Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warships Guide For Beginners

Learn all about the warships in Empire: Rise Of BattleShip game in this Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warship guide – level, rank, upgrade, shard, type, etc.

In Empire: Rise Of BattleShip, there are lots of warships that you can use to crush the enemies, collect the resources, repair the allies, and for many other benefits. It’s important to learn the warships types, roles, skills, and all the ways to make them powerful in their specific roles. So if you are wondering about all these things, then you are on the right page. We have explained all the warships details in this guide. Let’s not waste any time and navigate to the main content – Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warships guide!

Warships Types! How to get warships?

Empire: Rise Of BattleShip WarshipsThere are over (60) warships in Empire: Rise Of BattleShip game. Some are very powerful while some are too weak. The strength of a warship depends on its role/class/type – for example – you can not expect a transport ship to destroy enemy ships in the combat as it’s only good in carrying a large number of resources. When you attack an enemy and get the victory, you will loot some resources from his/her base. If you want to carry or get a large number of resources from a point, transport ships help a lot. But, as mentioned earlier, these ships are not good in combat. So it’s important to check the Warship class and Warship type if you want to use them properly.

There are six types of warships in Empire: Rise Of BattleShip game –

  • CV – Aircraft Carriers
  • BB – Battle Ship
  • CA – Cruisers
  • DD – Destroyers
  • SS – Submarines
  • AS – Auxiliary

On the bottom-right side, tap the warship button to open the warship menu. There you can check all the warships that you own at present. And, at the bottom of the warship menu screen, you can filter the list by their class.

The types: –

Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warships

The next step is to know the warship type and that’s very important.

In the Warship menu screen, tap on any warship to open its profile. In the profile page, at the top-left, you can check its type and on the right side, you can read the details – the brief info of that warship. For more information, you have to tap the green color (i) button next to the warship name – it opens detailed info of that warship.

On the same profile page, on the left side, under the stats(HP, ATK, DEF, HIT, SPD), you can check the Warship skills. Make sure to read the warship skill details – tap the skill button to open the info pop-up window.

Complete List Of Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warships!

To check the complete list of warships, go to the warship menu and at the top-right corner, tap the Archive button(warship -> archive). The game will load the complete list of warships. Tap on a ship and the game will show you all the sources from where you can obtain its shards.

Getting Warships!

There are mainly two ways to get warships – from the teleportation station or by collecting enough shards. From the teleportation station – here you can draw the warships from three chests – normal teleport requires blue energy crystal, super teleport requires advanced energy crystal, and the special teleport requires special energy crystal.

Check the drop rate – You can obtain high-quality or rare warships from the special teleport or super teleport. To check the drop rate, tap the green color (i) button next to the chest type.

You can also use gems for super teleport chest. And, the energy crystals can be obtained from the events, quests, and other game sources.

Shards – You can merge the shards to get a specific warship. You can obtain these shards from the sailing, warship exchange store, from the events, and quests. Once you have enough shards, go to the bag menu -> tap the shard -> use -> confirm merging.

Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warships Guide – How To Increase Warship Power

As you progress in the chaotic world or battle against high-level pirates in endless sea mode, you will need powerful warships to face these opponents. And, to make them powerful, you can follow these ways: –

Level Up – Go to the warship menu -> tap the warship -> tap the level up button. Leveling up warships cost EXP and Dollars. You can obtain these resources from the sailing(chaotic mode), endless sea, events, quests, etc.

Tier Up Warships – Once a warship reaches its max level, it becomes eligible to tier up. For tier-up, you need warship mod ally – you can obtain it from sailing, alloy factory, and the mysterious store.

Star Upgrade – Go to the third tab in warship profile page -> there you can star upgrade it to get massive stats boost; the total power – ATK, HP, HIT, DEF, and SPD. For star-upgrade, you need identical ship shards and certain class ships’ fragments. For example – to star-upgrade Kagero, you need 4 Star Kagero (4 UNITS – Obtain from sailing, teleportation, etc,) and 4 Star Destroyer(3 Units). Once you have tap the + button and select it. And, at last, hit the upgrade button.

Tech Upgrade – Enter the tech center and there you can unlock/upgrade the Warships related technologies for a bunch of boosts.buffs.

Warship Laboratory – In this building, you can do professional warship researches and unlock powerful boosters.

How To Repair Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warships?

As you battle in the endless sea, the durability of the warships will reduce. To recover the durability, you need to repair it. Go to the shipyard -> enter -> select the ship -> choose to repair. You can also use auto-repair items.

How To Get Warship Exchange Coins

Warship Exchange Coin is the in-game currency that you can use in the Warship Exchange Store for a bunch of items such as warship shards. You can obtain Warship Exchange coins by salvaging or sacrificing useless ships in the inventory. Go to the Ship Mod Yard(near Shipyard building on the base) -> enter -> choose the disassemble option -> select the warships that you want to sacrifice for these coins and then confirm.

So that would be all in this Empire: Rise Of BattleShip Warships guide for the beginners. If you have any query, feel free to comment below!

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