Dice Brawl: Captain’s League Guide, Tips, Strategy, And Cheats

Dice Brawl Captain's LeagueDice Brawl: Captain’s League is a new board game for Android and iOS by Idiocracy in which you battle against other players in real-time. Check out our Dice Brawl guide and Dice Brawl cheats, tips, strategy to get victories, unlock cards, and top the leaderboard

Dice Brawl Captain’s League is a brand new game for mobile platforms where you move around the board, build the fortress to capture the slot and use the skills to slay down the enemy. There are many factors determines the victory; strategy used in the battle, cards, hearts, and dice fame. In this post, we have covered everything about the Dice Brawl game you need to know about; Dice Brawl cheats, strategy and tips. Let’s start with Dice Brawl guide first;

Get Started – Dice Brawl – The Basic

As usual, this board strategy game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Dice Brawl Captain’s league, about the cards, upgrades, how to use skills, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually select the cards or skills for the battle and manage all kinds of upgrades.

The Basic – In this game, you battle against another player in real-time. Both players have limited hearts, the player who losses all the hearts first will lose the match. And the player who wins the match gets the reward; chest or medals. All you need to do is roll the dice on your turn and use the Dice Brawl tips, cheats, strategy mentioned below to get the victory. Before we head to the cheats and tips, let’s learn about the cards and upgrades.

Dice Brawl Guide – Cards Guide

Building a perfect deck is the part of the strategy to get the victory in Dice Brawl Captain’s League. There are four types of cards;

  1. Captain
  2. Ship
  3. Dice
  4. Crew

You can choose only one captain for your deck. Each captain has own unique skills, can be used to take an advantage; for instance,

  • Princess Hellcat’s skill – deal HP damage+more gold
  • Admiral De Law’s skill – using his skill, you can steal 1 fortress
  • Magneicent – HP damage
  • Oracle Keys – HP heal[recover the hearts]
  • Drake the Protector – Increase the fortress power
  • Miss Tomahawk – Deal damage to the fortress


You can use ship cards to move to an empty space, enemy fortress, enemy captain, and somewhere in range.

The crew cards can help you in the battle by dealing damage to the enemies or by recovering your HP.

You can upgrade these cards using coins if you have enough duplicate cards for that character.

How to get cards?

You can obtain cards by reaching the fame milestone rewards or by opening the chests.

Dice Brawl Battle Guide –

Dice Brawl Captain's LeagueBoth the players move around the board and roll the dice.

Just hold down the move button and release when you are ready; low or high!

If the character moves to an empty space, you can build the fortress[or capture that slot].

You can upgrade the slot using battle points when you visit the same slot. If the enemy comes to that fortress, he will lose hearts. On the other hand, if your turn takes you to the enemy fortress, you will lose hearts.

At the bottom of the screen, you can access your deck. Before you build the fortress, you can use the card to cast the skill; HP damage, healing, and more. The player who loses all the hearts first will lose the match. Your objective is to defeat the enemy; just build the fortress on empty slots, upgrade it, make combos, and use the skills.

So, this is the basic guide for Dice Brawl Captain’s League game. Let’s start Dice Brawl cheats, tips, and strategy guide: –

Dice Brawl Cheats, Tips, And Strategy

1.) Build the best deck; here’s how

First of all, you should know about each card. Each card has own special skill; for example; if your HP is low, you can use Sharp Shark card to recover the hearts or increase the HP on the spot. Go to the team tab and tap on each card -> info and read the skill. Compare the cards with each other and select the best cards. Here’s how you can build the best deck in Dice Brawl;

  • Include the character who can heal HP
  • Select the cards with more hearts pointsDice Brawl Captain's League
  • Crews with high HP damage

2.) Complete the daily quests

Completing the daily quest reward you coins, diamonds, and much more. Tap on the quest icon and head to search goals tab, check out the tasks you have to complete and start working on it. Don’t forget to go back there to claim the reward.

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3.) Upgrade the best cards only – Dice Brawl Tips

If you have enough duplicate cards for a particular character, then upgrade it. But spend only on those cards which are in your deck. Don’t spend on useless cards even all are ready to upgrade. For instance, Your current captain is on level 3 and you just got a bunch of cards from a chest for another captain and that captain can now be upgraded to level 3, but since your current captain is already on level 3, you don’t need to spend coins on another one. But if you are getting a much powerful skill on that upgrade, then do it. In short, spend the coins carefully; if you are getting the benefit, then do it.

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4.) Use the skills at the right time – Dice Brawl Tips

You can not use the skill an unlimited number of times. So, use it at the right time. For instance, use ship cards in the last rounds, because using ship card you can move to the desired fortress. The reason is in the last rounds, most slots are not empty. Similarly, use the healing skill of a character when the HP is low. If the enemy is in your attack range, then use HP damage card.

5.) Get free gems, cards – Dice Brawl Tips

You can watch a video ad to get free diamonds and upon opening a chest, you could get an offer to increase the number of cards by watching the video ad. Grab these offers and get free rewards.

6.) Grab the daily deals – Dice Brawl Tips

In the shop section of the game, there is a daily deal section. You can purchase the items such as cards in exchange for coins. So, check it daily and if it is awesome, grab it before it runs away.

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So, these are some Dice Brawl tips, strategy and a guide for the beginners. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games 2018

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