Food Fantasy Restaurant Guide: Staff, Customers, Recipes, And More

In Food Fantasy game, managing and scaling up the restaurant is one of the primary objectives. Check out our Food Fantasy Restaurant guide: Staff, Customers, and Recipes

In this post, we have explained how you can manage the restaurant easily and wisely. With these simple tips & tricks, you will be able to earn more rewards; material, shards, coins, XP, and much more. Keep in mind that it’s your main objective to scale up the restaurant as soon as possible. Scaling up unlocks new functions, increase the amount of reward, drop rates, and many more buff rewards.

Food Fantasy Restaurant Guide#1.) Prepare The Food

It’s not automatic. You will have to prepare or cook the food manually. First of all, you should know that all the customers have different tastes and preference. If your staff does not know about the item a customer is looking for, then it will not stay there. So make sure you to discover new recipes(read the advanced recipe tips here).

Go to the restaurant and at the bottom menu, tap the preparation option. On the next screen, tap the stovetop and select the recipe you want to cook; select the quantity and hit the cook button.

#2.) Accept The Missions For Gold Coins, Reward

Tap the task option and select one of the available missions. Make sure to read it. For instance; our mission is to earn 30 fame by selling stir-fried potatoes.

What is fame? When you complete the order, the customer will reward you fame. These fame points are required in upgrading the restaurant.

Make sure to check the item we have to cook in order to progress or complete the mission.

#3.) Hire Staff

You can hire food souls and appoint them in the restaurant on a vacant job. Just tap the staff option and tap the + icon and select the soul. These food souls or characters will serve the food items to the customers.

Make sure to give them food. Tap the food soul/character -> feeding and feed them to restore freshness. Upgrade the restaurant to hire more food souls on these posts; supervisor, assistant chef, staff.

#4.) Upgrade The Restaurant

Tap the Intel option to access the upgrading feature. To upgrade the restaurant, you need fame points and material. When you tap the Intel option, on the next screen, you can check the material items; tap on an item to check out where to obtain.

You can earn fame points by serving the customers.

#5.) Restaurant Tips Points

Some customer will give you bonus reward; tip coins. You can spend these coins in the tip store and obtain precious items such as shards, magical items, and more.

#6.) Help The Friends To Earn Coins, Tips

In Food Fantasy game, you can help your friends and obtain free tip coins and gold coins. Go to the restaurant, at the right side(center) -> tap the side menu -> there you can see the list of friends’ restaurant. Head to their restaurant -> tap the fallen angel(glowing characters) -> hunting -> claim the reward.

If you need more tips, cheats, guidelines of Food Fantasy game, then make sure to read our main Food Fantasy game post here.

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