is same; be the last on the battleground. However, it is not an easy task, can you survive?. The game features three modes; squad, dual, and solo. Download – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – PUBG Mobile Cheats, Guide, Tips

8.) Ashworld

best survival games for androidAshworld is an open world action-adventure android game in which your goal is to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Can you survive with limited resources and supplies? There are hostile enemies, nigh-creatures, and mutated animals too. In the game, you visit buildings(search for usable items), beat ragers and skellies. Variety of weapons like shotgun, rifle, rocket launcher, and much more are featured in this survival game. You use junk to craft new items, these items help you in survival. Search for food, weapons, usable items, to “Survive”. It is one of the best survival games for Android 2018. Download – Here[Paid, Google Play Store].

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7.) Jurassic Survival Island: Ark 2 Evolve, A Great Jungle Survival Android Game

Top New Best Survival Games For Android[NEW]This offline survival game for Android has the number of features which makes it one of the best real survival game. You are the only one human on Island, rest of are dinosaurs. You have to take care of yourself – find food, create shelter, craft tools, and items for animal hunting, create cloth. All of these things can be craft by natural resources.

Graphics, the gameplay of this survival game is best. You explore the open world, collect natural resources, and survive as long as you can. ⇒Read More/Download.

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6.) Sheltered

Top New Best Survival Games For Android[NEW]Sheltered is a premium survival game for android and one of the best out of all survival games. In this game, you take care of your family – two children, two-parent and fulfill their needs on right time, otherwise, they will die and the game will be over.

Quick demo – In the sheltered game, your very first task should be the building of various essential things like a bed for rest, shower for hygiene, toilet, and more.

Your characters will tell you about the things they have needed such as water, food, medicine etc. You have to take care of each member of your family, just tap on a member and check his/her health status. The more you play the more you will learn about this game. ⇒Read more/download.

5.) Rules of Survival

Top New Best Survival Games For Android[NEW]This one is the hottest game of this season, developed and published by NetEase[creators of survival royal]. Rules of survival is similar to PUBG, better than survival royal game.

In this survival action game, 120 unnamed players fight in a battle royal, only the last one survives. You search for weapons, armor, vehicle, clothing, and other equipment in buildings. Do you think you can survive until the end? ⇒Read More/Download

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4.) Knives Out

Top New Best Survival Games For Android[NEW]Knives out is also a battle royal game, developed and published by NetEase games. This game is similar to rules of survival but has nice UI, runs smoother. Download – here[Google Play Store].

3.) 60 Seconds Atomic Adventure

best survival games for androidIt is one of the best survival games and now available on Android. At the start of the game, you have only 60 seconds to pick up items such as radio, food, water, family, rifle etc. and throw them in the shelter. These items help you in survival. The goal is to survive as long as possible. But it’s not too easy because every day you will face a new problem. Can you survive? How long can you survive? It is a premium game similar to sheltered. Download – here[Google Play Store].

2.) LastX: One Battleground One Survivor

Top New Best Survival Games For Android[NEW]After rules of survival, Knives out, another battle royal survival game is LastX. Currently, it is in alpha stage/beta on google play store. There’s one goal – Keep yourself alive till the last one. In this game, you fight alone in 3*3 blocks battleground. Over 20 players are around you, you can find and use the weapons to knock them out as many as you can. If your device does not support Rules of survival, then try this battle royal survival game optimized for low-end devices. Download – Here[Google Play Store].

1.) The Last Maverick Survival Raft Adventure

survival games for androidThe Last Maverick Survival Raft Adventure is another new survival game for Android by the Pride Game Studios. I have added this game to this list of best survival games for Android because of its graphics, challenging gameplay, and offline mode. The game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; after the tutorial, the real survival game starts. You are alone, on a small raft, there is no one except sharks, can you survive? How do you survive? Can you build home? Find Food? The game is perfect for those who are looking for a great survival game. Download – here(Google Play Store). Learn more about this survival game – here(MG Coverage).

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⇒These are the top new best survival games for Android launched recently In the last couple of months. We will update this post with new best survival games on Android every month. You can keep the track latest Android games list here.

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