Call Me A Gangsta Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Call Me A Gangsta short for CMG is a game published by Empire Studios Inc. Read on for Call Me A Gangsta Guide packed with tips, cheats & strategies!Call Me A Gangsta

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Call Me A Gangsta Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

In this Call Me A Gangsta guide, you will learn how to play this game, about crewmates, babes, intimacy, how to unlock all babes, and other aspects such as leveling up, VIP, crystals, currencies, jobs, bribe, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content featuring Call Me A Gangsta guide, tips, and tricks for beginners: –

Getting Started With Call Me A Gangsta Guide To Basics⇓

(1) BASICS: Call Me A Gangsta features PvE as well as PvP content. In the beginning, you will have access to the PvE mode “territory” where you progress stage-by-stage.

At each stage, you bribe the officials; the higher the combat power, the less you will spend on the bribe. At each stage, after spending a certain amount on bribery, you will sign a contract that gives you free crystals or EXP(it’s up to you to decide the reward).

At the end of the stage, the enemy will strike you; defeating the enemies will give you player EXP(helps you level up the main character), diamonds, and blueprints to upgrade the buildings at the base. 

(2) The PvP content “Boxing Ring” after reaching a certain milestone in the game. There are several fields in the Boxing Ring; players can challenge each other in each field. For instance, Straw Weight, Fly Weight, Feather Weight, etc. As you win, your rank will improve and new fields will get unlocked. The higher the rank, the better the rewards. 

Call Me A Gangsta Guide To Crewmates⇓

Call Me A Gangsta

INTRO: – Crewmates are the characters in the Call ME A Gangsta game that you can use in the fights, recruit to the shop to earn passive income, and improve them to increase combat power that reduces the bribe cost in the PvE territory mode. 

HOW TO GET CREWMATES: – On the base screen, tap on the “Private Airship” building. Tapping it will take you to the crewmate recruitment screen where you can spend the recruitment tickets to get the crewmates; the ordinary recruitment banner features crewmates ranked from N grade to SR grade. Advanced recruitment banner features crewmates ranked from N grade to UR grade. The event banner features a special crewmate with an increased drop rate. 

ASSIGN CREWMATES: – Go to the crewmates menu -> tap the “auto-assign button” to auto-assign the crewmates to the shops to increase earnings per hour. 

CREWMATES FACTION: – Call Me A Gangsta Crewmates belong to one of these factions; Mafioso, Cripplers, and Cartel. 

Classes: – Call ME A Gangsta crewmates belong to one of these classes; shooter, accountant, biker, crook, hacker, and hitman. When garrisoned in buildings, sent on jobs, or assigned in prison brawl, crewmates provide different bonuses. 

Call Me A Gangsta Guide To Make Crewmates Stronger⇓

Level Up: You can level them up with EXP cocktails. Leveling increases the crewmate’s stats such as HP, Execute ability, class specialty, attack, etc. The cost of leveling will increase as you level up. 

Crewmate’s Star Upgrade: You will need crewmate shards(the shards for the same crewmate that you want to upgrade) to make star upgrade. The star upgrade increases stats and upgrade the skills of crewmates. 

Crewmate Weapons: Use potential points to upgrade the crewmate weapons. 

Enhance The Crewmate Cars: Enhancing the car increase the crewmate’s HP and ATK attributes. 

Bind Crewmate With Babes: Binding a crewmate to a babe as the bodyguard add babe’s attributes to the crewmate. 

Call Me A Gangsta Guide To Babes⇓

Call Me A Gangsta

In this part, you will learn about Call Me A Gangsta Babes, Secretaries, and Guards. Let’s talk about the babes first; here’s the list of all babes(you get the first babe for free): –

  • Jessica 
  • Sophia 0 VIP 5
  • Laila – 7 Day Login
  • Shelby – Territory Missions
  • Maria – Territory Missions
  • Nikki – Territory Missions
  • Secret Babe 

Dating Babes: Go to the house of babes -> babes -> tap the “random date” button in the lower-right corner to date with a random babe. Dating babes give leveling material, babe shards, etc. Tap on the babe banner -> swipe down in the top-right corner for a diamond date. The diamond date gives better rewards than the random date. 

Babe Leveling, Intimacy, Charm, and Rank-Up: Go to the house of babes -> babes -> select a babe -> on the level up the tab, you can spend the material items to level up the babe – increases stats. Assign or bind a bodyguard with the babe to share the stats. On the intimacy tab, you can send gifts to the babe and increase stats. You can unlock new babe images by raising the intimacy level. Intia=macy level increases as you send gifts to the babe. Unlock all the babe outfits by maxing out the intimacy. Level up the babe’s charm to unlock the bodyguard’s skill(the one bind with her) + buff attack power. Rank up to buff HP and unlock the bodyguard’s skill. 

Leveling Main Player/Character⇓

You can accumulate player EXP from the territory missions. Tap the player frame/avatar in the top-left corner -> there you can check the amount of EXP that you will need to raise the player level. Once you have accumulated enough, you shall see a level-up button there. Tap it and raise the level. Increasing the player level increases offline income, max level cap for crewmates, and unlock new bonuses. 

Call ME A Gangsta Jobs Guide⇓

You can get babe’s gifts, crewmate EXP, weapon points by performing jobs. Head to the jobs menu screen -> there you can set it up -> start. Once the job has been executed, money laundering will start. Head to the money laundering tab -> it takes time to get this job done. Once it’s done, tap confirm and get the reward. 

Join A Gang In Call Me A Gangsta⇓

Join a gang and access the gang functions. You can make donations there and earn gang tokens. Go to the flea market -> there you can spend the gang tokens for shards, babe gifts, etc. 

Call Me A Gangsta Tips On Progression⇓

  • Complete the daily quests, main quests, and achievements for rewards
  • Recruit crewmates to the shop to increase earnings
  • Upgrade the shops
  • Progress through the territory stages
  • Participate in Prison Brawl and Turf War game modes to earn currency. For instance, you can earn prison tokens from the prison brawl mode. Spend it in the prison shop
  • Participating in boxing ring mode to earn boxing tokens and spend in the boxing ring shop
  • Do the beginner quests
  • Watch the video ads for free stuff
  • Login daily and earn free rewards
  • Get new crewmates and upgrade crewmates
  • Interact with babes
  • Secretary is the paid item that you can enhance after making the purchase(secretary) 
  • Bind bodyguards with babes

Call Me A Gangsta Cheats OR Cheat Codes⇓

No Call Me A Gangsta Cheats or Cheat codes are available at the moment. But you can check out the Call Me A Gangsta gift codes here

So this would be all in this post on Call Me A Gangsta Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies for beginners.

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