Change Gmail Default Swipe Action From Archive To Delete(Android)

Gmail Swipe To Delete Action Is Too Useful If You Receive A Lot Of Emails Daily, Change Gmail Swipe Action From Archive To Delete

Gmail App Has A Lot Of Features That Make It Easy For Users To Use It In An Organized Way Or Much Better Than Default Settings.

Many Of Gmail Settings That Set As Default Not Useful Or Comfortable With Users. So, You Need To Manually Change It. Gmail App Also Has Swipe Action Feature. When You Swipe To An Email Message, It Will Be Archive.

But Archive Does Not Let Your Message Delete. By Default Swipe Action Set To Archive. Most Users Want To Change This Swipe Action From Archive To Delete.

This Make It Easy For Users To Delete Those Social, Promotional Type Annoying Messages With A Swipe Action. You Need To Manually Change This Swipe Action From Gmail App Settings. Here’s How-

1.)Open Your Gmail App In Your Android Device. Tap On The Gmail App Menu(Hamburger Type Icon At Top Left).

gmail swipe

2.)Under Gmail App Menu, Scroll Down And Click On Settings Option.

gmail swipe

3.)There Are Two Types Of Settings Available In Gmail App. General Settings And Your Account Address Settings.

  • General Settings-General Settings Is Related To Gmail App Settings In Which You Can Customize Gmail App Preference
  • While Settings Of Your Gmail Address Effects On All Platforms Like Gmail On The Web.

4.)You Have To Click On General Settings.

gmail swipe

5.)Under General Settings, There Will Be The First Option Of “Gmail Default Action“. Click On It.

6.)You Will See Two Option. Choose Delete. That’s It. When You Swipe An Email Message In Gmail It Will Delete.

You Can Disable Swipe Actions Also In Gmail App. Open Gmail App→ Settings→ General Settings→ Uncheck The Box Next To Swipe Actions Option.

With New Gmail Update, When You Delete A Message With Swipe Action, You’ll See Undo Message. Taping On It Will Undo Delete Action.

If You Want To Make Gmail To Ask Before Deleting, Then You Can. Go To Gmail App→ Settings→ General Settings→ At Last Check The Box Next To Confirm Before Deleting. But This Is Not Available In Swiping Action Preference.

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