Dead Island Survivors Guide: Traps Heroes, Companion, Weapons, And More

Dead Island Survivors GuideDead Island Survivors is finally live on Google Play Store and App Store. Let’s know everything about the game in our Dead Island Survivors Guide

In the previous post(check here), we shared some tips, cheats & a strategy walkthrough for the beginners. If you are playing it for the first time, then you may encounter some problems in understanding the Dead Island Survivor’s game mechanics. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: Dead Island Survivors Guide: Heroes, Weapons, Cards, Traps, Upgrading, Boosting, Leveling Up, Island, Consumables, and much more.

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The Basics – How To Play

Dead Island Survivors GuideIn this part, we will learn how to play Dead Island Survivors game. Actually, it’s quite simple. It’s a tower-defense game in which you place the traps on the battlefield(your camp) and once you place the traps, tap the ready button.Dead Island Survivors Guide

After it, you can change the hero, weapon, companion etc. Once done, just tap the attack button to start the battle.

Dead Island Survivors GuideYour objective is to protect the fence. Zombies will try to break the fence. Before they reach the fence, stop them. You can manually attack them; just tap the zombie. And the traps you placed on the battlefield will do their job by attacking zombies. After the battle, you will get the reward(read in-game items guide below).

1.) Islands Guide

In Dead Island Survivors game, your primary objective is to rescue the survivors and to accomplish this task, you will have to defeat all the zombies on the Island. After defeating all the zombies, you will move to a new Island and discover new creatures. And as a reward(after you defeat all the zombies), new items such as traps, heroes, weapons, and consumables get unlocked.

In short, as you progress to a new Island, new items/cards will unlock. These items include; traps, heroes(cards), weapons, and consumables. Let’s learn about all step by step!

2.) Heroes – Dead Island Survivors Guide

You can select one hero for the battle and one hero as a companion. In the battle, you can control the hero by tapping on the screen/zombies and manually deal damage to the enemies. As of now, the game features nine heroes: –

  1. Sam B.
  2. Marshanda
  3. Logan Carter
  4. Cody Richards
  5. Nomad
  6. Kylie Q.
  7. Banzan
  8. Zara
  9. John Morgan

At the beginning of the game, you have Sam B and Marshanda. All the characters have different stats;

  • Attack Power
  • Health Points
  • Health Re-Generation (Health Restores Automatically – Rush To A Safe Zone)
  • Speed

And all the heroes have pro/cons. Go to the main screen of the game -> tap the collection button -> scroll down to heroes tab -> there you can check the list of characters. Tap the character to check its pros/cons.

How to unlock new characters/heroes?

As you progress to new Islands, new heroes will unlock. For instance: John Morgan(Card) can be found on Island 4.

How to upgrade the heroes?

Upgrading the hero costs you bucks/cash. Cash can be obtained from the suitcases. And the suitcase can be acquired by getting victories. Read tips here.

Additionally, you must fulfill the cards requirements. For instance, to upgrade Sam B to level 3, you need 12 Sam B Cards. Open the suitcase to grab the cards.

If you have enough bucks, cards, then go to the collection tab -> tap the hero icon -> hit the upgrade or level-up button.

How to select or change the hero for the battle?

Dead Island Survivors GuideGo to the main screen -> tap the zombie -> tap the attack icon. On the next screen, tap the ready button. After it, tap the hero icon and select the hero you want to play with.

2.) Weapons Guide

All the heroes have a different set of weapons. Dead Island Survivors game features 25+ weapons. To check the full list, go to the collection screen -> scroll below -> weapons -> tap the weapon for more info.

How to unlock new weapons?

When you clear an Island by defeating all the zombies, new weapon cards will unlock. You will receive from the suitcase.

How to upgrade weapons?

Get the duplicate weapon cards and once you have enough duplicate cards, go to the collection screen -> weapon -> level up and confirm.

How to equip weapons?

Before you start the battle, tap the weapon icon on the equipment screen. And select or change.[See the picture above]

3.) Traps Guide

You can place a certain number of traps in the camp. Go to the battle screen -> at the bottom-left corner, tap the traps icon and drag & drop on a tile.

To move a trap: – 

  • Tap it
  • Long press/Hold and drag & drop

You can see the full list of traps featured in Dead Island Survivor game by tapping the collection icon.

How to Unlock New Traps?

You receive trap cards from the suitcase. And to get new trap cards, you will have to clear the Island first.

How to boost the traps?

Before you start the battle, tap the trap -> then tap the upgrade icon -> after it hit the boost button. It costs you metal. To upgrade the trap, you need duplicate trap cards. If you have, then go to the collection section -> tap the traps -> upgrade.

Check out tips & tricks here to find out more.

4.) Consumables Guide

The game features 8 consumable items such as health can, grenade, meatbag, mine, waterbomb, and much more. You can consume these items in the battle. For instance; throw the grenade on a group of zombies, use the health can to recover health.

You can upgrade these items too. All you need is consumable items cards. Open the suitcase. To find more, rescue the survivors by defeating all the zombies on an Island.

5.) Companion – Dead Island Survivors Guide

You can set a particular hero as a companion for the battle. All you need to do is before you start the battle, tap the companion icon(see above picture) and select a hero.

You can call it for the help and for the first time, it would be free. After it, you will have to spend diamonds. So, make sure to call the companion hero at the right time. How to call? In the battle, at the left(bottom) corner, hold down the hero icon and drag it to the battlefield.

6.) In-Game Items: Metals, Diamonds, Cash/Bucks

  • The metal used in boosting the traps, placing the traps
  • Diamonds can be used to buy a premium suitcase from the shop tab that includes one epic card. Check tips here to get diamonds free
  • Cash/Bucks are required in upgrading & leveling up traps or in the shop, you can use it for cards

The player can obtain metal by getting victories in the battles. Open the suitcase to get bucks.

7.) Cards – Dead Island Survivors guide Guide

  • Weapon Cards
  • Hero Cards
  • Trap Cards

Cards Rarity: – 

  • Rare
  • Epic

Open suitcase to get the cards. Duplicate cards can be used in upgrading. And for new cards, you will have to complete all the battles on the Island.

8.) How to know the special ability of heroes

All the heroes have a unique ability. Go to the collection screen -> tap the hero and on the next screen, under the traits section, you can read its special ability. Double tap the zombie in the battle to activate it or double tap on the hero in the battle.

So, this is the Dead Island Survivors guide for the beginners. You can check tips, cheats here.

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